by Tamika D. Williams


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ISBN-13: 9781456750220
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/03/2011
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)

First Chapter


An Urban Tale of Lies, Lust, and Deceit
By Tamika D Williams


Copyright © 2011 Tamika D Williams
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-5022-0

Chapter One


Ayane' wake up it's the first day of school and the rest of your life her mother called to her. Alright mama I'll be down in a minute. Thirty seconds for the face and two minutes for the teeth. I know mama, Ayane's said to herself under her breath. I've known this every since I could do both of these on my own what the fuck is wrong with this lady, she's never home and all of a sudden like clock work she gives a damn about what I'm doing she needs to go the fuck on with that shit. Ayane' finished and got dressed to head downstairs for breakfast greeting her father on the way down. Hey daddy, bye I love you and see you later. I love you too Nee-Nee and I'll see you later. Ayane' knew she wouldn't see him until the next day. She entered the kitchen where her mother was making scrambled eggs and cheese, turkey sausage, hash browns, toast and freshly squeezed orange juice. Dang, mama you doing it big for my first day back to school. Well you know I have to make sure my baby goes back to school with a stomach full of goodies. I know that's right mama I already got the gear that keeps me fresh to death why not have a full stomach to go with it. Nee-Nee had on her baby phat jeans with her black baby phat shirt and her gold and black baby phat scandals with the earrings, necklace, bracelet, and pocket book to match. She'd be dressing like this for the rest of the year being that her mother and father had great jobs and are well off. She sat down and ate her breakfast and held idle talk with her mom before getting up to clean her plate and put it in the dishwasher. She kissed her mother good-bye and headed to the bus stop, greeting her cousin Tiffany on the way. Tiffany and she were very close they both grew up together and neither of them had any siblings so they thought of each other as sisters. What's up Tiff, Nee-Nee called out to her. Nothing much just ready to stunt on these bitches in this school today. I hear that nothing but the best. They continued to gossip as they walked to the bus stop. Ten minutes later they were at school, as they stepped off the bus their friends were waiting at the bus ramp as they did year after year. What's up bitches their friend Patrice said, another year more drama Ushonte their other friend added. Anyways let's roll we got pimpin to do Nee-Nee said as they walked in the school poppin her collar everyone knew who they were and if they didn't they soon would. All eyes were on them especially all the guys and all Nee-Nee could think about was the song Men All Pause by Klymaxx that her mom always listened to, she was like that all the time whenever a situation called for it she'd put a song in but this time it really fit, because the hole crew was bad starting with Nee-Nee she was the shortest but the baddest. She had long pretty black charcoal hair, chocolate skin, grey eyes, an apple bottom, and breast that would make any man cry and any woman want them and a waist line the shape of an hour glass baby girl had it going on. Then there was her cousin she didn't have anything on Nee-Nee but she was just as beautiful she had long brown curly hair, big brown eyes, her cup size was a full b and her waist was like her cousins, and all the girls followed suite, they were just as gorgeous. They all stood by the gym waiting for the home room bell to ring, and not to mention trying to eye all the guys of the school to see who was gonna get it, or who they were gonna claim as their own. When the homeroom bell rang they all left to go their separate ways. In homeroom Ayane' sat thinking to herself why her mother was so distant towards her, and instead of asking her she kept it bottled up. She felt her mother cared for her, but didn't feel she loved her because she never spent time with her all she did was spend money on her and in her mothers mind she probably thought she loved her. At that moment the teacher broke her concentration by introducing her self to the class and then telling everyone else to introduce their selves. Across the room there was a young man named Vince that couldn't take his eyes off of Nee-Nee he was mesmerized. Ayane' didn't notice him she just sat in class and between giving her ear to the teacher and wondering why her life couldn't be different she almost missed the bell for her next class. Her next class was home economics and her and Ushonte' had that class together. They both sat at the same table and Ushonte' was talking to Nee-Nee, but she paid no mind to her friend. Hey bitch don't you hear me talking to you, hearing that made Ayane' snap out of her daze. What, oh yeah girl I just got a lot of stuff on mind. Like what Ushonte' asked? Well for one my home life I mean don't get me wrong I got it good and I don't have to want for nothing, but I'm missing that love of a mother and daughter and a father. My dad he's always working and my mom she always comes home late, come to think of it I can't remember a fucking time we even sat at a table and ate dinner together. I don't even see how they stay married, I guess getting money means more to both of them then raising a family. If you feel that way why don't you talk to them. I don't know I feel like them being my parents they would ask me at least one damn time how my day went or what's going on in my life. Well it's your life so if that's how you feel then that's how you feel, but just know that all your girls are here for you. I know thanks I love ya'll hoes. You know we feel the same heifer now shut the fuck up focus on the teacher and let's see what the fuck is going to be going on this year in this piece of shit class. When the next mod bell rung they left for their next period they both went their separate ways but Nee-Nee had to use the restroom so she was late for her next class. When she came out of the restroom she didn't notice the young man at his locker observing her. He called out that's a nice pair of jeans you wearing. Nee-Nee startled turned around and ran into the wall then hit the floor. The young man ran over to help her up and introduced himself. Hi my name is Rod I'm sorry I tend to have that effect on women they tend to trip all over their selves. Ha, ha you got jokes, you know you shouldn't be scaring people like that. You almost gave me a damn heart attack. You seem a lil fiesty I like that. Yeah well don't get used to it. What you mean so a nigga can't get yo number. Nee-Nee hadn't taken the chance before to look at him she was too busy trying to see if she was straight, so when she saw that she was straight she was about to curse him out until his hazel eyes hypnotized her then she started studdering her words. Huh, wh ... wh.. what you say? I asked could I get yo number but since both of us late for class just write mines down. Slow down playboy imma need you to do that if you want me to call you. With that Rod wrote down his number and passed it to her and asked her, her name. It's Ayane' she replied. Well Ayane' I usually get home around five cause I have basketball practice you can call me then. I'll think about it she replied. Don't think too long I would hate to have to think someone as beautiful as yourself wouldn't like a cat as handsome as myself and with that being said he went to class. Ayane' paused for a minute and tried not to pass out from the dude she just saw. In her next class she had math with Tiffany. Ay Tiff wzup, girl I just left home economics with Shonte now I got math with you this might turn out to be a good school year after all. Well any class I'm in with you is a plus so what's been goin on wit cha. Girl same shit different day. Stuff at home ain't no better. No as a matter of fact they worse now that I'm old enough to watch myself. Well you can tell our families are cut from the same cloth. Tell me bout it. So what's been going on with auntie Lisa and uncle Fred. Girl the same as usual they leave for time on end and never tells me so when they decide to go somewhere they just up and go and I'll get a call later or get left a note and since legally I'm old enough to stay at home by myself the state can't do anything. Well you can start chillin with me at home if you want since neither one of our parents are ever around we can keep each other company. That's cool wit me. That period they continued to chat while listening to the teacher go over the syllabus for the year. When the next bell rang it was time for them to go to lunch. Hey we need to find the girls cause I got some news for ya'll. What is it bitch? I can't tell you now you gotta wait, stop being so anxious hoe. When they reached the cafeteria they met up with Patrice and Ushonte. Hey ya'll Tiff called out. Wzup what are ya'll doing. Well we thought we'd be waiting for ya'll hoes but it seems like ya'll beat us in here any ways let's get our lunch so we can sit down and I can tell ya'll bout my day. The day just started skank so what the fuck could you possibly have to tell us Patrice asked? Bitch just get your lunch and sit the fuck down, shut up and listen to what I got to say. They all sat at the same table and were waiting to see what Nee-Nee had to tell them. So give us the 411 Ushonte said. Well I was going to 3rd period when I had to make a pit stop to the restroom and on my way to class this dude scared me, so I tried to snap and play hard but when I saw him I couldn't even get a word out I was stuttering like a fool. Anyway when I managed to pull myself back together he gave me his number and told me to call him after school. Speaking of eye candy look at that piece right there Tiff said. That's him Nee-Nee, that's the dudes number I got. Get the fuck outta here we was just talking about that dude in French class Shonte said. You and who Nee-Nee asked lookin side ways at her friend. This junior chick this her third year in there, but anyway she said he's the starter for the basketball team and he runs track, but the good thing for you is that he's single she said all the girls be trying to get at him but he don't give them the time of day. Well I guess that should make you feel special Nee-Nee. Oh you trying to be funny fuck you bitch. Naw fuck you bitch or at least that's what you gone let that dude do. Rod his name is Rod. As Nee-Nee said that he walked over to their table and asked, is anyone sitting here. All of them started laughing and said naw you can sit there. He laughed back we'll if it's cool with ya'll I'd like to sit beside that young lady right there. Nee-Nee replied I don't see why you can't. When he sat down all the girls started acting like a dog on a ham bone. So Rod is it do you have any friends as handsome as you, Tiff asked. Fuck the friends do you have any brothers or cousins, Ushonte asked. Well I guess I'll take whatever is left over Patrice stated. Ya'll are too funny Rod said, are they always this way he asked Nee-Nee. Unfortunately yeah that's how we roll so if you can't handle it you can't handle me. Oh I can handle all types of personalities and ya'll just the tip of the iceberg of personalities, but I like ya'll. So tell us something about yourself Mr. Man. Well my name is Rod as you all know by now, I'm a senior I don't have a girlfriend and I like ya'll friend as you can see. As they continued to talk all of the girls that knew him or that liked him and never got a chance were rolling their eyes, sucking their teeth, and whispering about the girls that Rod was spending his time with. Now that I told ya'll something about me I wanna know about miss beautiful here. We'll I'm five two one hundred and six pounds. Not you bitch Nee-Nee said cutting Patrice off. Oh I'm sorry I got carried away in the moment. Look first imma start off by letting you know I'm a freshman is that a problem. No not at all and you didn't have to tell me that I know everybody in this school and when I saw you and your girls this morning I knew you were fresh meat. Oh so if I'm fresh meat why would you want someone so young. First off who said I wanted anything from you and secondly is it a crime for a brother to get to know you. I mean if you want me to I'll leave and not bother you no more but I would like for you to give a nigga a chance. Damn Nee-Nee you just met the man and you already getting ready to run this fine specimen of a creature off. Shit if you don't want him I'll take him Patrice said. Listen ya'll just sittin here talkin bout me like I'm not here look I don't want but one female at this table no offense and if she don't want to kick it with me then I'll pick my face up off the floor and gone on about my day. Tiff nudged Nee-Nee and said girl you better not let this man get away. Alright, alright I'll give you a shot cause I'm feelin yo style. Well I'll take it, it's better then a no, look lunch will be over soon so I'll let ya'll get back to ya girl thing. Oh and to answer the rest of the questions no I don't have any brothers and if I do have any cousins I don't know about them and as far as teammates yeah I mean how else would we have a team but I never set any one up cause when it doesn't work out I don't like to be put in the middle of it but I tell you what my friend Nate is having a pre-Christmas party like he does every year I'll make sure ya'll get invites so you can take your pick then, does that sound fair. Yeah we straight wit that. Alright ya'll enjoy the rest of ya'll day and Ayane' I hope to hear from you later he added and winked at her as he walked off. Girl Ayane' you got a keeper right there said Shonte'. Bitch you don't even know him how you gone say that. I'm gone say it cause even if he ain't no good just to have that nigga on yo arm gone boost yo reputation ten fold. That nigga a senior and you a freshman, not to mention he don't fuck wit none of these bitches in here so for you to get first dibs you the bitch right now. I'm always the bitch and don't you forget it. Nee-Nee didn't know that later she'd have to eat those words, it was a lot that she didn't know about Rod but what she would learn would be too little too late. Girl that nigga is fine Patrice said. You know Patrice you a lil too wrapped up in the nigga I'm hollering at. Oh girl I'm just playin you know me, she said twirling her hair but really she wasn't joking she wanted Rod in fact she wanted the life Nee-Nee had. Yeah she think she all miss perfect, perfect life, perfect family, perfect everything imma get that nigga one way or the other even if I just fuck him I'm gone beat her at something. Little did she know Ayane's life wasn't all peaches and cream as she assumed. They continued to talk to each other until the bell rang for their next period. The end of the day came and they all went home. Nee-Nee got home and kicked her shoes and headed for the kitchen. It was a note on the fridge from her mother, Nee-Nee dinners in the microwave working late so I'll be there as soon as I can love you. I figured that shit I knew she wouldn't be here. While she waited for her food to warm up she cut the television. On and Ciara's Ride was playing. She tried to front like she didn't want to call Rod but she did. She waited as long as she could and when she couldn't wait any longer she called him, it was 5:16. The phone rang, the voice on the other end answered hello, she said hello may I speak to Rod. This is him wzup? Hey this is Nee-Nee. Oh I recognize that voice from anywhere. Gee, thanks I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult. Naw baby it's a total compliment. So what you up to she asked? Just walked in the door ready to jump in the shower and get all of this sweat off of me. Damn what I wouldn't give to be that sweaty shirt sticking to his chest she thought to herself. Well I can call you back later or you can hit me back when your finished. That's alright I was hoping you called and now that I got you on the phone I'm not letting you get off. Is that what you say to all the bitches you fuck wit? We'll I'd like to think of you as a female, and yeah if you were a bitch I probably would so are you a bitch? Oh I'm far from that, but I can be one at times. So how about you are yo a hoe or a clown. Now I know from what you've seen I'm far from a clown and as far as a hoe you can check my resume' bitches try to get at me and get shot down so believe me when I say I'm all real. Ok, ok so since were being real why don't you have a girlfriend? I don't have one cause I choose not to have one plain and simple, and what about you, where's your man? I don't have one, now that, that is out of the way what now? It's whatever baby girl. Okay so we get to know each other and make it official. That's cool wit me. They stayed on the phone til the sun was coming up talkin about what their likes and dislikes were. What they liked about each other, and what they hope to get from this relationship. From that one phone call Rod had Nee-Nee's lil ninth grade mind going, he's was a pro at the gift of gab and it worked all night long on her. They got off the phone with just enough time to take a shower and grab breakfast.


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Hush 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was my first novel by this author. Tamika, this was a great book!!! I read it twice =)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TELAMON5 More than 1 year ago
precious131 More than 1 year ago
This book was good. If you like drama,love,and suspense this is a book for you. The author really told a story that could be believable through the eyes of so many. I believe a lot of people could relate to one of the characters whether it be for their self or maybe they have a family member that could relate.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When I first received my book I wasn't sure of how good it was going to be, as the person who wrote it is a new author. I have to give this female her props thou. It was a really good book. I felt like i could really visualize the story because of how it was told. I feel like I really could have been there. If you like most of the urban black female author's you will like her as well.
JakishW More than 1 year ago
This book was great. I love the art of story telling by the author it was brilliant. The way the characters stood out one by one and they all came together in the end was a good way to do the book. I just can't wait for the second part. A must read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was good from beginning to end. I read it from cover to cover in a matter of hours. I could npt close the book! Very entertaining. Kept me wanting more, I cant wait for part two!