Hybrid Children of the Stars

Hybrid Children of the Stars

by Trish Vogel


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Nine-year-old Asja and her seven-year-old brother, Ny, are the first hybrid aliens ever to elude the Zetian Greys by accessing a portal to a parallel universe. As Asja finds herself in the strange world known as Earth, she suddenly realizes that she has somehow become separated from Ny during their transport. Now, as she wanders a perilous land alone and searches for the offspring of the Royalty of Gijon, Asja knows that without Ny, she is powerless to fight off potential enemies.

Asja begins her search for her brother, living as a human and being careful to avoid letting anyone know who she is or where she came from. She encounters an Earth woman, who takes her to a foster family made up of unruly children to convince Asja to find her human mother. As Asja attempts to adjust to her new life, she traverses parallel universes and finds her lost brother, others like them, and more danger than she ever imagined.

In this science fiction adventure, a pair of young hybrid aliens embarks on the ultimate quest for answers as a psychopath alien lurks in the shadows and waits to end their journey forever.

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ISBN-13: 9781491702994
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 08/28/2013
Pages: 226
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.52(d)

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iUniverse LLC

Copyright © 2013 Trish Vogel
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4917-0299-4



I decided that Ny should go first. He stretched his arms up as high as he could, then I gave him that last little boost that propelled him up to the lowest branch. Once he grabbed the limb, he managed to pull himself up the rest of the way. Slowly, he crawled out to where he was just above the opening. He took one last look at me, dropped through the opening and disappeared. I looked around hastily to see if any of the Greys were nearby. Not seeing anything remotely suspicious, I dubiously climbed the tree. Soon I was whirling through the air and landed with a thump on the ground. I found myself in a world, which so closely resembled Earth, that at first I thought I had not left. However the vibration felt different and I knew that I had succeeded and looking closely I could see small differences in the terrain. I waited a long thirty minutes before jumping back through the portal, which to my surprise shut with a snapping sound seconds after my exit. Looking around there was no sign of the transport that had brought us to Earth. I was safe for now, but something felt wrong. Sitting under the canopy of a tree I tried gathering my thoughts. I needed to figure out where we would go from here. We hadn't thought that far ahead, because frankly, we never really believed that we would be able to manipulate our way off the ship. I'm sure that we are the first hybrids ever, to attempt something like this. Although according to the history disk, there was supposed to be hundreds, maybe even thousands, of mixed Earth DNA and Zetian DNA living here.

I shook my head trying to bring my thoughts back to my current situation. Where was Ny? He should have been back before I was. Then I realized, I should have seen him on the alternate universe. I know he fell through the portal. I saw him disappear. Perhaps he came back too soon and the Greys nabbed him. I tried hearing his thoughts. Nothing. That's odd. I have always been able to access his thoughts. From the moment that he came into existences, I was aware of him, and he was aware of me. It was dissonantly quiet with him not in my mind.

I looked around at the scene in front of me. Trying to figure out where on Earth I was. A thick blanket of moisture hung in the air. The midday heat was almost unbearable. The smell of mold and decaying vegetation permeated the wooded area behind me. Amidst the cacophony of chirping, whistling and croaking sounds, was the unmistakable sound of water rolling over rocks. In front of me was the meadow where the transport had landed. The grass had been scorched in a perfect circle. Off to one side was a bush with bell shaped flowers. Tiny birds sprinted back and forth from one flower to the next. They were so diminutive in size that I wasn't completely sure they were birds and not bugs. I watch them for two days while I waited for Ny, hoping he had only missed the portal and was looking for another, before I realized how hungry I was getting. Wondering what the little birds tasted like, I tried catching one, without much success.

Not knowing what animals roamed this part of the planet at night, I had been staying awake, keeping a fire going for protection. On the third night, as I sat there wondering where my brother might be, a light appeared in the sky. I knew right away that it wasn't a star, and it proved me correct by quickly moving closer. Within minutes, it was hovering over the field that we had landed in just a few days ago. Quickly, I put the fire out, then climbed the nearest oat tree, hiding among the leaves. The transport remained there for a minute as if debating what to do next. The negative energy that flowed from the vessel was not that of a human, a Zetian Grey, nor was it like me, a hybrid. It was the energy of just one being. Zetian Grey's always traveled in threes or more, providing a triangular from of energy that is needed to move a transport. Whatever was occupying this vessel was by itself, and not here for a visit. Getting back down out of the tree, I decided to leave the fire out. I distinctly knew that the animals in the surrounding woods would be of much less danger than the entity in the vessel.

The next day around midafternoon I felt the vibrations of the same transport moving once again into the area. Its structure was blocked from visibility. It went to the same spot as the day before, this time landing. Once again, I climbed the tree, watching to see what the being was planning to do next. I didn't have a good feeling about whoever it was, that was now extracting themselves from the vessel. Unfortunately, his back was to me, so I was unable to see who or what it was. He walked across the field with a gait that was at once familiar to me.

However, I couldn't currently place it. I was curious and wanted to know what he was up to, so I climbed out of the tree and headed towards the invisible transport. Feeling the vibrations that surrounded it, I could locate it with no problem. I went right in and instantly knew what creature this vessel belonged to. A Pathien. A Reptilian race that lived on Earth at one time. They were aggressive and mean, certainly not someone I could take on by myself. I quieted my mind in able to pick up on the residual energy left behind by the Pathien, I could get the name of Elkin. He was here looking for the Royalty of Gijon. I wondered if he had followed us here, and if he knew us also, were looking for the offspring of the Royal family. I knew that the Pathiens lost their planet to the Gijon some three hundred years ago. I wondered what he wanted with them, knowing without a doubt it was not a good thing. Besides learning this, I was also picking up on lots of intense anger. Even more than what you would expect from one of these creatures. I needed to get out of there and quick. If the Path came back, he wouldn't hesitate to kill me. We were here to find the Prince and Princess. Which was a task in itself, but now we would have to negotiate our way around a psychopath. Until I found Ny, I was more or less powerless.

I decided to head north where I could feel the vibrations of what could only have been a group of humans, living in a community that I believed was called a town or city. Ahead was some writing on a fence that said. "Donkeys for sale." I was amazed at how similar they were to an animal from my planet, the Willakey. Some of the trees appeared to have been transplanted from Idec also. When I finally reached the town, I didn't see anything that looked like a communal feeder, so I decide to approach an Earth woman and asked if she could assist me.

"Communion feeder? What is that? You mean like a Catholic church or something? I'm not sure where one would be. We don't have a lot of Catholics here in southern Missouri." She said smiling, then made a strange noise out of her mouth.

"No. I ... ah, I'm just looking for something to eat." Wondering what that noise was that she had made.

"Are you homeless?" She asked. Then started making the strange noise again.

"I really need to give these things up." She said then held up a white cylindrical object with smoke coming out of the end of it. Once again she looked at me and asked.

"Well, are you?"

"Am I what?"

"Are you homeless?"

"I don't think so."

"You don't think so? What is that supposed to mean? You didn't run away from home, did you?"

"Home? Oh right. Yes. But I didn't run."

A confused look on the woman face made me think that perhaps she was slow or something. She had a strange way of asking questions. She would tell me that I didn't do something, and then ask me if I did. I was about to leave to ask someone else, when the woman said.

"Wait. Maybe I should take you to the police."

That must be what they call the communal feeder, I thought. So I went with her, anxious to get something to eat. Then I will start looking for Ny again. We get into a travel pod, which the Earth woman manipulates herself. I was hoping that she would put it on the auto pilot, as she was not very good at it. She starts talking again. I couldn't understand a lot of what she was saying. She asked me where my parents were and where I lived. Since I didn't know what she was talking about, I decided to let her talk. Maybe once we get there, she will find someone else to talk to.

We walked into a dingy gray structure where various humans, mostly the male kind, were sitting at tables by themselves eating round puffy things, and drinking strong smelly, dark colored water. Some held a device to one of their ears and talked to themselves, or they were pushing little black squares with the English alphabet on it while looking at a flat box with words moving across it. It probably was some kind of antiquated computer. I hope the food taste better than it smells, because I'm very hungry.

The Earth woman takes me over to one of the small tables. Like the others, this one had lots of junk on it that wasn't food. After telling me to sit down, she starts talking to a man. I'm glad that she has found someone else to talk to. On the table was one of the round objects I had seen when we first walked in, so I picked it up and took a bite.

"Hey what are you doing? That's my donut." The man shouts at me.

"I'm hungry." I replied, wondering why he would claim food as his own. Isn't food for everybody?

"Hey Jake. Go to a hamburger joint and get this kid something to eat, will yah?"

That must be one of the workers who distributes the food. It must be why a lot of them are wearing the same peculiar clothes. I decide to just sit and wait, in the meantime I would look around and observe. These Earth people wear some very outlandish customs.

After a while, the man Jake, brings me some food in a white container. He removes the food placing it on the table in front of me. At first I just stare at it. It isn't like any food I have ever seen. Nevertheless, I'm very hungry and it does smell good. I pick up a round object, that's soft to the touch. I lifted the top layer off to see what was underneath. The aroma of some kind of meat floated up to me. I was pleased, because I now knew that, like us, these particular Earthlings were carnivores. On top of the meat was a thick, fire colored substance, some sort of vegetation and round, leaf colored crunchy stuff. I hesitantly take a bite. My mouth explodes with unknown flavors and textures. Overjoyed, I devourer my first Earth meal. There were also some long, thin, lightly tinted objects, which were crispy on the outside, kind of soft on the inside. Not liking them as much, I ate them anyway not knowing when I will get back to the communal feeder. The icy liquid, didn't smell like the mud colored water that the others were drinking. It was cold, and bubbly, and I liked the way it kind of tickled my throat.

"So how was your burger and fries? Do you want another Pepsi?"

Pepsi, what a funny word. I liked it. I would have to remember it and maybe name one of the nursery children that someday. If I ever went back to Idec that is.

I decided it was best to let these people babble. If I didn't talk to them maybe they would start chatting to someone else. After all I had done that with the woman, and I noticed that she had left. Even so, when the man asked what my name was, I figured it would probably be okay to tell him.


"What's your last name Asja?

"My last name? Asja."

"Oh. Well then what's your first name?"


"Alright smart aleck, you want to give me your full name now?"

Once again I felt it best to quit talking. After all, I answered his question. Why does he keep asking me to answer it again? After many attempts to talk to me, he finally gave up. What a strange man. I hope that they aren't all like this.

I was about to get up and go look for Ny when a woman walked in and sat next to me. Brown spots covered most of her face and arms. Her hair, the color of fire, hung lifeless below her narrow shoulders and large round objects, dangled from her ears. Her most outstanding feature, were her eyes which resembled the color of burnt mauna leaves. A tree that is prevalent on my world. She bent down, and in a high pitched and very jarring voice said.

"Hi. My name is Miss Johnson. What's your name?"

Wondering what the obsession was about knowing my name, I told the strange woman, hoping that it was all she wanted to know.

"Well it's nice to meet you Asja. How old are you?"

Pretty sure she wanted to know how many Earth years I was, I told her I was nine.

"Nine? You're kind of small for a nine year old, aren't you? Don't think that I have ever seen amber eyes before? They're really an odd color. I don't mean that in a bad way. It just that, well they seem to take up most of your face, don't they? Ha, Ha. You know it's almost like you can read my mind or something with ... those.... eyes?"

It's not enough that she has such an exasperating voice, but why does she have to talk so much. And what does my height have to do with anything. These people seem to be obsessed with what I look like, and what I'm called.

"Not a very big talker, are you? Well, that's okay, I'll do the talking for both of us."

I'll say you will. It seems to be all these people do. Don't people ever shut up on this planet? Now she's telling me that she is going to take me to a foster home. I wonder what that is. I thought to myself.

Getting into a travel pod, I look out the window at the strange and wonderful world zooming past me. I wanted to keep my eyes open for the Pathien known as Elkin, but I'm so tired. It has been more than three days, since I've had any sleep time. Before long I'm asleep, unaware of what lies ahead for me, and my missing sibling.


Foster Home

Then out of the depth of my sleep I heard the Earth woman say.

"We're here, Asja."

We were sitting in front of a building that could have used some more color, as it was coming off in areas. The vegetation in the front of the building was in serious need of hydration. Earth children were running around and on the steps was a facsimile of a human infant, made of some strange material. Most of its hair was missing and one eye was half shut. Children stare at us as we go into the building A woman with the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen, greets us. She tells me her name is Rose

Miss Johnson tells me to sit on the couch. She jerks her head towards a large structure covered with big flowers. I decide that must be the couch. Sitting with my feet barely hanging over the edge I look around. The walls held dozens of depiction of children of various ages.

"We're going into the kitchen and talk for a few minutes. You just sit here and wait, okay? You can turn the TV on if you like." The woman named Rose said, as she and Mrs. Johnson walk away.

When they left the room I got up and walked around. The floor covering was soft beneath my feet. In the corner were several large pillows, in various colors of the third turning season, on Idec, stacked on top of each other. I was looking for the object that she called a TV, but I didn't know what it looked like. I had no trouble hearing the two women talking to each other.

"I really can't tell you much about her. She doesn't seem to talk too much. I'm not sure she understands a lot of English. When she does talk, she has a strange accent. I can't place where it comes from. It sounds a little like, Russian maybe, or middle eastern. Heck I don't know. We do have some Russian families here in West Plains. 'I'll ask one of them to talk to her. We will at least know if she is Russian or not. I also think she's a little malnourished. She's awfully small for her age. She's supposed to be nine."

"Do you know anything about her parents?" Rose asked.

"No. I believe she told Detective Collins that she ran away from home."

"What did you say her name was?" Rose asked.

"Asja. She won't tell us what her last name is. It's going to be hard to locate any relatives until she starts talking." Miss Johnson said.

"Asja! That's an odd name, but it's pretty."

"Yeah, well she kind of an odd child. I had better be going. Oh, you will need to get her some clothes I have never seen that kind of material before, have you?"

"No, can't say that I have. Could you tell the kids to come in when you go? They can show Asja where she's going to sleep."

"Sure. See you in a couple of days."

Ms. Johnson leaves and I don't know what I'm supposed to do now. I thought I understood, that they wanted me to do my sleep cycle here.

Screaming children run into the house and surround me as we stare at each other. A light hair girl, towering over the others, and who appears to be the leader, wanders over to me.

"Stacy this is Asja. I'm going to put her in with you." The woman named Rose said.

"But Mom, she's so weird. I don't want to bunk with some weird little kid." She said glaring in my direction.

"She's just a little girl and she's probably from another country. So of course she's going to be a little different. That doesn't make her weird. Besides it's the only bed we have open. Now take her upstairs and see if any of Sammy's clothes fit her, and help her take a bath. Then get back down here and help me start supper. Okay?"

Excerpted from HYBRID CHILDREN OF THE STARS by TRISH VOGEL. Copyright © 2013 Trish Vogel. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


PART 1....................          

Asja....................     1     

Foster Home....................     10     

Earth school....................     21     

Help....................     36     

Ny....................     38     

Window to the past....................     60     

Rose....................     72     

Denver....................     75     

The nightmare returns....................     84     

A parallel nightmare....................     88     

Happy birthday everyone....................     118     

PART 2....................          

Marisa and Alex....................     143     

Slave boy....................     152     

The escape....................     155     

Getting started....................     159     

Elkin the Reptilian....................     161     

The cave....................     165     

All together....................     168     

Somewhere in the future....................     171     

PART 3....................          

Idec....................     183     

Bjan....................     186     

A new life....................     201     

Ivy Rose....................     205     

Elkin the sociopath....................     210     

The Tustins....................     214     

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Hybrid Children of the Stars 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book made me wonder if something is really going on out there with these so-called Grey aliens. It was a very interesting read. Funny at times and violent at others. I would recommend it to any science fiction lover.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As I was reading this book it drew me into it as if I was right there through all the adventures that Asja and Ny had to go through to return to their own planet. Really enjoyed this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kept me glued to the book. Never was boring. Left me wanting to have the next book to go on. Would recommend to all. Easy reading, and the story could very well be true.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good book. Talks about hybrids here on Earth and what it might have been like if say for instance the far right had been elected to office. What would it be like here in the U.S.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just finished the book. This is my first review. I wanted to write a review because it was the first time I felt that I wanted tell others what a good book this was. I hope these is another one.