Hydraulics in Civil and Environmental Engineering / Edition 4

Hydraulics in Civil and Environmental Engineering / Edition 4

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Taylor & Francis
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Hydraulics in Civil and Environmental Engineering / Edition 4

This classic text, now in its fourth edition, combines thorough coverage of the basic principles of hydraulics with a wide-ranging treatment of practical, real-world applications.

It is carefully structured into two parts to deal with principles before moving on to more advanced topics. The first part focuses on fundamentals, including hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, pipe and open channel flow, wave theory, hydrology and sediment transport. The second part illustrates the engineering applications of these fundamental principles to pipeline system design, hydraulic structures, river and coastal engineering, including up-to-date environmental implications and a chapter on computational modelling, illustrating the application of computational simulationtechniques to modern design, in a variety of contexts.

This edition includes a major revision of the chapter on Flood Hydrology in line with the Flood Estimation Handbook. New material has also been added to the chapters on wave theory, sediment transport and coastal engineering and updating of material and references undertaken throughout.

Hydraulics in Civil and Environmental Engineering is an essential resource for students and practitioners of civil, environmental and public health engineering, and associated disciplines. It is comprehensive, fully illustrated and contains many examples. A solutions manual, computer program listings, and useful links are available on an accompanying website www.sponpress.com/civeng/support.htm.

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ISBN-13: 9780415306096
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 08/09/2004
Pages: 680
Product dimensions: 6.25(w) x 9.25(h) x 1.50(d)

Table of Contents

Preface Principal Symbols A Short History of Hydraulics Introductory Notes Part 1. Principles and Basic Applications 1. Hydrostatics 2. Principles of Fluid Flow 3. Behaviour of Real Fluids 4. Flow in Pipes and Closed Conduits 5. Open Channel Flow 6. Pressure Surge in Pipelines 7. Hydraulic Machines 8. Wave Theory 9. Sediment Transport 10. Flood Hydrology 11. Dimensional Analysis and the Theory of Physical Models Part 2. Aspects of Hydraulic Engineering 12. Pipeline Systems 13. Hydraulic Structures 14. Computational Hydraulics 15. River and Canal Engineering 16. Coastal Engineering 17. Water Quality Modelling Index.

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