by Phillip Frey

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BN ID: 2940032996293
Publisher: Phillip Frey
Publication date: 01/14/2012
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Format: NOOK Book
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Age Range: 18 Years

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Phillip Frey grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where he performed as a child actor at The Cleveland Playhouse. The day after he graduated high school he moved to Los Angeles and attended Los Angeles City College. Enrolled in their Theatre Arts Department, Phillip performed in many of their plays while also performing in local theater. He then moved to New York, where he performed with The New York Shakespeare Festival, followed by The Repertory Theatre of Lincoln Center. With a change of interest Phillip wrote, directed, and edited 3 short films, all of which had international showings, including The New York Film Festival. With yet another change of interest he returned to Los Angeles to become a produced screenwriter. And now more recently, "Dangerous Times" and "Hym and Hur" are Phillip Frey's first works of narrative fiction.

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HYM and HUR 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
SissyLu More than 1 year ago
Hym and Hur are devious little creatures, they are essentially Discord and Strife - they wreak havoc wherever they go, meddle in the affairs of mortals and cause trouble for them or bad luck. They're rascals who never age and have been with one another for centuries. Their boredom leads them to seek out Death to strike a deal with him, well Death enjoys good fun, too and he strikes a bargain with the rascals that will soon involve the lives of Archie and Sarah. Archie is a struggling artist who pines for Sarah, he wants more than friendship but she doesn't take him seriously because he's an artist who refuses to be just another brick in the wall. When Hym and Hur strike the deal - a deal that gifts Archie the ability to raise the dead - it changes his life and suddenly Hym and Hur yearn to do good instead of wreaking havoc as they usually do. This was a fun short and quick to read. I found myself wanting a little more depth as far as the story went and perhaps even personality - the most notable character was Death, he was depicted as a jerk which suited him just fine. Hym and Hur were slightly interchangeable and I felt the same about Archie and Sarah, too. I think more emotional depth to the characters would have remedied that. The story itself was fun - just something to read while you're waiting for an appointment or laundry to be done. Definitely worth 3 savvy crowns.
ADropOfInkReviews More than 1 year ago
Hym and Hur is a short story that makes for a quick and entertaining read. Hur obviously delights in doing good for others, while Hym can’t help himself but play slightly meaner practical jokes. Together, they balance each other out. It was interesting trying to read a short story after all of the novels I’ve been reading. It felt like it jumped around a lot because in each chapter, you’d be in a different setting. There were a few times it actually confused me and I had to think about it for a bit. To be honest, it would have been nice to have seen the story fleshed out more. All in all, it was a fun little read to see how they’d outsmart Death. And Death was quite the character himself.
GHott More than 1 year ago
ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! This novella was adorable. It was the perfect pick-me-up after a rough day. I’ve had Hym and Hur in my queue for quite some time but kept avoiding it because, though the synopsis sounds good, the author was unknown to me. Yet, from the moment I picked it up I was entranced. I laughed out loud at the wit and enjoyed the characters immensely. Grab this one! More… Author: Phillip Frey Source: Phillip Frey Grade: A Ages: 16+ Steam: YA Setting: Los Angeles, California (United States)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hym and Hur by Philip Frey is a short novel that is refreshing because it is unique! It is fun to read and it does  deal with the serious issue of death (in this story Death is also a character) but there is lightness and a positive vibe to 'the story too. I really liked the main characters Hym and Hur the best and they really made the story. Although, the story has Death in it, it is a fun book to read because of these two characters that make a deal with Death and they learn that Death has tricked them so they have to make things right again. I also found the character of Death slightly amusing which gave this story a light hearted tone.
Shaka2U More than 1 year ago
Hym and Hur by Phillip Frey is quite the quirky short novel. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was fun, light at times with serious undertones (due to dealing with topics of death/illness). But overall what hooked me to this novel and made me want to read it more were the main characters: Hym and Hur. These fictional/paranormal beings were so funny to me. They love playing pranks but they try to do deeds of "good" through their pranks. As you know there is bound to be something that goes wrong and that's what this short novel is essentially about: what can and does go wrong with a "Do Good" prank thought up by Hym and Hur. Great fun novel by Phillip Frey.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you liked the TV shows “Dead Like Me” or “Pushing Up Daisies” you’ll love this campy little story. The characters are all drawn with a light touch and sympathetic satire that makes them loveable – even Death, the antagonist. How can a story about death and raising the dead be uplifting and amusing? Read it and see. You’ll be sure to smile most of the way through. I promise. Hym and Hur – well, I’m not exactly sure what they are, but I wish I could meet them that mischievous pair. The human characters, all two of them, are loveable for their very humanity. This is definitely worth an hour of your time.
MiaDarien More than 1 year ago
This was a fantastical little diversion, is the best way I can describe it. Amusing, albeit a little…pointless, although I don’t really say that as a bad thing. Entertainment for entertainment’s sake is never a bad thing, but there didn’t feel to be any serious drive to the story. So it was simply a quickly paced, whimsical little story about magical beings (although we learn very little about them) who like to interfere, for better or worse, with humanity. A common trope, but still fun. Though as I’m the twisted sort, I found Death to be the more amusing. Personifications of Death are usually funny and morbid, and I like that. The ending was a bit abrupt, but in a short story, it was not ill suited. Though I might have liked just a touch more. And there were some dialog attribute habits I see from many authors that are a bit of a pet peeve of mine and were, I’ll admit, a tad distracting for my inner editor. But at this length, with its quick pace and the breezy style to its prose, it was enjoyable. Missed that spark to make me rave, but I’ll call it 4 Stars.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Eduardo Aduna for Readers' Favorite "Hym and Hur" is a light short story that is brilliant in its simplicity. Immortality eventually leads to boredom and when Hym and Hur come up with a prank to make their idyllic existence livelier, they do not count on the complications that might ensue. With death in on the scheme, no deal is ever as straightforward as it seems. Hym and Hur must try to keep up with the consequences their simple prank has unleashed. Phillip Frey has constructed a tight short story that is simply exquisite. It is quite difficult to craft characters one can empathize with within the constraints of only a few pages but the author manages to do so with deft touches. There are no unnecessary words, no extraneous thoughts, and no unwanted distraction in this gem of a story. Most of the stories today feature long-winded and wordy novels and books, so much so that it was refreshing to find such clarity and brilliance in such a short work. Quality triumphs over quantity in Phillip's Frey's story. The characters and emotions it brought to bear stuck with me longer than other books with twice the length. Like good short stories, it sets the stage for the readers' imagination to go on and on long after they have finished it. People looking for a quick dose of hope, humor and romance for the day would do well to read this story. Fantasy, comedy, romance and feel-good vibes have never been so brilliantly melded together.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
She groans
Chrissy_W More than 1 year ago
2.5 stars Did I enjoy this book: Hym and Hur was alright. It was a very short story that I read in under an hour. But for me, it just didn't make much sense. The main characters, Hym and Hur, were cute and they want to do good in the world - even though Hym likes to play pranks every now and then. But their names made the story a bit difficult for me to read. I wanted to read he and she every time Hym and Hur were written because it would have been "more correct" that way. (And I realize the characters names are meant to be fun...it just made it a bit hard to read for me.) The end of the story came about rather abruptly. (And, yes, I do understand this is a short story and it will end quickly. But it was just a bit too quick.) But the ending was happy and a good one. It fit the story. Would I recommend it: If you like short, quirky stories with a message, then yes, you should read this one. Otherwise, I would not recommend this book. Will I read it again: I will not.
Fictional_Candy More than 1 year ago
Hym and Hur are immortal, kind of like Fates, in my opinion. They have the power to change things and controls things for humans, and they enjoy pulling pranks. This story starts with Hym and Hur sitting in a diner debating what to do to Los Angeles. Does everyone get bad luck for a day? How about good luck? What will it be? Death enters the conversation and it changes the stakes. Archie is an artist, starving so, as it seems. Archie loves Sarah, but Sarah is concerned about money – stable money, and Archie’s lack of it. And now it looks like Archie is the target of Hym and Hur’s “game”. This was a fun short story. It is definitely a one sitting read. But any story involving Death, himself, is sure to be a good one, right? In Hym and Hur Death is a bit of a sneaky character, you know how he loves loopholes! I don’t want to give away too much of the story. Between the blurb and this post, you kind of get the gist of it. It’s very interesting and a good read. I’d even be interested in seeing this story made into a longer story, the characters were that intriguing. The authors writing style is very imaginative and definitely kept my interest throughout!
Valca85 More than 1 year ago
This was a very amusing short story about two supernatural beings who make a pact with Death and, of course, things turn out a bit more complicated than they imagined. With short stories, pacing is crucial, and this one is handled well, mixing a good amount of action with characterization. It’s just enough to keep the readers entertained, while also telling us a bit about the protagonist. In my case, I would have actually liked to have seen a bit more about them, actually. Where their powers came from and all of that is pretty much left to the reader’s imagination, which is fine, but I would have preferred a few more clues. There were a few grammatical and spelling mistakes, but not dramatic enough to put the reader off. Overall, this was a fun story, and one I do recommend if you’d like something amusing and quick to read.
JennaLynne_Betweenthebind More than 1 year ago
First of all, I would like to thank Phillip Frey for sending me this book in return for an honest review. The blurb really is the only history for this story that the reader is given. The relationship between Hym and Hur seems natural and easy - like a long term relationship should be - however, this book feels like the second in a series...and I missed the first. I really enjoyed some aspects of this book. The concept of two beings who travel the world unseen and are (relatively) friendly with Death was unique. The fact that Hym and Hur enjoy pranking humans is also rather realistic. I mean, I would be playing pranks on humans too after spending hundreds of years running around the Earth with my honey! ;) So, as Hur is searching for just the right person to prank, she bumps into Archie, a struggling artist with an unsupportive and fed up girlfriend, Sarah. After enjoying lunch with him and seeing how open and kind Archie is, Hur choses him as the prank-ee and bestows on him an interesting gift. **SPOILER** His touch now can stop Death. **END SPOILER** Archie has NO IDEA he has been given this gift and that is what Hym and Hur find hilarious - how will Archie react when he figures it out? Or will he figure it out? But Death played a prank of his own... Although I enjoyed the premise of Hym and Hur, there were a few key things missing. I didn't emotionally connect with any of the characters. The relationship problems between Archie and Sarah seemed contrived and honestly, because of the lack of connect I didn't care much for either of them. Also, there is a war scene with Death that seemed a little bit odd and misplaced. Overall, I liked this short - I just wish that there was a lot more background and character building throughout.
SheilaDeeth More than 1 year ago
A thoroughly enjoyable short story, Phillip Frey’s Hym and Hur has pleasingly thought-provoking humor, combining a delightful premise with thoroughly enjoyable execution. The author’s light touch with matters of heaven and hell blends perfectly with the innocent mood of his oddly ancient protagonists, Hym and Hur, as they plan their next curious prank. The human protagonists are pleasing too as their perils stretch before them, but the reader’s eyes are kept firmly fixed on the mystical—how will Hym and Hur get everyone out of the mess their foolish tricks have created? An odd misused word can easily be forgiven in such a short pleasing piece. The grown-up fairy-tale feel of the writing is thoroughly enjoyable and the story wends its way to an appropriate conclusion without ever devolving into analysis of what’s going on. I hope I might meet Hym and Hur in more pranking short stories some day. Disclosure: I received a free ecopy of this story from the author in exchange for my honest review.
thestubbypencil More than 1 year ago
Hym and Hur by Phillip Frey ?YA Paranormal This is a fun, quick read about a young couple. They read like adolescents, young and innocent with a penchant for mischievousness. They are immortal so who knows how old they really are. They have a lot of time on their hands, and when they get bored they like to mess with mortals.They have the potential for spreading joy and good will as much as wreaking havoc. I've had those kind of days where I could swear someone was messing with me. We've all had those days. In this adventure they make a deal with Death. He is amused by their proposal so he goes along. But you know somewhere down the road there's going to be hell to pay. This story is an excellent example of characterization. As I read along, I collected various abilities that Hym and Hur exhibit. I was shown, not told what they could do. Death is drawn with many layers and is more interesting than most Death characters I've read. He surprised me here and there. This is a short story and feels like a prequel. It gives you just enough to whet your appetite and leaves you with even more questions. Where did they come from? Are they extra-terrestrial or just extra-dimensional? Are they immortal or are they another life form with a really long life span? At the time of this posting the author hasn't planned another book or short story, but I can feel a lot of short stories spinning off these two characters. There is a lot of potential here because the author is deft at not sharing all of his secrets yet. There are the occasional formatting issues, but generally well edited and well written. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.
Alisia93 More than 1 year ago
This is a short story about an immortal couple who have abilities. They help people and play pranks on them, but it must be approved by Death first. As they think of pranks, they come up with a way to help people, Death approves it. But is it because he wants to see HYM and HUR do good? Or does he have his own plans? I thought that it was a good short story. I just wish that we could have gotten to know the characters more. Like how did Hym and Hur become immortal or were they always? SPOILER: I liked the part where Archie and Sarah were drinking champagne and every time they picked up the bottle there was more in it. I knew it had to be Hur or Hym and I was right! Sneaky little immortals. I also liked that we got to see what happened with Archie and Sarah in the end. It was very interesting to see this version of Death. Yes, he wisely and a trickster, just like them all. But he wasn't so doom and gloom as most Deaths. He was happy with his job and he let it show. Anyone who has a little bit of time and is looking for a book they can start and finish, I suggest this one!
JessicaTX More than 1 year ago
I want to start off by saying how much I adore the title. It is a clever play on the words "him" and "her". I wish I could be that clever... Anyway... I was contacted a few days ago by Mr. Frey to read and review this sweet story. Normally I don't read short stories because let's face it, I like big thick novels with 350 plus pages. But the story seemed like a good one, so I accepted his offer. I was pleasantly surprised while reading the first few pages and I really enjoyed Hym and Her. They were different and definitely people I wish I could meet. I was able to finish the story while on my lunch break at work. I quickly sent Phillip an email telling him that I was enjoying it very much. My favorite character by far was Death himself. He was even more of a prankster than Hym and Hur. Plus he was funny and sarcastic. I feel comfortable around that because I am a little bit like that... Well only when I feel like it. Whatever the case, I wanted to see more of Death. There just was not enough of him. He mainly played behind the scenes. Another character I really enjoyed was Archie. I felt he was as real as they come. A struggling artist who doesn't give up. Good things come to those who wait. I like his spunk and if there was a spin off book about him, I would be quick to pick it up. WHAT I did NOT enjoy... I wish the story was longer! I would have loved hearing more stories from Hym and Hur's past. They seemed to have led an interesting life. Backstory, there's the word. I want more backstory on the two! Like why are they the way they are? Maybe I missed something?? I dont know but I would just like to know more. Final VERDICT! I loved it. If you are looking for a short and fun read, this is the story for you. It is funny and cute. What more could you want? Lastly, I'd like to thank Phillip Frey for allowing me to read and review his book. It was a pleasure doing business with you sir!
misskilpy More than 1 year ago
This short story is whimsical, romantic and ethereal. Lovely read. Really put me in a good mood. I happened upon this because I read Mr. Frey's other book "Dangerous Times." He is truly adept at switching genres. I am looking forward to what he does next.