I Am A Christian, This Is Why: A Logical Response to the Skeptic

I Am A Christian, This Is Why: A Logical Response to the Skeptic

by Kinite A McCrae

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  • Have you ever wondered if there is any proof for God outside the Bible? Me too!
  • Have you ever questioned the authenticity of the Bible? Me too!
  • Does a concept like the Trinity confuse you?

Get simple and logical answers to questions like these and MORE! In this much-anticipated Christian apologetic book, “I am a Christian, This is Why: A Logical Response to the Skeptic.” The author Kinite A. McCrae lays out the evidence for truth in a logical yet non-technical or deep theological format that teaches Christians how to easily defend why they believe what they believe as well as provide logical answers to the most common questions asked by skeptics and non-believers.

This book provides a seamless combination of both traditional and urban apologetics in an easy to read, conversational flow that invites the reader to think critically, answer questions, and come into that “now I get it” moment as the reader travels on an engaging and memorable journey through science, creation, history and the author’s own Pre-Christian mindset as a skeptic, to her Post-Christian confidence in its logic, truth, reliability, and authenticity. This book examines creation, reviews other beliefs and philosophies, then stack the historical facts to provide convincing reasons why Christianity is true.

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ISBN-13: 9781732812901
Publisher: This is Why, Inc.
Publication date: 12/23/2018
Series: I Am Series
Pages: 162
Sales rank: 528,083
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About the Author

Kinite A. McCrae does not have your typical Christian story. She was not raised in the church, nor did she grow up in a predominantly Christian community. She spent her early adult years very skeptical about "organized religion" and the Authencity of the Bible until one day she decided to embark on a journey to study world religions in a search for truth. This journey ultimately concluded for her that Christianity is logical and intelligent and that conclusion led her to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

Since then, she has become fascinated with the study of apologetics and believes that a belief should not be based on emotion or social reasons nor on what your family, culture or even country believes. But that one has the responsibility to self and to God to seek Him in truth apart from personal, religious, social and cultural dogmas.

Kinite McCrae is a native of Washington, DC and a licensed minister having served in Youth Ministry leadership roles at several churches throughout the DMV area. She is a proud wife and mother of 8 children, which includes some maternal, step and adopted. She resides in Upper Marlboro, MD with her husband of 18-years and their youngest child.

She received her secondary education through Strayer University and the Art Institute of Washington. Her career profile is diverse including philanthropic organizations such as the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and global architecture and engineering firm AECOM Design. To her very own successful entrepreneurial endeavors as owner of Maxim Accounting and Business Solutions and the Metropolitan Suite Hair Salon, Founder and Executive Director of The ReachFar Foundation a 501c3 non-profit organization focusing on local and international community support for underprivileged youth, to her most recent endeavor as author of the much-anticipated book "I am a Christian, This is Why: A Logical Response to the Skeptic."

Kinite is both a passionate philanthropist and a savvy and shrewd businesswoman with a unique portfolio of high-end clients. She prides herself on being able to interact, understand, adjust to and effectively influence persons from many sides of the social, economic, race, gender, and religious scale. She is fun loving and full of life and enjoys spending time with her husband and children, coordinating family functions, cooking, dancing, shopping, reading her Bible and serving at church and those in need.

She credits all of her God approved trials, experiences, and beliefs as the tools which ignite her passion for serving and reaching back so that others will have the opportunity to Reach Far!

Table of Contents




CHAPTER 1: Are there any Logical Arguments for the Existence of God?

Part A: Invisible Attributes

Part B: Powerful Attributes

Part C: Intelligent Attributes

Part D: Moral Attributes

Let's Summarize

CHAPTER 2: Are there any Logical Arguments for Only One God and One Religion?

Part A: Multiple Options Still Require a Single Choice

Part B: A Needle in a Haystack

Part C: The Trinity: Created in His Image

CHAPTER 3: Are there any Logical Arguments for the Authenticity of the Bible?

Part A: Creators Own and Owners Rule

Part B: The Real McCoy

Part C: There’s Only One Way, to Tell the Truth

CHAPTER 4: Are There any Logical Arguments for a Savior?

Part A: The Heart of the Human Problem, is the Heart of the Human

Part B: Penalties Require Payments

Part C: To Be or Not to Be, that is the Question

Part D: Truth is There, Even When Revelation of it is Not

Part E: I Am the Way the Truth and the Life

Part F: The End…No, Actually the Beginning


  • Scriptures of Assurance
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Summary of World Religions
  • Definitions
  • References
  • Personal Declaration

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