I Am a Key

I Am a Key

by Larry Odell Johnson


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The primary purpose for the production of my current book, I Am A Key, is to assist readers in a clearer understanding of my first book, The Mind Factory. My first book dealt with pure theory and, while I made a gallant effort there to soften the language in that field of discourse, it was not a complete success. It still turned out not to be an easy read for the lay reader. As was my goal, I needed to consolidate a lot of information in a relatively short single volume. No doubt, for any diligent student of sociology or philosophy it was a casual read; but I wanted the book to accommodate the lay reader as well. In reviewing this issue of clarity of exposition-after the fact-for my book, The Mind Factory, I was reminded that I did not give interpretations for the anagrams that I presented in that book. Moreover, since defining and exhibiting anagrams was the central feature of the book, I concluded that providing interpretations for those anagrams would be the best way to pursue the immediate goal of opening up one's understanding of the overall theory contained in that book. Consequently, I present my readers with my current book, I Am A Key. In my current book, I give a representation of the extended version of the key defined and presented in the earlier book, I use an example from the first book to detail just how an anagram is derived, and I explain the meaning of an interpretation while also providing interpretations for each of the 288 anagrams contained in my other book. With this additional commentary I am satisfied that I will have done as much as anyone could possibly do to initiate a contemporary discussion and explanation of this theory. That is, to explain the reality of the existence of the latent content in our everyday language. Of course the secondary goal of these two books is to show by way of demonstrate that by implication the word "theory," as used within context here, does not mean something unproven or yet to be proven, and the

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Publication date: 01/01/2001
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