I Am Free to Be the Best of Me!

I Am Free to Be the Best of Me!

by Dr. Rimaletta Ray


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The book “I Am Free to be the Best of Me!” is presenting the self-creation process in the initial physical dimension, as shown in the Holistic Self-Actualization pyramid below, featuring consequentially the stages of Self-Awareness, Self-Monitoring, Self-Installation, and Self-Realization.

Self-growth is multi-dimensional!

Every stage, in turn, is viewed in five philosophical levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and universal consequentially. The blueprint for the Self-Resurrection process starts with the book “I Am Free to Be the Best of Me!”, and it is crowned by the book “Beyond the Terrestrial,” featuring the universal level of Self-Resurrection. All five transformational stages, from bottom to top, are integrally, following the holistic paradigm of thought-formation: Synthesis-Analysis-Synthesis.

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Publication date: 03/08/2019
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About the Author

Dr. Rimaletta Ray is a scholar and a college professor of Psycholinguistics who earned her doctorate in the Academy of Sciences, the Brain Institute, in Moscow. She is an ardent follower of a great Russian psychologist and psycholinguist Leo Vygotsky. Dr. Ray is an advocate of the Auto-Suggestive Psychology that she considers to be pivotal for a personality formation. She believes that education is inseparable with inspiration and that a new field of knowledge, called the Science of Life needs to be taught in our schools and colleges, developing the students' indispensable Life Skills, featured in her book "Living Intelligence or the Art of Becoming "(2015) Dr. Ray considers auto-suggestibility to be the onto-genesis of self-formation, and she suggests instilling in the brain the inspirational life skills, essential for all of us, with the help of the rhyming inspirational boosters and mind-sets (authoritative mind commands) that are psychologically-charged and that prove to be more persuasive and inductive than just affirmations, quotes, or other uplifting techniques.

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