I Am Hebrew Judean Not Hebrew Israelite

I Am Hebrew Judean Not Hebrew Israelite

by Yahnna MalKat Baht Yehudah


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Since the uncovered 1747 Slave Coast map uncovered the slaves taken were from the Kingdom of Judah of Israel it would be error to call oneself Hebrew Israelite since according to Joel chapter 3 Judah is the tribe that was scattered this book is about my own personal revelations of this and it challenges a lot of false Hebrew Israelite doctrine. This book was very challenging because Satan does not want this information out there some of the errors on the final pages could not be resolved with historical pictures but the information is good and biblical. If you want truth read this book. It does not cut around the corners or tickle your ears and tell you what you want to hear

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ISBN-13: 9781719299022
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Publication date: 05/17/2018
Pages: 92
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