I Am, I Think: finding yourSelf by losing your mind

I Am, I Think: finding yourSelf by losing your mind

by PhD Bonnie Guild, DMD William Guild




You’ve been the subject of the ultimate magic trick and we can prove it! “Reality,” including you, is not what it seems! Based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Drs. Bonnie and William Guild use cutting-edge physics, modern psychology, and ancient wisdom from all the major spiritual traditions to guide you to a realization of your true Self. Your perspective will shift in astounding ways enabling you to experience the mystery of existence illuminated throughout history by the spiritual masters. Once you experience this “reality,” your life will never be the same!

Utilizing the power of the Tree of Life, a mystical and transformational tool, you are led, step-by-step, using humor, lively stories, psychotherapy, guided meditations, and exercises to identify and integrate the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of yourself. You are not asked to have faith or accept the beliefs of others. Rather, you are taught how to directly access these Truths for yourself. The uniqueness of I Am, I Think is that it meets you where you are right now and directs you to the next step of your personal evolution.

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ISBN-13: 9780998812502
Publisher: TheGuildedPath LLC
Publication date: 07/17/2017
Pages: 216
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About the Author

Bonnie's roles include that of a wife, mother, psychologist, teacher, yoga instructor, meditator, photographer, artist, and writer. She holds an ma in Counseling, an EdS in Marriage and Family Therapy, a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and postdoctoral training at the Karen Horney Psychoanalytic Institute. She has had a successful private practice for over twenty-five years and served as an adjunct professor and supervisor in a psychology doctoral program. She began leading psycho-spiritual groups, and over the course of ten years, taught participants how to utilize these spiritual truths in their everyday lives. William eventually joined her in co-leading these groups. She created a comprehensive program, "Attaining Mind-Body Balance," in which she integrated group therapy, yoga, and meditation.

William is a husband, father, periodontist, teacher, musician, photographer, and writer. He earned bachelor of science and doctor of dental medicine degrees, as well as a specialist certification in Periodontics. He has been a serious student of meditation since 1975 and has apprenticed with Peruvian and Ecuadorian shamans , exploring altered states of consciousness. He has brought his experiences and observations to a series of annual university lectures. William was honored to be president of a nonprofit spiritual center whose vision was to serve as a catalyst and crucible for personal and planetary transformation.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments iii

CHAPTER 1 A New Beginning 3

CHAPTER 2 The Ultimate Magic Trick 15

CHAPTER 3 The Physical Sphere 39

CHAPTER 4 The Personality Triad 55

CHAPTER 5 The Individual Triad 99

CHAPTER 6 The Bridge of Knowledge 139

CHAPTER 7 The Supernal Triad 157

CHAPTER 8 Mystics Speak the Same Language 193

About the Authors 203

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