I am Paul - The Little One: The Life and Ministry of Paul the Apostle.

I am Paul - The Little One: The Life and Ministry of Paul the Apostle.

by Tim Green


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Paul the Apostle set the world aflame with his zeal and passion. Initially he persecuted the early church, hunting down and arresting all those who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ. He went from being zealous and passionate about protecting the Jewish customs, traditions and the Law of Moses, to preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. His zeal and passion was transferred from being a murderer, to a minister of the Gospel to the early church.

See his out of the ordinary conversion, when he comes face to face with the Messiah on the Damascus road. So great was his encounter with the Light, that it left him blinded for three days. Go with him on his travels as he journeys with friends to preach the Good News to the ends of the earth. Feel his conviction and passion for his fellow countryman, the Jews. Endure with him during his trials and hardships. Identify with his struggles. Feel his agony and pain as he is beaten, stoned, ship-wrecked and imprisoned. Listen to his teachings and sermons. Hear his heartbeat with every prayer that he prays. Cry tears with him when he is separated from his brothers. Walk with him on his journeys and travel with him to Rome. Watch him face his executioners and discover the Jesus that Paul knew.

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