I Am the Wind: The Definitions of Love

I Am the Wind: The Definitions of Love

by Charles Benjamin Steele


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My College-prep English teacher told my class and I, that anyone who would even try to define love, would be a fool. This introduction was originally dedicated to the entire High School student body that came together to help me some forty years ago after my near-fatal gymnastics injury. The teacher mentioned above, had planned to fail me in his class since I had to miss so much time during my recovery. But much to his surprise...all of the students helped me complete the nine weeks of homework that I had missed! Consequently, he was forced to pass me. Had he merely opened his unforgiving eyes, he would have seen the very definition of love materializing before him in a student who would someday write volumes and volumes around him, about the definitions of love. Therefore, some forty years later, now comes my ultimate definition of Love.

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ISBN-13: 9781448650422
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/20/2009
Pages: 176
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About the Author

Challenged to define love at a young age, I never realized that my life would revolve around love or the lack thereof. Love can cause someone to float among the clouds or walk through the furnaces of Hell. It is ultimately how you deal with the cards you have been dealt in the game of life that determines if you can make it through the whole game or if you decide that you aren't going to play that popular game at all. Our lives do matter, and we are of worth to ourselves and others. To some a great deal of worth. If you have ever truly pondered the definition of love, I hope you enjoy my efforts. There will also be another book to follow on the same subject, since love knows no simple definition.

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