I Am Your Mirror: Mirror Neurons and Empathy

I Am Your Mirror: Mirror Neurons and Empathy

by Matteo Rizzato


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ISBN-13: 9788897951216
Publisher: Edizioni Amrita SRL
Publication date: 03/21/2014
Pages: 122
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Matteo Rizzato is a professional coach, certified in NLP New Code. His passion for the discovery of mirror neurons has made him an experienced researcher of excellence in relational dynamics. He is a consultant for companies, schools, sportspeople and top managers, as well as the founder of Come Allo Specchio (Like a Mirror) www.comeallospecchio.it Davide Donelli is a student at the University of Parma Medical School. His careful research and his desire to make themechanism of mirror neurons accessible to a widespread public brought him in touch with professor Giacomo Rizzolatti and Matteo Rizzato. This book is the result of their joined experiences.

Table of Contents

Praise for I Am Your Mirror vii

Foreword 1

Authors' introduction 5

Chap. 1 What are mirror neurons? 9

Preamble 9

A few concepts 10

The way we function 18

Function, not form 22

Visual motor neurons 25

Objects? No, hypotheses! 26

Action vocabulary 28

Spatial representation 31

Mirror neurons 33

The function of mirror neurons 37

Intention 39

What are you doing? 43

I cannot see? In that case I will listen! 46

Understanding 47

Vocabulary differences 48

The role of emotions 50

Chap. 2 A daily discovery 57

Let's talk about us 57

What kind of face are you pulling? 59

We have always imitated each other 60

We watch, and then we try 63

Social responsibility 67

Chap. 3 Observation: an instrument for action 73

We improve through observation 73

Observing and acting 76

Innate imitation 79

Acting appropriately 82

Act within groups 85

Hello? 87

Chap. 4 Congruence and emotions 91

Imitating sincerity 91

Congruence 92

Nuances and strategies 95

The war of the neurons 99

Conclusion 103

About the authors 109

Acknowledgements 111

Bibliography 113

More 113

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I Am Your Mirror: Mirror Neurons and Empathy 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I strongly recommend this book to all those who want to learn about mirror neurons and their impact in the communication and relationships. Good job!