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I Can See You by Karen Rose, Elisabeth Rodgers

Eve Wilson's face was once marred by a vicious assault. Terrified and ashamed, she retreated to the virtual realm where no one could see her. Now, years later, her outer scars faded and inner scars buried, she's fought her way back to the real world, and is determined to help others do the same. Then her test subjects on the addictive powers of the Internet start turning up as "suicides."

Detective Noah Webster is one of the few people who believe the deaths are connected murders. To find the twisted killer, he must rely on Eve. Together, they enter an intoxicating world of alternate identities and secret passions . . . and find themselves trapped in the fight of their lives.

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ISBN-13: 9781607882145
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Publication date: 05/01/2010
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 5.50(h) x 2.10(d)

About the Author

Karen Rose is a RITA Award-winning author who fell in love with books from the time she learned to read, with Jo from Little Women and Nancy Drew becoming close childhood friends. A former chemical engineer and high school chemistry and physics teacher, Karen lives in Florida with her husband of twenty years, their two children, and the family cat, Bella. For more information, visit her website: www.karenrosebooks.com.

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I Can See You 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 58 reviews.
angeleyesAS More than 1 year ago
Psychology grad student Eve Wilson gets drawn into a police investigation and catches the attention of a serial killer. While conducting a study of an online role-playing game, Shadowland, Eve discovers several participants have been murdered. The player's real names are anonymous. Eve Wilson is no stranger to violence, having survived not one but two brutal attacks. Surgery has repaired her visible scars, but she still has a wounded soul. Eve dedicates herself to helping others. A serial killer targeted Eve's test subjects who are connected to Shadowland. He's making it look like suicides. Detective Noah Webster and Eve are sure that her subjects didn't commit suicides. This one will keep you drawn in until the end!
GailCooke More than 1 year ago
Even your shivers will have goose bumps when reading this frightening tale of a far too clever psycho who takes pleasure in killing. Not just killing, mind you, but torturing his victims first by making them endure their worst possible fear, whether it be fire, snakes or being buried alive. The question of how he has this information, who he is, and why he is doing it will keep readers glued (yes, he does glue his victims' eyes open) to I Can See You. Author Rose brings back Eve Wilson who was mercilessly attacked and left for dead in the author's debut thriller (Don't Tell, 2003). Not only was she attacked but she was cut so severely that her face needed extensive surgical restoration and one hand was rendered almost useless. Nonetheless, what she suffered then is only prelude to what may befall her now. Eve has gone to Minneapolis where she's found work as a bartender at a hangout for police. It was there that she first saw Noah Webster and was immediately attracted to him, but pushed this thought from her mind as she believed any relationship was forever out of the question for her. Noah is also attracted but still not fully recovered from the loss of his wife and child, and the years he spent in an alcoholic haze trying to forget. Two lost souls. Eve is also a grad student working on a degree in abnormal psychology; the topic of her paper is "the pathology of serial killers." After spending years in the virtual world as she hid from the real world she wants to learn how to help those who have become addicted to role playing online at a site called Shadowland. There lonely people can choose faces, , play at gambling or dancing, even agree to meet someone they meet in the real world. A dangerous idea. Rose loses no time in reeling readers in with an opening description of a murder so skillful, so carefully planned, so sadistic that it startles. Thus, we're introduced to the mysterious killer who not only sees all but knows all, and wants to make public fools of the police. His modus operandi is always the same, the women apparently die by hanging with a stool kicked over, their shoes positioned on the floor. He revels in their terror: "He learned long ago that their fear was far better than any drug, sending his orgasm into the stratosphere." Murder, you see, is a compunction with him; he not only derives pleasure from it but also sexual relief. Noah is the detective in charge of the investigation of these deaths, and it soon seems that Eve may hold information that will help him. But, at what cost to her? - Gail Cooke
gl More than 1 year ago
Synopsis: Detectives Jack Phelps and Noah Webster of Minneapolis Homicide Department or "Hat Squad" are media darlings. Magazine covers with Detective Jack Phelps and glowing articles on their joint accomplishments have added turned up the tension on their already complex jobs. Phelps is distracted by his growing celebrity status while Webster becomes increasingly certain that several deaths that been classified as "suicides" may occupy the press for a day or so. Homicide detective Noah Webster of Minneapolis notices that two recent suicides are disturbingly similar. Acting on a hunch, he determines that the deaths were murders not homicides. As he and his partner Jack Phelps review recent "suicides", it becomes apparent that a serial killer seems to be targeting women. Webster and Phelps face the added pressure of increased media scrutiny with the recent positive press given to the Minneapolis Homicide Detectives. Eva Wilson survived two violent attacks that left her disfigured. It's taken her years to go back to school and build a life. But her current study involving the addictive power of online communities is dragging her into danger. Eva isn't supposed to know the identities of her test subjects, but the sudden spate of deaths among her heaviest users leads Eva to get involved despite the risk. Detective Webster had been interested in Eva Wilson, even before her reconstructive surgery. When she turns up at two murder scenes on the same day, Webster looks for her connection to the victims. Eventually, Detective Webster and Eva Wilson work together to search for missing women and stop the criminal before he kills again. Review: I Can See You strikes me as a book that would appeal equally to thriller lovers and romance lovers because of the strength of Karen Rose's writing. Carefully crafted, the characters are nuanced and complex. Even the villains are fully developed while Karen Rose keeps their identities carefully hidden. Karen Rose builds the tension steadily so that as you get anxious, you can't bear to put the book down. I found that the computer and internet angle helped the book. While the action and suspense scenes make I Can See You a strong suspense novel, I enjoyed the romance that came through in Noah and Eva's interaction and banter. Reading the book, I didn't just want them to triumph, I kept hoping that they'd come together as well despite all the obstacles. This is my first Karen Rose novel, and I'm off to look for her earlier books! Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (August 5, 2009), 496 pages. Courtesy of Hatchette Books Group.
AuthorKellyMoran More than 1 year ago
Author Karen Rose is a New York Times best-selling author and award-winner. Other titles include: Nothing to Fear, Count to Ten, You Can't Hide, Die For Me, Scream For Me, Don't Tell, I'm Watching you, Have You Seen Her, and Kill For Me. When she's not writing, she's practicing for her next karate belt test. Karen resides in Florida with her husband, (an avid fisherman), and her two daughters, (who also like to write). Eve Wilson was finally emerging out of her dark place after being horribly scarred in a vicious assault. Terrified and ashamed, she escaped into the online realm to cope, and is now helping others to do the same through her psychology graduate program. Moonlighting as a bartender, Eve is constantly in contact with decorated officers who frequent the bar, but one detective has had her interest for a year since he first walked in. When her test subjects begin turning up dead, staged to be suicides, it's that very homicide detective, Noah Webster, that she turns to. He's one of the few who believe that these are connected murders, so Eve soon becomes his online guide and learns that the very attractive detective has his own scars that run just as deep. As Noah and Eve hunt down the madman who always appears one step ahead of them, they discover Eve may be his next target. Together, they try to overcome their pasts and learn to trust again, all the while trying to save each other from the danger that lurks closer than they think. I'm so glad I was sent another of Karen's books to review. She never disappoints. Flawed, flesh-and-blood characters and power-house endings are always in store from this talented writer. Her understanding of human nature makes for a psychological twist and turn, edge of your seat, romantic suspense that is both chilling and steamy from the get-go. Admittedly, I knew who the killer was half-way through the book, though in no way was I deterred from reading. The secondary characters were a delight and added to the storyline nicely. I don't know if she has this in mind, but I'd love to see spin-off books on Olivia and David, Callie and Jack, or Tom and Liza. The plot flowed smoothly and the setting was spectacular as well. Bravo! Kelly Moran, Author and Reviewer
kherbrand More than 1 year ago
My synopsis: Eve had already lived through 2 traumatic incidents that left her scarred both inside and out. The outer scars had healed or been "fixed", but on certain days, the inner scars were still fresh. By day she was a grad student studying psychology - and how one might learn confidence in real life (IRL) by "practicing" it in the virtual world via games - in this case Shadowland. By night she was a bartender working at Sal's - a bar frequented by Minneapolis police officers and members of The Hat Squad. Shadowland was an online virtual game whose motto was "Sometimes you want to go where no one knows your name". You could do there about anything you could do IRL. You could gamble at the casino, dance at the bar, even take home 'one-night stands'. You became your avatar - and this avatar could be whoever you wanted them to be - and like in most virtual worlds - your avatar was opposite of who you were IRL - for most, it was a reflection of who they wanted to be. Eve had opened up a shop in Shadowland called Pandora's - where people came to buy their avatars. It was also her way of keeping tabs on people in her study. She was not supposed to know who these people were, but she had broken the rules of the double-blind study and had learned there real names. The Hat Squad was a group of detectives that were given a fedora when they solved their first crime. They wore the hats as a symbol of achievement and pride. A local magazine had just run a feature on The Hat Squad, with an officer on the cover who hadn't been in shining form the last few months. This article made people even love The Hat Squad more,or hate them with a vengeance. Because Eve knew the names of her subjects,when two women's usage in Shadowland dropped - she checked in to it,and discovered they had committed suicide. She went to her professor to try to persuade him that they needed to do more evaluations, but he did not believe that the study had anything to do with the suicides - and as she was not supposed to know names, told her to forget it,but she couldn't. Upon checking up at one of her subjects homes, she runs into Detective Noah Webster. Noah had been a patron at Sal's for the last year,and Eve could sense it whenever he was in the bar. Because of her inner scars, she kept to herself,never venturing outside her safe zone where Noah was concerned. Noah had been going to the bar for the last year, only drinking tonic water, as he could not stop thinking about Eve. His wife and son had died years before in a car accident where he was driving,and so wouldn't allow himself to approach Eve either. When he ran into her at the homes of one of the "suicides",he wondered if it wasn't fate. My opinion: This book was written to cover the span of about 2 weeks, and I love the way that it is split up in hours/days. Makes you realize how much can actually happen in the span of a few short hours,physically and emotionally. Her characters are flawed,and that makes them so much more real. They are able to hurt and be hurt and do not live in a perfect world. I like it that even though you could say Noah was a knight in shining armor,he was still struggling with lots of baggage. I really loved the character of Eve. Even with the rough childhood and trauma, she was shaped by very strong women,and they have rubbed off on her. Her first instinct is to help people, regardless of the cost to her. Her choice of careers are both careers wh
IHeart2Read More than 1 year ago
Question: What do you have when you mix a female psychology graduate student attempting to move forward after a tragic event and a police officer who is a recovering alcoholic with a psychotic, deranged, serial killer? Answer: The makings for a great romantic thriller. I Can See You is the latest novel by Karen Rose. Eve Wilson was first introduced to readers in Don't Tell. It's several years later and Eve is trying to move forward with her life. As a young girl, she was the victim of horrific crime which left her face scarred and her emotions damaged. She has since had reconstructive surgery, reinvented herself and moved to Minneapolis to start fresh. By day, Eve is a grad student and by night she's a bartender. She lives alone, has few friends and mainly keeps to herself. Still haunted from her attack, Eve believes it is best that she does not allow too many strangers into her inner circle. Eve finds herself immersed into her grad coursework and her project. She is studying the relationship between the virtual world and the real world when she stumbles unto her next nightmare: her test subjects turn up dead from what appears to be suicide. The more Eve investigates, the more she realizes that someone has targeted these women. She's determined to find out why. The police are stumped with "The Red Dress Killer". He/She leaves no clues and at first glance, these murders appear to be suicides. It's when Eve comes forth and informs the police what she knows, the police realize they have a sick, twisted murderer on their hands. I Can See You is romantic suspense at its best. The murderer is so deranged and determined to kill his/her victims, that at times I found myself squirming while reading. The killer first sedates the victims and then tortures them with their worst fears. The killer is also very calculating, always trying to "one-up" the police. For Eve and Noah, the reader wants to see a happy ending for both. Both are scarred and live in isolation caused by their respective tragedies. Both feel the attraction, but fight hard against it. I liked that Ms. Rose took time for Noah and Eve to develop their feelings for each other. Both were afraid, however they were able to work through their fears in their own time. I want to mention I did not read Don't Tell prior to reading I Can See You. I thought Ms. Rose provided enough of Eve's history for me to follow the story. I wouldn't mind going back to read Don't Tell. I really liked Eve's character and to read her back story will only add to knowing how hard she fought to regain her life. I would like to see Eve and Noah return in a future novel. I'm curious to know more about their relationship and how it will progress. In addition, there are several secondary characters I wouldn't mind having a "where are they now?" update. I highly recommend I Can See You.
jdogjojo04061956 More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is one of her best works. I would recommend this to anyone who likes good writing, interesting (keep you on your toes) plots, and relatable characters. Truly a great book.
hmg28 More than 1 year ago
I read this book in two days. I was surprised how well she balanced the romance and the story. I usually find books weigh one side heavier than the other. She did a great job of telling the story without the romance getting in the way. I didn't know this was part of a series until I looked up more of her books. So you're not missing out by not reading the books before this one. I will read all of her books.
mommy More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for something to read and like suspense or romance, you cn get both in this book. Karen Rose writes such spell-binding books, that you cannot help but like them all. Try this one or any of her others and be prepared to have a new favorite author.
Jenrae More than 1 year ago
I can see you had me on the edge of my seat dying to know what, why and who. Rose is a master of suspense. Great book!!
Linda-Mai-Ellen More than 1 year ago
I find this book has the right blend of suspense, intrigue and romance. The plot and the subplots are fantastic, and the killer is fascinating, disturbing, but fascinating (perhaps under a psychological point of view). I would have to say that I initially did not know what I was getting into, but I've come out of it feeling like I've read one of the best thrillers there is this year. ---------- Eve Wilson and Noah Webster are well written, each with a past that haunts them everyday, but they are both strong characters who fight to regain control of their lives. As a reader, you really hope they make it through as these two lost souls are on their own roads toward healing and looking for love, whether they actually admit it or not. Eve's grad thesis is interesting and relevant to today's world. While reading, I sometimes wished I had a project as interesting as hers, without murders on my conscience, of course. The idea of studying the impact of virtual communities on gamers is pretty darn accurate and mind-boggling. (Second Life, anyone?) I thought Eve and Noah were after one killer, but... ---------- The story is well executed and the author just keeps you guessing. The twists and turns just keep coming. If you like crime fiction or suspense/thrillers, this book is highly recommended. I love this book. I really enjoyed the read, although it makes me a little paranoid. Be careful about what you disclose online because you never know who's watching...
bwoodPA More than 1 year ago
An interesting mystery with engaging characters that starts out strong and never lets up. I'm not normally a fan of mysteries, but this book captured my attention. Reading this book is time well spent.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My res 1 is not urs cuz i cant find it. Whats the book name.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this mystery, the two main characters were flawed, but still gaining strenth, the surrounding characters were supportive and faithful, I liked them, I will read this author again
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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