I Can't Get Sick!

I Can't Get Sick!

by Angelica Joy


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Is getting sick a random event-a stroke of bad luck that happens for no reason? If so, do you have to live in constant fear of catching every cold, infection, and virus that comes along? According to wellness expert Angelica Joy, the answer to both questions is resounding no. In this basic wellness guide, she reveals her own personal secrets for optimal health and immunity. Angelica shows you how to take control of your health with simple, easy strategies that don't involve counting calories, weighing yourself, or cooking elaborate recipes; you don't have to eat weird foods you dislike, or track your progress on fancy spreadsheets, either. Instead, this book offers a simple, no-nonsense approach for busy mainstream people on the go who need to live and function in the real world. Learn how to cultivate a strong immune system by creating an environment within your body that's hostile to bacteria, viruses, and disease. Use these strategies to optimize your personal health and immunity.
In this ground-breaking book, Angelica debunks some conventional dietary and lifestyle myths that you grew up believing, and challenges some of your old and current definitions of balanced meals, health-supportive foods, digestively compatible food combinations, and appropriate lifestyle and entertainment choices. Sensible, no-nonsense alternatives are presented as well. Below are some of the steps you can take to amp up your health to whole new level:
"Detectivize" your life. Manage food allergies. Create green environments where you work and live. Balance body pH with dietary and lifestyle fine-tuning. Learn the rules for good digestion that nobody ever taught you. Explore health-supportive nutraceuticals and holistic healing modalities.
Angelica Joy is an in demand speaker and wellness consultant. For the past twenty-five years, she has been an avid student of holistic dietary and lifestyle principles and practices. In her book, Angelica imparts the fruits of her explorations and discoveries, sharing the health secrets she has personally adopted and fine-tuned to create a life of phenomenal wellness and immunity. Her health quest turned into serious avocation in the 1980's when she pioneered teaching popular whole foods cooking classes in several Connecticut communities in the days before the organic foods movement went mainstream. She also free-lanced as a whole foods chef. Her down-to-earth dietary and lifestyle strategies are easy to understand and follow.
Angelica's comprehensive wellness agenda evolved from her efforts to solve series of personal health challenges. Her studies involved explorations into numerous holistic dietary and lifestyle approaches, including macrobiotics, "green" living, pH balance, food combining for optimal digestion, and allergy management. She also experimented with healing modalities of mind, body, and spirit, including homeopathy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, meditation, and Reiki. I Can't Get Sick! offers a distillation of these explorations.
Angelica is a retired educator with over thirty years of public school teaching experience. She holds Bachelor of Arts Degree from Case Western Reserve University, a Master's Degree in French Literature from New York University, a Sixth Year Degree in Elementary Education from Southern Connecticut State University, and Reiki Master Certificate. At present, in addition to wellness coaching, she enjoys writing in a variety of literary genres, and tutoring students of all grade levels and ages in a variety of academic subject areas. She is the author of a children's book entitled My Cat, Merigold. More information is available on her website, ANGELICAJOYBOOKS.Com.

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