I Died and Lived to Tell about It: The Lamb's Book of Life

I Died and Lived to Tell about It: The Lamb's Book of Life

by Wardell Thomas Isreal


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I have written this book with the hope of causing those that believe in the falseness of religion to understand the difference between religion life and spiritually. Man-made religion has no power to change our minds or our thoughts. True spiritually is of the life of the resurrection, which is in our words.

All of our problems are caused by religion, as there is no knowledge of a living God in religion. Therefore, we accept death as being normal and this causes us to see God as being a God of both life and death or a God of both light and darkness etc. As you well know, the scripture says, you cannot believe in both God and man, as a double-minded person cannot receive anything from God, which is life.

To make a long story short, this book is about the life of the resurrection and this war on terrorism. As you well know this war is taking away your freedom because the government cannot protect you by the law. Your protection from death is in the words that you speak, as death and life is in the power of your tongue. The life of God is in words of the day and death is in words of the night, so you need to read this book.

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