I Heart Robot

I Heart Robot

by Suzanne Van Rooyen


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Sixteen-year-old Tyri wants to be a musician and wants to be with someone who won't belittle her musical aspirations. Q-I-99, aka “Quinn,” lives in a scrap metal sanctuary with other rogue droids. While some use violence to make their voices heard, demanding equal rights for AI enhanced robots, Quinn just wants a moment on stage with his violin to show the humans that androids like him have more to offer than their processing power. Tyri and Quinn's worlds collide when they're accepted by the Baldur Junior Philharmonic Orchestra. As the rift between robots and humans deepens, Tyri and Quinn's love of music brings them closer together, making Tyri question where her loyalties lie and Quinn question his place in the world. With the city on the brink of civil war, Tyri and Quinn make a shocking discovery that turns their world inside-out. Will their passion for music be enough to hold them together while everything else crumbles down around them, or will the truth of who they are tear them apart?

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ISBN-13: 9780692337332
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC
Publication date: 03/31/2015
Series: I Heart Series
Pages: 340
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 12 Years

About the Author

Suzanne van Rooyen is a tattooed storyteller who teaches dance and music to middle schoolers. She enjoys conjuring strange worlds and creating quirky characters, and she draws inspiration from the cold, dark forests near her home. She lives in Finland.

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I Heart Robot 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
JeepinJaime More than 1 year ago
3 1/2 Stars!    I have really started noticing in the past couple of years that I have a slightly limited book "type" that I  tend to read, so I made the decision to shake things up a bit. I haven't done as well as I had hoped with that (less shaken, more slightly stirred), but I have been trying. Sci-fi is one of the genres I have opened myself up to a bit more, and when books like I Heart Robot come along, it makes me want to start stirring harder!   Being the sci-fi newbie that I am, I really had no inclination as to what I would be delving in to. And you know what, that is kind of a good thing! I really enjoyed this story revealing itself a little more with every page, and the character insights that happened slowly and steadily. For someone who is an admitted spoiler-seeker, that is a HUGE thing for me, and I am keeping that in mind more and more. So, with that in mind, here is my short and sweet review of another fantastic Month9Books title!  I Heart Robot is about humanity, to me. What it truly means to be human, on the inside, not the outside. Born or made, its WHO you are that makes all of the difference. Quinn, one of the POV's proves just that. Or at least he tries, unlike so many of his kind. He was made of music, and emotion, and if that isn't human, then what is? Yet, being a robot sets him apart from the humans, and humans see him, and the others, as nothing more than machines. Until Tyri. Tyri is a human, who loves music, and the connection she and Quinn develop makes her start to truly question where her loyalties lie.  Tyri was a good character, but she seemed a little wishy-washy to me, and it drove me crazy at times. Other than that, I did enjoy her POV. But Quinn stole my heart in this story! I enjoyed the romance, but I liked that the romance wasn't the focal point of the story. The deeper meaning of I Heart Robot is what made it as great as it was. I Heart Robot is full of heart, music and emotion, and I enjoyed it all very much. The only not so greats were the world-building, which was GOOD, but I wanted more from it. And the ending left me with questions spinning around in my head, thinking about the story, wondering if I missed some answers. I am really hoping that a sequel is in the works! If there is, you can bet your arse that I will be waiting in line to read it!  I absolutely recommend this book. If you aren't crazy about sci-fi, read it anyway! It isn't hardcore, but it is sci-fi enough to be awesome! Plus, the music and the HEART of the story are enough to make you fall in love, anyway!
ElizabethHolloway More than 1 year ago
I'm not going to lie. What drew me to this book was the seriously cool cover. I mean look at it. It just begs to be read! But then I read the cover synopsis and I was sold. I had to read this book.  I Heart Robot follows two talented violinists, sixteen-year-old Tyri and android Quinn, as they try to find something they feel is missing within themselves. Instead they find each other. But the city is on the brink of a war between humans (who want their mindless cheap labor back) and AI (who demand equal treatment), and Quinn hasn't exactly been on the up-and-up with Tyri about his synthetic skin, blood, and bone. THEMES: The romance between Tyri and Quinn was fun and exciting, but don't let it fool you. This book gets pretty heavy at times. Ms. van Rooyen tackles prejudice, genocide, abuse, prostitution, science vs. nature, the meaning of love and hate, and what it means to be human. And I wouldn't have it any other way. WORLD BUILDING: The world building in the book is top notch. I wanted to crawl through the pages and see this world. It was so well developed and interesting. I wanted to know more. I wanted to see more. Not to mention, it was particularly fun to visit a future version of Scandinavia. I haven't even visited the current version.   CHARACTERS: Tyri was a little fickle sometimes, but I understood her. She was fighting several battles within herself, and sometimes one side won, and sometimes the other side did. I've been there, girl. It sucks. But Quinn... *sigh* Loved him! I loved his passion and his loyalty. I loved his metaphorical heart. PACING/PLOT: The pacing was a bit slow at times, but when it took off, it really took off. I burned through the second half of the book in only a few hours. There was a twist that I saw coming almost from the beginning of the book, but it didn't take away from the story. I Heart Robot was an enjoyable, thought provoking page-turner, and I enjoyed it immensely. ***DISCLAIMER: I received this book in exchange for an honest review, which I have given. I have not been compensated in any other way.***
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story, fantastic characters, and a unique world
Yvonne_ShadowRealm More than 1 year ago
This was a really unique and fun read. I was really looking forward to reading this, and even though I didn't love it, I still enjoyed it. The story follows Tyri and Quinn, both aspiring musicians, and both struggling to find their place in the world. Their city is on the brick on civil war between robots and humans, and they both must decide which side they stand on. Told in dual POV, I enjoyed the characters of Tyri and Quinn. It was easy to sympathize with them, even if Tyri did annoy me at times. They both shared a great connection because of their love of music, but this did lead to a bit of insta-love. I think their relationship could have been a little more fleshed out. I loved the world the book was set in. It reminded me of the movie I, Robot and I love that film. As with other sci-fi books, I worry that some of the technical stuff will go over my head but that wasn't the case here. There was just enough to keep you interested but not too much to distract from the rest of the story.  Overall, while I didn't love it, this book still entertained me and held my attention. It was a interesting exploration of what it really means to be human. The ending is very open ended, with a lot of questions still unanswered. I haven't read anything about this being a series but I really hope it is because there is still so much that needs to be sorted out.