I Know God And I Know The Devil

I Know God And I Know The Devil

by Richard Brown


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I Know God And I Know The Devil by Richard Brown

In concluding my book I believe there are 2 types of people the reality people and the non-reality people. The reality people realize the truth and learn from the truth whereas the nonrealistic people blindly follow the herd and apostate teachings without really examining the truth and many of them are basically creatures of habit that love to conform and follow the herd. A disciple is one who learns the truth and experiences the truth and a disciplined person is a learning person. Society has twisted the meanings of many words including this word. They have turned disciplined into obedient. There are many stupid disciplined and nonthinking obedient soldiers who will blindly rape, kill and plunder if or when ordered to without thinking twice and the disciplined obedient scripted news media has the ability to easily pervert and twist the truth around with their scripts and their high priced salaries. Devils are allegedly unsatisfied and reincarnated creatures of habit because they are not satisfied. For a devil to be satisfied that would mean he would be a light bearer, and a reasonable and an accomplished person. In other words he would have lived. When You take the word devil and you reverse it becomes lived. I lived person does not follow a so called false God or phony god authority. He follows his own instincts, his own conscious, his own personal God within his indwelling temple and in doing so he lives and he lived and he lived to the fullest extant. He lives every day like it is his last day and he lives and he will be remembered as he lived to the fullest. He was himself.. How many people are living today that are themselves I don't think there are a lot. On the other hand howmany people are living today that are scriptural sheep, robotic soldiers, stupid kiss ass sheep that cant think for themselves and believe in fantasies. crooks ,criminals, politicians, apostate preaching ministers, and media prostitutes will give you all the propaganda and fantasy that you could ever desire. And so I conclude my book as a humble and God fearing soul by trying to spread some truth and spiritual light into our dark world by being a light bearer myself and perhaps just maybe perhaps helping one soul at a time by illuminating them with spiritual light and insight.

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ISBN-13: 9781436359597
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 08/14/2008
Pages: 112
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