I Know My Way Memoir: Always Remember to Color the Sky Blue

I Know My Way Memoir: Always Remember to Color the Sky Blue


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Who was Theresa Marafito?

Theresa Marafito, daughter of Irish immigrant parents, was born in 1933 in New York City, blind in one eye with partial vision in the other. She was a precocious child who wanted to appear “normal” to her peers and family, regardless of her disability. Her game was to be independent, not dependent and would rarely ask for help.

At nineteen she graduated magna cum laude with two master’s degrees. Theresa and her husband Jerry, who was also visually impaired, would build a house on a shoestring budget and had two daughters; one who was also born visually impaired. Despite the laughter and happiness that was ever present in their home and business serving the public, Theresa’s marriage was strong enough to endure one operation after another in a desperate attempt to keep her from becoming totally blind, plus the horror of watching her infant daughter’s agony of being put under the knife.

In late 1986, Theresa’s perfect world came to a crashing halt when her soul mate Jerry lost his life to cancer. She was so devastated that she poured her heart out on an old manual typewriter trying to capture all of her precious memories. It was after her very tragic death in 2008 that the notes were found and became the starting point of this memoir.

Reader Engagement: 396 pages with 55 photos to aid in your reading enjoyment

Contact Co-Author Linda Odubayo Thompson: linda@ghostbookwritergoldilocks.com

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ISBN-13: 9781732209602
Publisher: Linda Odubayo Thompson
Publication date: 09/28/2018
Pages: 398
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.89(d)

About the Author

Theresa Marafito graduated magna cum laude from Adelphi College, now a university with two Masters Degrees in History and Special Education. She would teach visually handicapped children prior to her marriage to her soul mate Jerry who was also Partially sighted. They would build a house of love together, raise two children, (the oldest visually impaired herself) and start a business serving the public that would endure over five decades.

Theresa was born blind in one eye and had usable vision in the other. Her main focus was to be considered "normal", no different from anyone else. She had a lifelong fear of becoming totally blind and after every operation, and there were many, her fear became more pronounced.

Still, she had a message to deliver in her memoir to those who are partially-sighted or totally blind. Theresa shows by example that with a little humor and a lot of "guts" nothing in life is impossible. Taking her message one step further, Theresa wanted to show those who are living with visually impaired family members that a normal daily life is indeed possible with some minor adaptations.

Linda Odubayo Thompson, the co-author of her mother's memoir I Know My Way, subtitled always Remember to Color the Sky Blue, has been a professional writer for over ten years. She has adapted a writing style to marry narration with a considerable amount of dialog; all to help her readers feel a part of the conversation rather than just looking in the window watching the action unfolding before them.

I Know My Way is a memoir about Linda's Mother who was born visually handicapped, and would spend a lifetime struggling with operation after operation in a futile attempt not to become totally blind.

In late 1986, Theresa's perfect world came to a crashing halt when her soul mate Jerry lost his life to cancer. Theresa was so devastated that she poured her heart out on an old manual typewriter trying to capture all of her precious memories. It was after her very tragic death in 2008 that the ream of notes were found and became the starting point of her memoir.

Linda feels that she is up to the task of explaining the level of emotion needed to convey the tension at every turn because she is now almost blind herself and lost her first husband to Cancer as well.

Linda has also been a marketing consultant in her first career as an Accountant and Financial Advisor, and has continued in this vein with her copywriting clients in the past ten years. She is confident that marketing strategies that are being put into place before, during and post launch of the memoir I Know My Way, will help make linda a sought after Indie author/book marketer.

Contact Linda: linda@ghostbookwritergoldilocks.com

Pedro Odubayo Thompson, founded a magazine about children in his country of birth and was solely responsible for the quality of all content in his periodical. His attention to detail was meticulous when wearing his Editor hat. He immigrated to the United States in 2010 and married his wife Linda. After becoming a U.S. Citizen he earned his certification as a Copy Editor and would join his wife's writing business. Together they would work hand in hand with each project that they faced. Pedro shares Linda's desire to help people tell their life stories in the form of a memoir or autobiography. Pedro also holds a certification as a Translation Professional- Spanish to English and English to Spanish.
Contact: revayo36@gmail.com

Table of Contents


Part 1: My Early Years 1933–1945

Part 2: Coming of Age 1945–1948

Part 3: The Apron Strings Become Untied! 1949–1953

Part 4: Love and Marriage 1954–1956

Part 5: Soon the Stork Will Make a Delivery! April 1955–January 3, 1956

Part 6: “There’s No Place like Home!” April 1956–October 10, 1958

Part 7: Memories of an Unusual Play Time Activity! 1958–1963

Part 8: Our “Coming Out” Party in the Community Summer–Fall 1963

Part 9: One Moment in Time Changed My Life Forever! Christmas 1963–Spring 1964

Part 10: Two Weeks Spent at a Special Summer Camp Summer 1964

Part 11: Stand by Your Man! It Happened in the Spring of 1966

Part 12: Hurrah for Us, My Jerry Had the Midas Touch!

The Golden Years Began in 1967

Part 13: Would My Faith in God See Me Through, Yet Again?

The Year of Our Lord, 1970

Part 14: The Four Day Squeeze! Spring–Summer 1971

Part 15: Where There Is Death There Are New Beginnings! 1972–1982

Part 16: 1986, the Year My Perfect World Crashed and Burned!

Would I Ever Recover from This Terrible Loss?

Part 17: Look! There’s a Ray of Sunshine Peeking Through the Storm Clouds! 1987–2002

Part 18: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust March 18, 2008




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