by Lorrain Allen

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"You don't belong here. In fact, you don't belong anywhere."

"I know where I belong and it's standing right next to you."

Before the first day of school he turned most of the senior class against me, but I'm not easily broken.

When I don't fold under pressure he comes at me full force, wanting to destroy me. He never expected to be the one to fold.


I walk through constant fog with an overcast sky... there's no sun to warm my cold flesh, but suddenly on the horizon I see a slash of light breaking through the darkness. I walk towards the brightness, like a moth to a flame - needing it like it's my salvation, needing to escape this empty void. When I see Cocoa the monster inside me wants to break free, desperately needing to wreck her world and devour her until my beast is sated. I'm confused by the feelings she stirs in me. She's everything I've been taught to hate, but I can't stay away. Will I be her destruction, or will she be my savior?


He's fire and I'm gasoline. Should we ever combine we'll start a wildfire, causing devastation in its wake. I'm on precarious ground, but I like the burn of the searing flames. I'm drawn to this beautiful irrevocably damaged boy like a magnet, even though he hates me. He's on a collision course, but still I jump in, fastening my seatbelt to come along for the ride. Could I be the balm needed to soothe the pain in his heart, or should I prepare for impact?

WARNING: This book contains strong sexual content and triggers. The subject matter is very brutal. Readers beware. This book isn't for sensitive individuals.

This is a standalone book.

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BN ID: 2940161135815
Publisher: Lorrain Allen
Publication date: 12/06/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 269,446
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About the Author

Lorrain has enjoyed writing ever since she was a child and was also part of the poetry club in middle school. She loves to get away from the world and lose herself in a book. As a young adult, she became a romance book junky and was inspired to pen her first romance by the many creative authors whose books she's read. She wants to provide her fans with a suspenseful read that has a twist at the end. The subject matters of her books is little controversial, but life is boring without a little controversy.

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I LIKE THE WAY YOU HURT 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Dale71 3 days ago
Warning ⚠️ Please heed to the author’s cautions... This book will definitely have an effect on you. Maverick and Cocoa life and their chemistry both in public and private will have you glued to EVERY page of this book. All the while it will have you begging for more. It will even have you feeling every pain and every pleasure. If any luck, there’s a Therapist who might also a fan. This actually the first time I have ever read anything from this author. And I am 100% positive, that it definitely won’t be the last. I voluntarily received an advanced copy of this book via Booksprout and any opinions expressed within this review are solely and uniquely made by me and I am happily leaving this review.
LHolland 3 days ago
**Mild Spoilers** This is my first time reading anything by Lorrain Allen, but it won't be my last time reading her work. I Like The Way you Hurt is absolutely a complicated read, in that, it will take you through some very uncomfortable situations and painful feelings that might be better left unexplored. The heroine, Cocoa, and the hero, Maverick, are highschoolers trying to navigate very adult situations and relationships. The social climate explored in the book that Cocoa has to deal with made me sad because it mirrors the social landscape in this country at the moment with too much bullying and racism. At times while reading, it was so hard to empathize with Maverick and his infuriating behavior or understand why Cocoa would continue to endure it. Janet Jackson said it best "Like a moth to the flame burned by the fire, my love is strong. Can't you see my desire?" For good or for bad, that song definitely encapsulates this story. I would encourage potential readers to grab this novel and read it because I couldn't put it down until that last page was done. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Anonymous 3 days ago
Maverick is a hard person to love. Cocoa is not. These two are seemingly oil and water. Everything Maverick has been through makes him nothing short of terrible. You love to hate him, but you also see he's hurting and doesn't know anything different. His transformation is nothing short of fantastic, and I'd love to have more of that Maverick!
Anonymous 3 days ago
There is this very thin line that separates love and hate..This story treads on that line and love eventually wins..I love bully romance books and this one was very engaging..Where you grow (The Home)always influences who you will turn out to be but you always have the chance to correct our mistakes and sometimes that small change in you brings the best things into life..This book is one perfect example.. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Charlotte Clavier 3 days ago
When i read the blurb for this book i was a little uncertain about how the story would play out especially with racism being mentioned. My honest opinion is that yes the racism (the N word used quite a bit), the derogatory remarks and put downs towards Cocoa (FMC) were hard to read in parts. As well as some of the abuse inflicted by Mavericks father to him and others did shock me. That being said if you take those factors out of the equation and just take the story at face value theres a story of two completely opposite people and how they cope with their attraction to each other. Cocoa is self-assured, witty & confident. Whereas Maverick is arrogant, angry, repressed but that is all a front for a deep seated hatred of his father and the life his living. So when he first meets Cocoa he has a colour bias which is based on the views of the people around him. Maverick has a hard time balancing his attraction to Cocoa with his hatred of her too. Which they both share through the majority of the book. Opposites attract and hate turns to love. The story follows the aftermath of that love with Mavericks & Cocoas friends and family. Its a difficult read in parts but if you stick with it the love story between the two main characters is worth the read I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.