I Love Me More: How to Find Happiness and Success through Self-Love

I Love Me More: How to Find Happiness and Success through Self-Love

by Jenna Banks
I Love Me More: How to Find Happiness and Success through Self-Love

I Love Me More: How to Find Happiness and Success through Self-Love

by Jenna Banks


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A guide to why we should first love ourselves and how to go about it

Most women have been conditioned to believe that self-love is selfish and that self-sacrifice is a virtue. Many focus their desire for love and wholeness outside themselves and onto others, such as their partners, only to feel disappointed that they don’t get back what they give. Does this ring true for you? With I Love Me More, entrepreneur, speaker, and single mom Jenna Banks crushes the myths about how we should relate to ourselves. She wants to help you stop freely giving all your power away and start understanding your worth.

Jenna uses highly relatable examples from her life story to convey important messages about how you can live a fuller, more rewarding life by embracing your own value and power. I Love Me More details valuable, empowering lessons, including:

  • You must love yourself more than anyone else.
  • It’s okay to say no.
  • Don’t look for external approval. What you feel about yourself is what matters most.
  • How you treat yourself is how you will be treated by others.
  • Always trust your intuition, even when it makes no sense.
  • Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have.

Jenna’s down-to-earth, personable voice guides you through topics such as defining self-love, the ways we sabotage self-love, how to put yourself first, how to use self-love to be valued at work, how to balance caring for yourself and caring for others, and much more. Following Jenna’s lead, you’ll learn to embrace your inner warrior goddess!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781956072006
Publisher: BrainTrust Ink
Publication date: 03/08/2022
Pages: 280
Sales rank: 529,236
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Jenna Banks is a social entrepreneur, public speaker, author, podcast host, real-estate investor, and self-love advocate. Having survived a traumatic upbringing, as well as a nearly fatal suicide attempt, she was able to thrive in the business world, despite being armed with only a high school equivalency diploma.

Early in her career, she worked in management and entrepreneurial roles, producing marketing products for major movie studios in Los Angeles, including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Bros. She has also worked in the toy and games industry, including with well-known brands such as Hasbro, Mattel, and Lego.

As someone who learned to never question her instincts, she trusted the inner call to quit her comfortable six-figure corporate job and start a home-based marketing products business in 2012 with $400 and a laptop. While running the company, she simultaneously ramped up a profitable real-estate venture and then later sold her marketing products business for $500,000.

Since selling her company, she’s now focused on what she feels is her higher purpose: to share her story and her message of empowerment and the incredible importance of self-love with the world through her writing; speaking engagements; The Jenna Banks Show, a video series; and Tiger Feather an empowerment brand for women and girls. When she’s not working, Jenna enjoys collecting fine art, playing tennis, traveling, spending time with friends and family, and connecting with and inspiring other women to succeed and be empowered.

Table of Contents

Introduction: My Name Is Jenna, and I'm in Love with Me! (It Wasn't Always This Way) 1

Part I What is Self-Love? 11

1 My Journey to Self-Love 13

2 The Truth and Hope of an Elusive Emotion 25

3 Self-Love Is Life's Vitamin 35

4 Tuning In to Your Energy and Power 41

Part II How Do I Not Love Thee? Seven Saboteurs of Self-Love 49

5 Needing External Validation or Approval 51

6 Allowing Social Conditioning and Programming to Guide Your Behavior 59

7 Letting Guilt Override You 65

8 Relying on False Hope 73

9 Ignoring Your Intuition 79

10 Never Saying No 87

11 Having Self-Limiting Beliefs 93

Part III How to Put Yourself First 99

12 Taking Control of Your Time and Attention 101

13 Avoid the Trap of Over-giving 109

14 Detox from Toxic Relationships 117

15 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Boundary? 129

16 Owning Your Whole Story 137

Part IV The Business of Self-Love: Transform Your Career, Increase Your Wealth, Go for Your Entrepreneurial Dream 147

17 What Are You Worth to Your Employer? 151

18 Putting the Fine Back in Finances 161

Part V The Balance of Caring for Yourself and Caring for Others 173

19 Self-Care and Caregiving 175

20 Losing and Finding Self-Love through Parenthood 183

Part VI Commit to Yourself: How to Ground Yourself in Your Personal Power 195

21 First, Be Still (Pay Attention to Your Body!) 199

22 Five Small Steps with Big Impact 205

23 Shape Your Relationships Consciously 217

24 Learn to Respond Instead of React 231

25 Forgive 237

26 Create a Self-Love Loop 243

27 Embrace Your Inner Warrior Goddess (Notorious IWG) 251

Acknowledgments 255

Notes 257

About the Author 265

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“A heart-opening book full of authenticity, vulnerability, and big-time wisdom. If you are a woman ready to trust your innate value and create life on your terms, read I Love Me More.”
—Joy Taylor, author of Inspired and founder of A Soul Inspired Life

“Self-love makes you a one-woman revolution! Jenna’s book is powerful, generous, and relatable. . . . Jenna spares us the small talk and offers something much more valuable: useful truth and a plan for finding the self-love you are worthy of.”
—Judi Holler, author of Fear Is My Homeboy and CEO of the Haus of {&}

I Love Me More is an authentic and inspiring account of turning wounds into wisdom. Jenna’s experiences are relatable on many levels and balanced with so many important psychological concepts—a must-read for any young person! If you’re looking for a beautifully simplified road map back to yourself, this is it.”
—Nadine Macaluso, LMFT, PhD, ex-wife of the Wolf of Wall Street

“Jenna has a wonderful way of showing us how to love ourselves from every angle!”
—Corinne Hodges, CEO of the Association of Women’s Business Centers

“Jenna Banks’s story is the very definition of resilience—proof that the life we create need not be dictated by our upbringing. Through relatable stories and practical, actionable steps, Jenna shows you how to untangle shame to boost self-love and courage. I Love Me More is like a big bear hug from your strong, wise, supportive best friend—both soul-nourishing and empowering!”
—Shonda Moralis, MSW, LCSW, author of Breathe, Empower, Achieve and Breathe, Mama, Breathe

“I am so thankful for the lessons I’ve learned from reading I Love Me More. It’s seriously empowering! Literally—I now understand that I can just say no to any situation and fearlessly protect my energy. Reading this book will help you realize that you are entitled to loving yourself more.”
—Audrey Rose, host of the Ready to Rise podcast

“Jenna shows us in such beautiful and powerful words what self-love actually is, dispelling the common myths that hinder us from practicing it. She shares her own journey in such an inspirational way that you’re going to experience transformation. Love is your superpower. Let this book lead you in harnessing it for your best self to be awakened and experienced.”
—D. Grant Smith, relationship coach and author of Be Solid: How to Go through Hell and Come Out Whole

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