I Love This Game-Rolling Bodies Gather No Moss

I Love This Game-Rolling Bodies Gather No Moss

by Kenneth Rocco


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I Love This Game

Take a college baseball coach and have chosen for you an assistant with no baseball experience. Now, combine them with a Japanese contingent of players who speak no English. Add beautiful Rhonda, a streetwise stickball player; some skydiving; a baseball schedule that includes an elementary school, a local prison; a cross-dressing athletic director; and a wise-cracking announcer, and watch them fumble their way through a baseball season.

Rolling Bodies Gather no Moss

An Internal Affairs detective and a Benton County police officer, will help put private detective E.J. Cord onto the trial of his friend’s killer. He will have to cross the U.S. and in doing so, will run into a host of misadventures. Kidnapping, drugs, and murder, will be on his menu.

Will he ever be able to quiet the guilt that constantly haunts his dreams…that he was the cause of her murder? Her murdered friends only transgression, was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The ‘time and place’ was ever having known E.J. Cord.

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ISBN-13: 9781641381420
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 01/02/2018
Pages: 380
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

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