I Love You to Heaven and Back

I Love You to Heaven and Back

by Sarah Addis


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“I love you past the rainbow and past the Earth’s only Moon . . .

for God, our loving Creator, does not live in a cold, dim crater

on hard, cement-like rock so rough . . . I love you to heaven and back.”

I Love You to Heaven and Back is the ultimate love triangle between God, a parent or caregiver, and their child. Children from around the world of different races, colors, and disabilities ask their caregivers on every page questions about God such as “Why does God love us?” Their caregiver ends their biblical-based, rhyming answer with how God has taught them to love or given them a blessing that they can then share with their child. The hope is that all children will come to learn that their caregiver loves them to heaven and back because Jesus died on the cross for us to make it possible. Jesus will return to the earth to judge the living and the dead and so truly will come back from heaven. This book can be read cover to cover, broken into sections just to answer the same question your child recently asked, or question, answer, and Bible passages read from the bottom of every page to make a daily devotional out of the book. Give this book to children who have a terminal illness or one that may become terminal to: give them permission to die, comfort that they will no longer suffer, a calmness that heaven is fun, and a certainty that you as the caregiver will be joining them soon. Of course, “Only God knows when our time on earth will end. It could be tomorrow or not till we are 110,” so every child needs a copy of this book today – without delay!

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ISBN-13: 9781635256598
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 12/27/2017
Pages: 70
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.19(d)

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You can find many faith-based books for little children... but what I like about "I Love You to Heaven and Back" is that it is geared more for the 6-12 year old age bracket. I now have 8 grandchildren and I am thrilled to have found this book. This book could also be read to 4-5 year olds as there are many illustrations to go along with the text and the book is easily broken into sections keeping their attention. What I really like about this book is that I can use it as a daily read, read the book in sections, or if one of my grandkids ask a question... let's read about it together in "I Love You to Heaven and Back." The book teaches children about diversity, standing up to bullying, acceptance of children who are different (i.e. cerebral palsy, or autism, etc.) and to celebrate the difference in us all. With 70 pages of text and illustrations, "I Love You to Heaven and Back" will be used on a regular basis as children will want more! What a great gift idea for Easter!