I Need You Tonight: A Pushing Limits Novel

I Need You Tonight: A Pushing Limits Novel

by Stina Lindenblatt

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ISBN-13: 9781101966457
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 07/11/2017
Series: Pushing Limits , #3
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 302
Sales rank: 206,989
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Stina Lindenblatt loves to travel and has lived in England, the United States, Canada, and Finland. In her free time, she’s a photographer, mother, devoted wife, and prodigious reader of great romance novels. She currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, with her husband and three children.

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I Need You Tonight: A Pushing Limits Novel 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
belllla More than 1 year ago
I need you tonight is another book in the Punish limits series. I must say I liked this one the least. It was an ok story, both Mason and Nicole are a great developed character. The story has its character and the reason they are not meant to be together. But I missed something; the story was predictable Mason not so much likable like were the previous H in books. Nicole was great and caring and likable funny and all. But something special had felt missing for me. In the end, I did get closure from all members of Pushing limit. Ok story but not memorable. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved Mason. This was a beautiful story about recovery. This author is amazing & the series was beautiful.
DorisB More than 1 year ago
Pushing Limits drummer, Mason is sent to check on his best friend’s sister to make sure she is ok since she hadn’t been answering her phone like normal. As Mason finds out she is more than ok and the two of them feel the energy that goes between them. The question is how much they are going to fight the attraction between them. Mason is more of a one and done type of guy since they are touring all the time and Nicole works so much that she doesn’t have time for guys…especially the ones her friends try to set her up with. I think I’d swear off guys too if they picked the same guys for me! Can two people who are dealing with so much between them learn to live with their past and future and is this something they can figure out together on a tour bus? I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley for a freely given and honest review.
KaraS More than 1 year ago
Closer to 3.5 stars, but still an enjoyable read. This is the third book of the Pushing Limits series, but you don't have to read them in order to know what is going on. It was helpful to have read Book #2, but not necessary. This one didn't quite hit the mark for me as I just didn't relate and connect with the characters like I did in the previous book. Mason is a rock god as the drummer of Pushing Limits - he's also a little too unbelievable as he's handy around the house; every woman's dream of a gorgeous body; good with kids; and a rock star. His one vice (which to be fair is a big one) is a recovering gambling addict. Nicole is the sweet girl next door (or good friend's little sister) and she is a businesswoman running her own business with a friend. Mason shows up unexpectedly to check on her and then stays for awhile. The story just didn't ring completely true and the fact that Mason was able to fall off the wagon so quickly - come on guys - you play a concert in Atlantic City without contingency plans for your recovering addict bandmate/brother!! Nicole bails as it brings up haunting memories of her past. The ending was unexpected although you can kinda guess how it will turn out. It's a little sugary sweet with some heat. It's a good enough series that I'm sure this is just a blip for me. Looking forward to the rest of the band's stories. I voluntarily reviewed an uncorrected advance copy via Net Galley from the publisher.
Laura_F More than 1 year ago
I loved Book 2 in the Pushing Limits series (still haven't gotten to book one yet- thanks mountain of TBR) so even though I don't tend to read books about addiction because I judge them harshly, I had to read this book. This book handled the topic of addiction with care and without stigma. I can't say enough awesome things about that. Mason is a gambling addict in recovery when he gets a text from his friend who saved his life asking for a favor. Because he owes everything to Zach, he drives from LA to check on Nicole. When he arrives, she's all grown up and he's not in a hurry to go back to LA. Nicole has a checklist of the perfect man: steady job, no risk taking behavior, stable. She doesn't know about Mason's past but what she does know definitely doesn't meet the criteria on her list. Except that their chemistry is explosive and she's never felt anything like it during any date she's had. When Mason's addiction is revealed, Nicole can't help but assume he's just like her father and that is a path she's not willing to walk again. For the time that Mason was staying with Nicole, I thought he was a bit too perfect. He was a Mr. Fix-It, he cooked, and he did all of this without being asked. As the book progressed though, I got the feeling that he did these things because this is what family does and that's what he was looking for. Nicole's reluctance to be with Mason was understandable considering all her family had lost due to gambling and I really admired her acknowledging that while still showing how much she cared about Mason. Many books that touch on addiction show it being all wrapped up in a bow like it's easy to move past and this book didn't do that at all. It showed that it takes work to move toward recovery and stay that way. This author has a fan for life in me!! *This is my voluntary review of an advanced reader copy*
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
I loved this book, it kept me flipping pages. This story was an emotional rollercoaster with all the ups & downs and twists & turns. I enjoyed seeing this story play out for Mason and Nicole. I highly recommend this book. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book from publisher via NetGalley.
Momscookingthebooks More than 1 year ago
I have read the previous two books and I have been anxiously awaiting Mason’s story. It was certainly worth the wait! Mason is the drummer for the up and coming band Pushing Limits. He is a bad boy rocker and he loves the ladies! He also has a gambling addiction that he went to rehab for previously, after he spiraled out of control and caused his family to say they had enough and there has been no further contact. His band became his family. Mason fell for Nicole when he went to her house to check in on her for his best friend, her brother Zack. Everything was easy between them. The pressure was off for both of them, she was off limits and he was a bad boy rocker and didn’t tick off the boxes on her list of a perfect mate. They were able to relax, be themselves and found that they really enjoyed each other’s company without the stress of sex or a relationship other than friends. Mason decided to spend his week off from touring helping Nicole make repairs on her house and enjoying his time with her. There is catch though, their chemistry couldn’t be denied. They continued with their love affair until they were told that Mason couldn’t have a sexual relationship with Nicole while she was working for the band as a social media specialist. He didn't want to end their relationship so he took it upon himself to hire her for the band. Needless to say, the band wasn't happy, but it ended up working out well for all. Nicole and Mason shared stolen kisses until the lead singer talked with Mason about his feelings for Nicole and he realized that over the course of the tour he had fallen in love with her. He wanted her and only her. He was afraid to tell her he loved her because he was worried she wouldn’t share the same depth of feelings that he did. He didn’t have to worry Nicole was head over heels in love with him. That is all I am going to give you as Mason and Nicole have some trials that they go through over a course of months. Could their love survive or were their circumstances just too much to overcome? You are just going to have to read this beautiful love story of forgiveness of oneself and others, learning to know your limits, dealing with addiction, and finding out that love is worth the wait.
Jolie More than 1 year ago
I Need You Tonight is one of those books that you go into thinking one thing and end up getting your mind blown because you were not expecting the emotion that this made you feel. Honestly, this had to have been the best book of the series because of that. What I really liked is that the author chose gambling as an addiction for Mason….instead of drugs or alcohol. Which was refreshing because most of the books that I have read, it is drugs or alcohol that is mentioned. People tend to forget that gambling (along with sex) is also a bad addiction that costs people their lives and family. The author didn’t magically cure Mason of his addiction and I will talk about that later in the review. I loved Mason. He was such a down to earth guy who would do anything for his friends. So when his friend called and asked if he could go and check on his sister, he didn’t even hesitate….he did. His friend had saved Mason’s life years before and Mason thought nothing of making the drive to where Nicole lived to check on her. I loved how Mason’s addiction wasn’t downplayed or magically cured by the end of the book. Actually, him relapsing after his father’s funeral (which I wanted smack all of his relatives except his uncle) was probably the most realistic thing I have read to date. I was impressed. Nicole, I really liked too. She was a little surprised when Mason turned up at her house to check on her and even more surprised when she realized that she was attracted to him. She hated gambling with a passion because of her father. Her father had a bad gambling problem that ended with him committing suicide. She told Mason about it (which in turn made him not say anything to her about his problem). So she was a little surprised and a lot upset when it was revealed that he had a problem….after he relapsed. And I don’t blame her for taking off. I would have too. The sex between Nicole and Mason was hot. I had to fan myself after each encounter. The fact that they had to be celibate because he was on the road and was technically her employer. But when they finally had sex after that….oh my. I loved the ending and I loved the epilogue!!! I wish more series were ended like that. Everything was tied up and everyone was happy!! **I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
An excellent book! It's the third in the series but you won't be lost if you haven't read the first two. It's very well written and I really loved the characters. Mason and Nicole have chemistry that jumps from the pages. Mason Dell is the drummer in the band Pushing Limits. The band is currently taking some time off so he can really say no when his buddy calls from a deployment asking Mason to check on his sister Nicole McCormick. What was suppose to be a quick check in turns into more as Mason extends his stay and pitches in to help Nicole with a home renovation. His upcoming departure to go back out on tour becomes harder to deal with as the two grow close. When events and timing make it possible for Nicole to tour with the band their bond grows even stronger. Then news from home send Mason spiraling and secrets are revealed that may tear them apart. I highly recommend this one.
kgagnon More than 1 year ago
I Need You Tonight was a gripping, poignant and sexy forbidden romance. I hadn't read the first books but was pulled in right from the start. Mason has a debt to pay to his good friend Zach. So when Zach asks him to check on his sister, Mason doesn't hesitate. Nicole is at home after another bad date in her pj's, watching Die Hard, and eating ice cream. Mason is drawn to the sexy woman, the normal life and the chance to feel useful. He becomes enamored with the town, the people, and even the dog next door. Nicole is intelligent, hard working, fun, and sexy and Mason can't walk away. Nicole has her list of the perfect man to make sure she doesn't fall for someone like her father. Mason doesn't meet any of them, but she can't seem to stop lusting after the kind, handy, sexy tattooed rocker. The more time they spend together, the deeper they fall. They have fun together, challenge each other, and their chemistry is off the charts. But Mason has a past and secrets he's keeping that could destroy it all. Ms Lindenblatt makes us feel deeply for these characters, caring about what is happening in their lives, and wanting the very best for them. I really loved both Mason and Nicole, the growth of their relationship was so genuine, and believable. Their journey is filled with twists and turns and some huge bumps so when you think it is smooth sailing you hit a fork in the road! That is what made this story so fun, emotional and engaging. If you want to really feel every emotion from love & laughter to sorrow & heartbreak, and everything in between, then you definitely need to read this book!
heater_28 More than 1 year ago
**Advanced copy provided by the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review** I Need You Tonight is the third book in the Pushing Limits series and it is a very good addition. You do not have to read the previous books to be able to follow this one, however I do think it helps to know who some of the other characters are and their back stories. Mason Dell is the drummer for the rock band Pushing Limits and he's known as much for his playboy ways as he is for his drumming abilities. It is no secret that he's not into committed relationships and much of that is due to the fact that he has been disowned by his own family following some struggles he had in the past. The last thing he wants is to make himself vulnerable to someone who could walk away and break his heart again. Nicole McCormick is part owner of a flower shop a couple hours outside of LA and for as long as anyone can remember she's been a workaholic. While she'd love nothing more than to settle down with a good man, she has a specific list of qualities that man must have which have been formed by the fact she had a father that left a less than desirable impression on her. When Nicole's brother can't get in touch with her, he calls on his old friend Mason to have him go check on her. When Mason arrives he finds Nicole is just fine, she only had a busted phone. Seeing that he can take a few days to just relax, he chooses to stay with Nicole and help her fix some things around her house. As the two begin to bond, they realize that their chemistry is off the charts, but Mason doesn't want a girlfriend and Nicole knows that this bad-boy musician is nothing like her "dream man". When a fire damages the flower shop, Mason suggests that Nicole put her marketing degree to good use and come on the road to do social media for the band. Will Mason and Nicole be able to hide their attraction while on the road or will their chemistry end up winning in the end? And, will past demons in both of their lives derail this romance before it takes off? This book was a great escape and was a fun read. I also liked it because we got updates and glimpses into what was going on with the other members of the band. Definitely a good addition to the series and I look forward to other works the authors brings us in the future!