I, Nemo

I, Nemo

by J. Dharma Windham, Deanna Windham

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ISBN-13: 9780786752874
Publisher: Pinder Lane & Garon-Brooke Associates, Ltd.
Publication date: 05/22/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 300
File size: 931 KB

About the Author

J. Dharma Windham has been shaking things up with his science fiction offerings since 2005. He and his chosen genre go all the way back to his flashlight under the blanket-on-school-night days. He's come up in the world since then. Now he reads novels on an e-book while sipping a redeye at the Starbucks down the street. He is a historian by training with an avid love of science and technology. Combing such disparate interests to create compelling science fiction set against a historical backdrop is an obsession. He lives in Southern California with his lovely wife, two perfectly delightful daughters, and a not always delightful cat. During his free time, he likes to tinker with his classic Jaguar E-Type and eat mangoes.

Deanna Windham is a physician, writer, teacher, and sage. She treated her first patient (her teddy bear with a broken ear) at age seven and wrote her first book (not worth mentioning further) at age fifteen. Her early medical endeavors being more successful on the whole than her early writing endeavors, she chose to pursue a career in medicine and she has a successful Integrative Medical Practice in Newport Beach, CA where she still uses her skills to tell a tale in order to reach her patients and inspire them to change their lives. Ever the artist at heart, though, she began contributing to Dharma's writing career to a significant point in 2008 and hasn't looked back. She now has an active and varied writing and lecturing career in and out of medicine. She prides herself in being a life partner (different and more profound than a wife) as well as a devoted mother of two princesses, ages four and six, and Contessa (a very imperious cat).

What People are Saying About This

John Pye

Watch out Clive Cussler! There are new kids on the block!
—John Pye of John William Pye Rare Books

From the Publisher

““Although Nemo, of Jules Verne’s classic Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, has been narrative fodder for decades, this engaging debut novel from Dharma and Deanna Windham puts a new spin on his mythos.

Set in the near future, the story begins as a group of oceanographic researchers fortuitously stumble across a sunken vessel in the South Pacific. After investigating the wreck, they realize that their find is historic, “a myth brought to life”: Nemo’s legendary submersible, the Nautilus. This ship is laden with treasure, but researchers discover the most valuable item inside an iron chest—Capt. Nemo’s journal. The partially destroyed record chronicles Nemo’s heart-rending transformation from an up-and-coming British naval architect named Jonathan de Chevalier Mason to the captain of the most advanced—and feared—vessel in the world. After being betrayed by his best friend, Nemo was convicted of high treason in a secret court and sent to a penal colony on a remote island, where he was expected to die in short order. But, fueled by revenge, he escaped and becomes a legend. Masterfully constructed (the missing or destroyed pages allow the authors to skip over slow spots and focus only on action or significant events), breakneck paced and adeptly characterized, this reimagining of one of literature’s most enigmatic characters is a supreme page turner, with a dash of steampunk thrown in for good measure… “
- Kirkus Indie

[the author] "swiftly carries readers through countless twists and turns of fortune,"
- Midwest Book Review

"Watch out Clive Cussler! There are new kids on the block!"
- John Pye of John William Pye Rare Books

What readers are saying about the authors:

"The author accomplishes that rare feat of using historical research and weaving it with nonstop panoramic action."

"Be prepared for anything and everything to happen."

"...explodes with action, mystery, and intrigue, leaving the reader wide-eyed and breathless."

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I, Nemo 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Jeff_Gange More than 1 year ago
Wow! I don’t often leave reviews on books but really loved this one. The book starts out in the future when a deep sea expedition finds a ship wreak that turns out to be Captain Nemo’s. They recover Captain Nemo’s Journal, this is the real book, the journal, but all of it adds great mystery and adventure to the reading. What a great way to tell this story! This book was full of great characters, fast pace adventure and is simply a fun read. I’ve always been a fan of Science fiction placed in the past. It has that sense of futuristic setting, but also has believability, because that technology they use that doesn’t exist in their time, does in ours. This enables the characters to do marvelous, and exciting things in the story, without getting too ridiculous. It lends to a great landscape for mystery, excitement and adventure. The authors, J. Dharma & Deanna Windham, do this seamlessly with a great story, which was truly enchanting. I literally could not put the book down.
GR2 More than 1 year ago
Well written from a unique perspective. The story has a little of everything, including technology, world travel, violence, chase scenes, intrigue, sex, and religion. What else is there in a good story?
David_Sewell More than 1 year ago
Superb read, and very detailed travel info. Was amazing, and was an awesome read into how "Nemo" became Captain Nemo. Truly setup a great backstory, and I can't wait for more books!
Coryryan More than 1 year ago
This book was recommended to me by a friend and once I picked it up I couldn't put it down. I always wanted to know the surrounding circumstances that led to the construction of the Nautilus. Dharma and Deanne Windham's take on the story is superb. I highly recommend you add this to you reading list.