I Never Heard You Cry - A Compassionate Journey Through Abortion

I Never Heard You Cry - A Compassionate Journey Through Abortion

by Ardyce West

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From the Publisher:
Ardyce West's compelling narrative examines the grief, pain and regret suffered by women and men who hide in the dark shadows of abortion. While acknowledging the pointed issues and opinions of both pro-life and pro-choice, West remains apolitical and non judgmental, conceding that many women and men involved in abortion successfully move on comfortably resolved to their decision. "I Never Heard You Cry" in fact never approaches political edict or social commentary regarding abortion. West focuses rather on the substantial number of people who do struggle with complex and deeply emotional post-abortion issues.

In addition to relating the heartrending story of her own struggles and triumphs, West interviews a number of "abortion survivors" who have transcended the emotional, social, and political stigmas attached to this volatile issue. Interspersed are effective techniques designed to achieve self-forgiveness and spiritual healing. Her suggested meditations and self-reliance techniques apply to reconciliation of grief, depression, shame, regret and any host of other debilitating emotions beyond just abortion – they are relevant to any issue that holds us back from realizing the full potential for personal growth and happiness.

"For me, a great book is one that leaves me moved and tingling when I complete its final passages. Ardyce West's book, I Never Heard You Cry, did precisely that for me. Not only will you be supported and inspired, you will find numerous springs of healing in this book. It is poignant as well as practical, offering compassion and insight in a controversial and troubled arena. Read this book and let your heart be touched."

--Dr. Roger W. Teel
Senior Minister and Spiritual Director
Mile Hi Church
Lakewood, Colorado

There are topics that ignite courageous conversations and create controversy. The subject matter of this book is one of those topics. Abortion has been and continues to be a "hot bed" of heated discussion in numerous circles. There are groups of people with opinions that connect the choice to have an abortion to morality. Other groups are adamant that a woman has the right to choose what happens with her body. Still others are fighting for the rights for abortion for medical safety of the woman.

According to statistics, nearly half of the pregnancies among American women are unintended, and four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion. Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion. From 1973 through 2008, nearly 50 million legal abortions occurred. Each year, two percent of women aged 15-44 have an abortion and half have had at least one previous abortion.

Ardyce West has written a deeply personal and important book with a message for anyone who has ever had an abortion or experienced a loved one having an abortion. She invites us to understand the long lasting emotional and psychological aftermath that comes from moving through an abortion. She also invites us to replace fear with love. Through her personal story and others sharing their stories, Ardyce invites us to move into a state of compassionate listening and profound forgiveness. In fact, she asks us to move out of any form of judgment and open our hearts to anyone who has ever had to experience the pain of abortion on any level.

I have known Ardyce for many years and her commitment to sharing this important message has been unwavering. I have witnessed her deep dedication to supporting people in being healthy and whole. That commitment and her personal work make this a powerful tool. This is a book that will support healing and transform the way people look at abortion if they are willing to suspend fearful concepts. I highly encourage you to read this book and share it with your family, friends and even counseling clients. It will make a difference in how they view the experience of abortion and hopefully encourage them to open their hearts.

-- Cynthia James
"What Will Set You Free"
"Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence"

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Publisher: KC LoneWolf
Publication date: 02/19/2011
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About the Author

Ardyce West is an optimum blend of spirituality and transformation. She is a Licensed Practitioner for United Centers for Spiritual Living in Colorado, as well as a certified Life Mastery Consultant and DreamBuilder Coach. Ardyce has expertly chaired large retreats and facilitated transformative healing workshops, assisting others in living a full spectrum wholehearted life through the brilliant guidance and intuition she provides for individuals and groups. Also an extremely accomplished artist, Ardyce has conducted many art and jewelry workshops.

She is the author of the captivating metaphysical fiction series, including Apeiros - Continuum Book One, Aeternalis - Continuum Book Two, Siorai - Continuum Book Three, as well as the beautifully written poignant non-fiction: I Never Heard You Cry - A Compassionate Journey Through Abortion. It is written to give a voice to the many who are affected by abortion, either through personal experience or through that of a loved one. Ardyce is currently writing and illustrating two children's books, with Continuum Book Four in the works.

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I Never Heard You Cry - A Compassionate Journey Through Abortion 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Wordsz More than 1 year ago
Ardyce West tells an interesting story in her book about a friend who confronted a snarling anti-abortion mob that was harassing a young couple outside an abortion clinic. Her friend, who was simply passing by without a dog in this fight, suddenly heard herself cry out "For God's sake, where is the compassion?" She was astonished to see the pack of wolves suddenly back off and fall silent. Maybe they were just like the neighborhood bully who runs at the first sign of defiance, or just maybe they took the woman's words to heart. She claimed she honestly wasn't aware the words were coming out of her, believing it was the voice of a higher consciousness speaking through her. Such is the tone of this entire book. It's a short read - I finished it in a few hours - but I'm not sure when I've read anything quite so powerful. Most books about abortion fall into three categories - pro-life, pro-choice and both of the above. On the topic of abortion, the radical lefties and religious right wield their self-righteous opinions like a bloody saber, and the politicians, fearful of an election backlash, steadfastly refuse to express any opinion whatsoever. At the bottom of this heap is the collateral damage - the women and men who have made the conscious decision to terminate a pregnancy only to later suffer from shame, guilt and regret. This book isn't about pro-life, pro-choice, politics or religion. It's about people. It's about the women and men who emotionally struggle after they have aborted their child, and it's also about the vast majority of us who understand that abortion is not a black-and-white issue that can only be addressed in absolutes. The author tells about her own abortion and the issues that later manifested in the form of guilt, shame and regret. She relates how she finally came to understand that these debilitating emotions were not in themselves the seeds of deep depression, but rather were symptomatic of unrealized and unattended grief. She uses examples of other people's stories to illustrate how to overcome grief and guilt through manifesting a higher consciousness and greater self-reliance, which ultimately results in self-forgiveness. I'll admit, although I consider myself spiritual, some of the author's metaphysical teaching and the relating of two near-death experiences are a bit "out there" for me; but I do understand her emphasis on the importance of completing the connection between a strong physical awareness and a higher spiritual consciousness. The beauty of this book is that the author speaks to spirituality without any traditional religious agenda. She offers interesting insight and a wonderful meditation practice she has developed called "The River" as a means to recognize and reconcile grief, leading to a path of healing and self-forgiveness. I recommend this book to anyone who has had an abortion and struggles with that decision. I'm a man who went through a long bout of depression and guilt over our abortion, so I can say this certainly isn't a book for women only.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"I will follow the Code.<br> I will make the sacrifices.<br> I know the reward and the punishment.<br> I now serve with my life," they said seperately.