I Offer This Container: New and Selected Poems

I Offer This Container: New and Selected Poems

by Jeffrey Skinner


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I Offer This Container: New and Selected Poems by Jeffrey Skinner

A distillation of the forty plus years Jeffrey Skinner has dedicated to writing poems that have been delighting and provoking readers in the US and around the world.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781910669662
Publisher: DUFOUR
Publication date: 03/20/2017
Pages: 140
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

From Late Stars (1985)

Song Beginning In Summer 11

The Incredulity Of St. Thomas, Gerrit Van Honthorst 12

Elizabeth And The Blizzard 13

Her Side 15

His Side 17

Dragonfly Dance 19

Rolling In Clover 20

On The Failure Of All Love Poems 21

From A Guide to Forgetting (1988)

Prayer To Owl Hiding In Daylight 23

Prayer To Sparrow In Two Seasons 24

Prayer To Housefly In Winter 25

Prayer To Doe Confused 26

Beauty And The Spider 27

A Guide To Forgetting 28

Love Notwithstanding 30

Uncle Joe 31

The City Out Of The Boy 32

Three Seas 33

The Last Poem To His First Wife 34

Sonnets to My Daughters Twenty Years in the Future 35

I wanted a boy, of course, wanted to create 35

This odd-shaped head I've passed on to you both 35

In the news today, a woman in fatigues 36

Books: your mother and I contentedly obsessed 36

Between my father and I, a vast language 37

No thoughts, simply the wind, the soft clatter 37

Words rise and the sky accepts them, makes 38

Business feeds us. I never chose it, will leave 38

As if to mime the expansion of the universe 39

The way we came we back out of to begin again 39

Sunday morning, rain, the prospect of all day 40

The snakes withdraw from unilateral dreams 40

On a jet to Zurich, Bonnie cranky for a bottle 41

Prayer is better left unspoken. Go to Eckhart 41

Sometimes I wish I could enter your sleep 42

Light figures the small grasses and flails 42

The colorless cloud visits us from Chernobyl 43

What I want is deep connection, down to the task 43

Denatured time between self now and self then 44

From The Company of Heaven (1992)

Like Water 46

The Company of Heaven 47

For Stuart Porter, Who Asked for a Poem That Would Not Depress Him Further 52

Living Poets 53

Carver 54

Late Afternoon, Late in the Twentieth Century 55

The Visible Man 57

The Dangerous Teaching 60

Bajo Cruces y Espadas 62

Shore Report 63

Echo Off 64

The Ocean All Day, All Night 65

From Gender Studies (2002)

Fetch 67

The New Music Concert: A Drinking Dream 68

The Inadequacy 70

John Ashbery 71

Come 77

Wipeout 78

Stay 80

Jocelyn 81

Something Smaller 86

Gender Studies 87

From Salt Water Amnesia (2005)

Widow's Walk 89

Many Worlds 90

The Long Marriage 91

The Colt 92

White Dwarf 93

Impatiens in Drought 94

The Climbers 95

Theory of Heaven 96

Theory of the Wounded Hen 97

Theory of Blowback 98

Elegy with Yellow Boat 101

The Singer 102

My Generation Abhorred Limits 103

My Father's Brain 104

The Experiment 105

Homage to Poe 106

Lucky Day 107

The Three Temptations of My Father 108

Victor F. on Horseback 109

Some Colors 110

The Adirondacks 111

My Father Finds Work 112

Black Olives 113

Darwin's Marathon 114

From Glaciology (2013)

Shattered Bio 116

Queue 117

I've Been Working on the Railroad 118

Ode to A Photographer 119

Exit Row 120

Kafka, Women 121

Self Made 122

You Need a Subject for the Sun co Rise 123

Theodicy 124

Jonquillity 126

Reunion 127

Glaciology 128

Prayer for My Daughters 137

Throw It All Away 138

Give Me Poland 139

All Things Move toward Disorder except the Newly Created 140

New Poems

The Deal 142

Corrections 143

When We're Done Writing About the Self 144

Icon 145

The End of Striving 146

American Cartography 147

Terrors of the Night 148

Coffee 149

Vintage Clock 150

In Line at the DMV 151

The Speech 152

A Brief History of the Swiss 153

Homage to Yeats 154

Do Not Wash the Blood from Your Poem 155

We Must All Get Together Again Soon 156

Love Song: Notes for a Wake 157

Schweizer Postkarten 158

Homage to Yeats 159

Legacy 160

Do Not Wash the Blood from Your Poem 161

We Must All Get Together Again Soon 162

Love Song: Notes for a Wake 163

Schweizer Postkarten 164

Reading Bidart in View of the Reichenbachfalls 165

My Sinful Aria 166

The Skeletal Sonnets 162

Poem Ending with Lines by Walser & Marx 162

Early Magic 163

Conversion 164

Anxious Drugs 165

Buffalo 166

Somatics 167

Sweec Alyssum 168

I Offer This Container 169

Florida 170

Entanglement 171

Acknowledgments 172

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