I Once Could See, But Now I'M Blind

I Once Could See, But Now I'M Blind

by William F. Cavitt, Thomas E. Gwise


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There are many issues that come to the forefront while reading biographies and autobiographies of people who are blind either from birth or later in life. Some of these are:

· The blind now have talking computers, reading machines, talking books, and other forms of technology to improve life.

· The blind enjoy listening to people's description of thing and touching things when allowed.

· Guide dogs for the blind provide more independence, safety, and a beautiful companion. The blind must put all their faith in the dog and let this guide lead the way to where you want to go.

· Using a white cane with red tip can open a whole new world of independence and freedom.

· The radio is a special friend for the blind. Unlike television, radio depends totally on the spoken word to relate world events.

· Schools for the blind are very important because they normally have special training devices available, i.e. raised globes, touch museums, stuffed animals and other items with special features for the blind.

· Enhanced sensory capability of a blind person is not automatic but must be developed through hard work.

· Bind mannerisms need to be discouraged, but can be over emphasized as a negative stigma and affect a child's self esteem.

· Face vision or echo locating needs to be capitalized upon.

· The blind eye orbit appearance should be corrected during childhood.

· Dancing classes help improve coordination and balance, and builds self- confidence.

· Most children should attend a school for the blind because every child has the same opportunity to participate in games, academics and social endeavors.

These are only samples of special issues concerning people who are blind found in this book on adventitiously blind people and also the book I Have Never Seen, blind from Infancy about congenitally blind people.

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