iPoem's Blog: 1988 - 2021

iPoem's Blog: 1988 - 2021

by Cat Catalyst

Hardcover(2nd ed.)

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Apotheosis - Poems and Manifestos for a New Paradigm, by Cat Catalyst, is an epistolary novel comprised of modern verse, which gently condenses three decades of spiritual insight and creativity to guide the reader into a state of expanded awareness, via a combination of interwoven real and fictional auto-ethnographic memories. These serve as an infrastructure to challenge binary-thinking and as a methodology for thought optimisation, via the shared-space of the word, offering the reader a way through the portal of a world-in-crisis to begin building the foundations of a new improved paradigm that is totally supportive. When we consistently engage with our all-loving 'I Am' presence, we automatically generate new neurological-pathways that are in alignment with our sovereign identity, overwriting old outdated internal dialogues that no-longer serve. These new neurological pathways assist with cultivating a more compassionate internal-narrative, enabling one to respond in more loving and forgiving ways to any old memories and experiences from the past, that may have caused anxiety, and releases them. This expands our emotional parameters of self-worth and self-love, also what we allow ourselves to receive and how we interact, not just with other people, but also with the environment. As we begin to understand that we are all co-creators of our own realities, and that everything happens for our highest good, we start to hold space for others to acknowledge their own Sovereignty-equality as well. More info: catcatalyst.co.uk

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781716440588
Publisher: Ipoem Ltd
Publication date: 07/07/2021
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Cat Catalyst is a British book-artist, designer, writer, events-curator, researcher and eco-feminist poet. Cat's work has been acquired by the: Special Collections of Artist's Books at The British Library, The Wellcome Library, The Women's Art Library, the PAGES Artist's Book Collective, housed at the Tetley Arts Centre in Leeds and is part of their travelling collection of Artists Books. Cat has written articles for the British Library's 'Artists Books Now' events, published in The Blue Notebook and the Book Arts Newsletter. Cat is also an exhibiting artist with previous works featured at Late at Tate, The London Eye and Art on the London Underground at Baker Street Tube.

Table of Contents

  1. Yesterday's Tomorrows
  2. Just Friends
  3. The Path
  4. Environmental Awareness
  5. Angels on Earth
  6. Forgiveness
  7. Love Is
  8. Joy Smile
  9. Forest
  10. Is Not is
  11. Creative Cosmic Purpose
  12. Virus
  13. Ocean of Eternity
  14. Prayer Song
  15. Baobab Tree
  16. Earth Molecule
  17. Easter Sunday
  18. Life Imitating Art
  19. Ablutions of Humanity
  20. Emolution
  21. Diamond Heart
  22. W.L.T.M. - G.S.O.H
  23. Earth Not Mars
  24. Ablutions of Humanity
  25. Garden
  26. Swim
  27. Reflections
  28. Stars In Your Eyes
  29. Flashback
  30. Soul Musing
  31. Shine
  32. Planting Seeds
  33. Labyrinth
  34. Sink Soft
  35. Wordsmith
  36. 3am in New York
  37. Holiness of the Heart
  38. Elixir of Love
  39. Light of the Sun
  40. CCTV
  41. The Second Coming
  42. Peachy
  43. Forfeit
  44. Shadow
  45. Constellations
  46. Champion
  47. Golden Nuggets
  48. Bread and Circus
  49. Inversion
  50. The True Role of the Ego
  51. Jump
  52. Snakes and Ladders
  53. Rubber Sole
  54. Memory Lane
  55. City Nights
  56. Walking Wounded
  57. Soul Contract
  58. Faith
  59. Dream Kiss
  60. One Love Collective Conscious
  61. Window
  62. Stars and Stripes
  63. Earth's Prayer
  64. Liberty Moon
  65. September in the Park
  66. Do What The Robot Says
  67. Share
  68. Heart-Supported Mind
  69. Energy and Eternity
  70. Circles
  71. Kaleidoscope Memories
  72. Calibrate (A PoêManifesto)
  73. Angel Skies
  74. In Plain Sight
  75. Awaken

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