I Remember the Time...

I Remember the Time...

by Kim Hemphill

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I Remember the Time... by Kim Hemphill

(Book Length: +66,500) My first memory was at three years old and I was having 105 sutures to close a massive wound across my face. A train hit the car I was riding in on the side I happened to be sitting. In a matter of a seconds, a collision with a train turned me from a beautiful three-year-old blond boy to a scarred, ugly child. The ridicule and taunting that followed from the other children due to the facial scarring transformed me from a happy person into a lonesome, sad child.

As I got older, this escalated to the point of near destruction. The senseless physical abuse and mental torture I endured from my father was unmerciful. As a child, I was a bed wetter until I was somewhere near 10-years-old. My father's solution was to drape the urine-soaked blankets over my head to shame me into not wetting the bed. This added much stress to the already dysfunctional life I lead. I felt that, here again, I was not normal and a freak or misfit. The beatings and agony from my father went on for several years. My father had a much different approach on my bed-wetting. He figured that I was just too lazy to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. He reasoned that I would much rather lie in the bed and urinate all over myself. So his diagnosis and plan was that he would beat it out of me! This punishment did not work, and if anything escalated the problem. These moments seemed to last an eternity. This continued to feed and fuel the hatred deep down inside me that I had for him.

I describe how I ended up homeless at sixteen; my home a tent pitched in the forest, my kitchen and living room a campfire and a folding chair, my grocery store the wilderness that surrounded me.

The descent into the dark hole of pain continued for many years. At times this descending path was a free fall and then it started to slow down. I managed to grab on to something in this crevice I had created and stopped from going any deeper.

At this point in my life, I needed to overcome many past issues: child abuse, homelessness, lack of any formal education and mental health issues. I started in and by the grace of God I met some angels on earth who, along with myself, changed my life. I starting looking at myself in a new light and hope was born within me. Despite all these limitations and issues I went on to have a professional career in the banking and real estate industry. I flourished and found this transition from a hillbilly homeless kid to a white collar executive very rewarding.

I have invented and patented numerous products that are being sold across the United States and Canada. I created a company based on these inventions for the barbecue industry. Over the past 40 years I have founded and still own three companies that are operating today.

I broke the chain of child abuse. I raised my son without ever raising a hand to him. To this day we are best friends and he is my proudest accomplishment in life.

I have “given back” and honored my past angels on earth. I have mentored 6 people that were in the same situation as myself, total despair, with no future. Through their hopes, willing not to give up, hard work and my help, they too have become professionals. They started out as labors just existing on little earnings. They developed into highly skilled pro’s earning six figure incomes and flourishing.

The determination to not fail, but be a winner in life, was strong within me. I read that Vince Lombardi once wrote, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” This has inspired me more than any other seven words written.

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Publisher: Kim Hemphill
Publication date: 12/15/2016
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About the Author

Kim was born in Pacific Northwest in 1951. When he was about 15 years old his family moved out into the mountains north of his hometown. He still resides in the Pacific NW with his wife and son. His hobbies are woodworking, fishing and watching football and baseball. Kim's favorite pastime is spending time with his wife and son. His dogs, two female boxers, bring him much joy and entertainment. He's a big-time animal lover and claims that his dogs taught him how to love. He also has a strong interest in inventing, patenting and marketing his products. He declares that his imagination and out of the box type thinking brings these ideas to him. Kim's not one to sit around on an idea but puts it in action and his products now or marketed throughout the United States and Canada. At this stage of his life he has turned his attention and to authoring and publishing books on his past experiences and interests. He loves and gets high satisfaction on successfully developing one of his inventions or books as they reveal his creative side.

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I Remember the Time... 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lucinda E Clarke for Readers' Favorite I Remember the Time... by Kim Hemphill is a poignant story of a young boy who was born on the wrong side of the tracks. His mother was severely disabled and his father was both physically and mentally abusive towards him. His hero, his elder brother, Craig, got him out of several scrapes when he was young, before being tragically killed in Vietnam after less than two months of active service. At that point, things could have gone horribly wrong. The author did not mix with people who had ambitions and aspirations, and he so easily could have spent his life behind bars. He was filled with an understandable rage, hatred, especially as he was the scapegoat child versus his brother who was the golden child. His sister got away with everything simply because she was a girl. (I would have liked to learn more about her, but understand family dynamics when writing a sensitive biography). At one point, Kim lived in a tent next to his family’s caravan when the lean-to shed his father had assigned him collapsed. Somewhere there was a spark deep inside which drove Kim Hemphill to strive for a better way of life and a higher standard of living. He was befriended by several people who urged him to complete his education, study for a profession, and were there for him. After two disastrous marriages, and separation from his daughters, although they had initially been left in his care, Kim finally met Carol, his soul mate. Even later in life, when he was the proud father of a son, had a successful job, had proved himself and moved to the right side of the tracks, he recognized he still had a problem with alcohol. He conquered this one last demon. This book is an inspirational story, showing what hard work, commitment and determination can achieve. Although the subject matter is quite harrowing, it was easy to read, flowed nicely and is well edited. I would love to see this book on a prescribed reading list, especially in schools where many children already believe the odds are stacked against them. It shows what can be done if you have the courage and resolve to turn your life around. A great story by Kim Hemphill.
Holly More than 1 year ago
I Remember The Time is the story of how a man overcame many obstacles in his life to be the man he is today! At 3 years old, Kim Hemphill was in a serious train accident that left his face scarred and a look at how his life was gonna be. As Kim deals with a abusive father, a brother who died in the Vietnam War, a mother who was always sick, it made Kim want to be something more than how he grew up as. With the obstacles he had to deal with over his lifetime, he can finally say that he broke a chain that most people succumb to. I really enjoyed reading this book for what Kim had to go through in his life and to see that he made it to a point that most people never get to, coming from his experiences. You can feel the emotions that Kim was going through with his father and losing his brother at a young age. The point of when I truly fell in love with this story was when his ex-wife told him that he would never be able to pass a test and not only did he succeed, but showed her what he was truly made of! I'm happy that he finally found his happy ending that he truly deserves! Thank You to Kim Hemphill for sharing your story that maybe will give someone the courage coming from the same background that anything is possible if you put your mind to it!! I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from the Author!