I Shall Not Die!: A Personal Memoir

I Shall Not Die!: A Personal Memoir

by Hart Hasten

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I Shall Not Die!: A Personal Memoir by Hart Hasten

"I Shall Not Die!" These four, simple words, taken from Psalm 118, have formed the backbone of an extraordinary life, lived by a remarkable man. From his youth in a Polish shtetl, to life in America, where he became a phenomenal business success and influential communal leader, Hart N. Hasten is a man driven by truth, hard work, devotion to family and community, and above all, commitment to Judaism and G-d. These principles, lovingly imparted by his parents, saw Hart Hasten through unimaginable sufferings. Fleeing from Nazi-occupied Poland to Khazakhstan, the Hasten's eked out an existence of day-to-day survival. In spite of the starvation, deprivation and persecution, Hart and his family survived, only to learn of the decimation of virtually the entire Jewish population of their hometown Bohorodczany, including the extended Hasten family.With steadfast commitment to the words 'I Shall not die!', Hart emigrated to the United States, and diligently worked his way towards professional and personal success. From his astonishing talents in business management, to his equally impressive gift for communal fundraising; from building a loving, Jewish home to forging relationships with Israeli politicians and international statesmen, Hart Hasten's life is one of purpose and achievement, courage and direction, that has led him to the Knesset, to the White House, and to friendships with people who have shaped the course of modern history. Most notable was his intimate friendship with former Israeli prime minister, Menachem Begin. Through all this, Hart N. Hasten has never compromised his principles, his heritage, nor his religion, and has shown that not only would he 'not die', but he would 'live', in the fullest and most glorious sense of the word.(Hebrew)

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ISBN-13: 9789652295842
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House
Publication date: 08/10/2012
Pages: 378
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About the Author

Hart Hasten was born in 1931 and is a post-war American Jewish phenomenon. As one of the sole survivors of his boyhood Polish shtetl, he arrived in the US as a refugee and overcame the odds to forge a new life of unparalleled success in the business arena and as an internationally respected Jewish communal leader. An insider within the Israeli political power structure, Mr. Hasten enjoyed a twenty-five year intimate friendship with his mentor, Nobel Prize Laureate, statesman and Prime Minister, Menachem Begin. Among his many accomplishments, Mr. Hasten is the founder of the Hasten Hebrew Academy, former president of Herut Zionists of America and confidant of current Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon. Mr. Hasten currently serves as Chairman of Hasten Bancshares. He and his wife, Simona, live in Indianapolis, are the parents of three adult children, and have ten grandchildren.

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