I Spy With My Little Eye: A journey through the moral landscape of Britain

I Spy With My Little Eye: A journey through the moral landscape of Britain

by Linnea Cecilia Mills


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ISBN-13: 9781999943004
Publisher: Linnea Mills
Publication date: 12/05/2017
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Dr Linnea Mills is a researcher and consultant on international development and good governance. She gained her PhD from the London School of Economics on the subject of corruption and has spent the past decade researching, thinking and writing for a variety of national and international organisations. Linnea grew up in Sweden and has lived and worked in a number of countries. She settled in England in 2006 and recently moved to rural Devon with her husband and three young children. I Spy With My Little Eye: A journey through the moral landscape of Britain is Linnea's first non-academic book.

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Pride ­

















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I Spy With My Little Eye: A journey through the moral landscape of Britain 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite What is feeding, empowering and developing the next generation? Is it the TV, music, movies, tech toys or the videos games that they're exposed to? These vices possess a great hold and influence on the future generation. Through these vices, both the current and future generations can either succeed or fail life’s challenges. Everything around us impacts how we view the world and those around us. In I Spy with My Little Eye: A Journey Through the Moral Landscape of Britain by Linnea Mills, the reader will be guided along the pathway of how the Seven Deadly Sins and the Fruits of the Spirit affect our lives and who we are from a British perspective. With an ebb and flow between pride/humility, greed/generosity, envy/kindness, wrath/patience, lust/chastity, glutton/temperance, and sloth/diligence, it can become difficult to keep up. “Much greed can be found in the business world, to the detriment of people’s trust in the system and job morale,” says Mills. Unless you have a moral compass or the Fruits of the Spirit that you live by, you can become entrapped by the Seven Deadly Sins. This book is a great resource in helping the reader to develop an idea of how and what are the fine lines between morality and guilty pleasures. In today's culture it's clear to see that the lines are becoming blurred, but this book indicates what's happening around us, as close as in our neighborhoods or next door. Through various forms of data, the reader will learn about how human trafficking, particularly within the immigrant community, is closely connected to sexually transmitted infections amongst children, or how the high consumption of food, beverages and material things leads to a higher volume of environmental waste and lack of respect. While Mills gives us three views of the world, it's important that you are left with these words: “My journey through the moral landscape of Britain is over for now…I wanted to make sense of the prevailing values that underpin our society and discover what direction we’re heading in. The result has been a smorgasbord of different topics, reflecting on different aspects of our society…I think a wider societal debate as well as a change in societal direction is required,” says Mills. What are your thoughts?
TabithaP1 More than 1 year ago
I was honestly shocked at how much I enjoyed reading this book, “I Spy with my Little Eye” by author Dr. Linnea Mills. I have read many, many, many books on philosophy, politics, even spirituality, and with varying degrees of satisfaction. Too often I do feel that they can come across as too “preachy” (pardon the pun), or highbrow, or holier-than-thou. (Again, pardon..), or worse – bring absolutely nothing new to the table at all, just recycling old information and essentially wasting my time. However, I thought this book was a wonderful change and Dr. Mills’ author ‘voice’ was more like how a friend or trusted confidante would talk to you… a much wiser, learned friend or confidant! I like that she actually asked… and addressed… several questions and key points that I’ve had myself over the years, and while I may not totally agree with absolutely everything (naturally), so much made sense, and reading books like this by others who feel the same is something that gives me peace and strength and even a paradigm shift on a few occasions. This is a shorter read; not one to be rushed, but one to be savored, analyzed, and pondered upon. Almost scary how much truth lies within these pages! Thank you for writing this and I look forward to reading more books from Dr. Mills in the future!
MarcellaGonz More than 1 year ago
One of the more different books I’ve read all year, and hands down the most impactful and unforgettable. “I Spy With My Little Eye” by Linnea Mills is certainly not a quick, breezy read, nor should it be. There are some deep subjects here that require, and receive, a closer examination and speculation from different perspectives. I was drawn into the author’s premise about questioning some common beliefs and wanting to discuss where society was headed based on the shifting moral norms… is it bad, or good? There are several main points encompassing a multitude of subjects that Dr. Mills covers, with an engaging narrative and solid research (with in text citations and endnotes) to provide thorough insight from a scholarly, political, social, and personal point of view. She does a great job of providing the context in a straightforward, but easy to follow manner, and this was a smooth ride even for someone who might not be all that familiar with the ins and outs of British society… there are some wonderful lessons and stories here, and the writing is excellent. Looking forward to more from Linnea Mills.
LaylaM1 More than 1 year ago
This book, “I Spy With My Little Eye” by Dr. Linnea Mills was actually far more interesting and deeply insightful than I first expected it to be (no offense to the author). I just wasn’t sure what I was getting myself in for, but as I started reading I was transfixed by Dr. Mills’ impressive knowledge of the state of things modern culture, philosophy, and of life in general… and the way she writes and puts it all together is very moving, eye-opening, and ultimately transformative. The way it is set up is that there are the “Seven Deadly Sins” and the ‘Heavenly Virtues” that are broken down 2 at a time (one for each side) and given a sort of ‘compare/contrast’ feel that illustrates the importance (negative and positive) of each side. But as the author herself notes, this is not a ‘religious’ book. While it does focus more on British life, I feel it is a ‘must read’ for anyone regardless of where you live – just a lot of universal truths here. Dr. Mills does a fantastic job of relating her perspectives and information in an easy to digest manner, and this book will definitely open your eyes and change the way you think about society as a whole. A wonderful read, a definite keeper.
SamRyan More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars I suspect many readers will happily gobble up this book by Dr. Linnea Mills, as it is a very coherent and impressive interpretation of the condition of modern society as seen through several different interesting perspectives, and framed through the lens of the 7 Deadly Sins/ 7 Heavenly Virtues… I appreciated Dr. Mills’ coherent and well-thought out statements and arguments, and her evidence with plentiful sources and her reasoning. Very relatable and quite astute. She covers so many topics in depth and with a stunning amount of direct research to carefully articulate her findings and opinions. Thought there were just so many amazing ideas here, I challenge you to read the whole thing and remain unaffected in some way. Easy to read and understand. I don’t normally read nonfiction for pleasure, but I enjoyed definitely this and would recommend this to others without hesitation.
SDecker More than 1 year ago
wow, what an amazing book! I was totally hooked from the beginning, and am so impressed with Dr. Linnea Mills keen insights and ability to pull from various sources – from scholarly research to reality TV shows ---to really underscore her message. It is clear she is well-versed in political and humanity philosophy and that, combined with her intellectual, analytical, and compassionate way of thinking leads her to probe deeper into several areas of life to look at the bigger picture… the positive and the negative. This was so well-written and absolutely riveting. It is not a fast read, but should be carefully and thoughtfully studied and discussed. So many great discussion points here, almost wish I could have dinner with Dr. Mills… Would be a fascinating conversation! Highly recommend for everyone, regardless of their politics or even where they live. This is centered around Britain, but has many universal truths relevant to everyone. Flawless editing and formatting. Ver professional feel all around.
LauraClarke More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars despite what your political or spiritual beliefs are, or how seriously you want to take guidance/inspiration from the Bible (if at all) there is no denying that Dr. Linea Mills puts forth a well-crafted and engaging narrative re: the ‘moral future’ of society, Specifically Britain, and how it affects everyone as analyzed through the viewpoint of the “Seven Deadly Sins” vs. the “Seven Heavenly Virtues”. Makes this a great book to read, contemplate, and take away what you will. For me it was interesting hearing an educated and well-informed woman explain her own observations and what theories and conclusions she drew from analyzing each situation further, covering a wide range of topics that was as entertaining as it was profound and enlightening. Never was I bored, and the pacing, formatting and editing was perfect. Recommend.
essieh More than 1 year ago
I don’t know how best to sum up this book by Dr. Linnea Mills as it covers so much and goes into such detail… but I was really impressed with it, and I kept liking it the more and more I read. I admit there were times where it did feel a bit repetitive and perhaps could have used some paring down in some parts… there is some dense sections that I felt covered a lot of territory and I really needed to go slow and fully take it all in. But while I was reading this, I kept experiencing such a wonderful feeling of understanding and hope… like there is always a positive side to the negative, there is hope and things can and should have more focus on being aligned with the “Heavenly Virtues” side, instead of falling to the “Deadly Sins” side. Liked hearing the good stories (like generosity of billionaires) to balance out the negative. I am very familiar with modern society and pop culture, but I found there were things DR. Mills covers in this book that I hadn’t considered before that I felt really spoke to me. Recommend for fans of philosophy and political nonfiction. Suitable for teens and older.
KMatthews More than 1 year ago
there were so many things I loved about this book “I Spy With My Little Eye…” – in fact I am going to add it to my “favorites of 2017 list”. But I think what I liked the most about this book by Dr. Linnea Mills was just the easy, natural tone in which she imparts her message in such an easy-to-understand and entirely relatable way, regardless of what country you live in (I’m in USA). It may draw on British people/places/events, but the messages resonate, regardless of geography. There is a lot narrative and it reads as a straight nonfiction most of the time, but there is also a way she writes where it is more like a ‘conversation’ asking/answering questions and explaining ideas in an allegorical manner and with real life examples. This helped to prevent any real monotony and speed up the flow. Although I identify as Christian, I’m certainly not very ‘religious’, and despite the way this book is crafted, it isn’t either – with regards to the Deadly Sins/Heavenly Virtues angle. Mills questions and dissects each element, and makes it relate to life on an everyday level, even in ways we might not realize. I particularly liked the way she pulled direct quotes and events from pop culture to illustrate her points. A profound, carefully researched book that answered so many questions I didn’t even know I had! Seemed to be very well edited and put together, and I can see this being taught in a college philosophy class or discussed in Book Clubs. Recommend.
SherriWarner More than 1 year ago
first, I will say up front that I am an American and not a Christian, so at first, I thought I wouldn’t be the target audience for this book at all based on the description and the chapter titles. But I decided to read this with an unbiased mind as I am always willing to learn something new, and totally giving myself permission to quit if it didn’t grab me and keep my interest. I had many, many opinions and reactions while reading this, mostly positive, and was surprised at just how real and relatable it all sounded. Dr. Linnea Mills’ well-researched narrative flowed seamlessly, and the writing was very good. Visually, the formatting was lovely and overall this was a pleasant, even enlightening reading experience. I must have highlighted a few dozen passages at least. One of my favorite lines was “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but of thinking of yourself less”. Love it. I’d recommend even to those who don’t normally read this sort of thing…try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and will learn something new!