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I Suffer for Jesus' Sake

I Suffer for Jesus' Sake

by Stanley Ole Lotegeluaki


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"Cheddar Man, Britians oldest skeleton had dark skin, DNA shows. London- He had dark skin, brown curly hair & blue eyes, DNA tests suggest, upending a common assumption that Britains indigenous populations were all pale skinned with fair features." Cheddar Man " Scientists have now reconstructed his features, demonstrating that he was part of a population of ancient Western Europeans that, scientists have shown in recent years, had dark skin. Research has shown that fair skin pigmentation- long considered a defining feature of Europe- only goes back less than 6000 years. " - NewYork Times Feb 7th 2018." That was a direct quote from the NewYork Times today & this ends the problem of racism once & for all. All people at one time were brown or black & being white is only about 6000+/- years old. This is important to Africa who have been demonized by the West & Nazi thinking. What would Hitler think if he knew that 6000 years ago his precious Race was black. What about the K,K,K and NeoNazi's and Alt Right of today? What are their thoughts seeing that 6000+/- years ago we were all black? This ends the white purity problem, knowing that all people have black genes in them & that the White race did not exist past 6000+/- years ago. What color were Adam and Eve? They existed 7000 years ago. Also in the description of the book- The SWarm- Panafricanism, I explained that we all came from one black Mitochondria Eve 200, 000+/- years ago. So when black Africans look at the White Dutch Afrikaaner, they should know that 6000 years ago the White Dutch Afrikaaner were black. We only have a 6000 year difference between us. So they are brethren, & the white NorthAfrican are brethren for they too were black 6000 years ago. We only have a 6000 year pigmentation difference & we all- the entire human race was in one womb- 200,000 years ago in Mitochondria Eve. Hitler if he heard that, will turn over in his grave, & all Nazi's have been proven wrong. What color will the human race be in another 6000 years? " What may seem a truth- that people who feel British should have white skin- througout time its not all something that is an immutable truth" said Yoan Diekmann, a biologist at University College London who took part in the research. Researchers studying the skin of living people have been able to determine how some variants influence pigmentation. When humans arose in Africa 300,000 years ago, recent research shows, they had a mixture of light and dark variants. Humans first arrived in Europe from Africa about 45,000 years ago. Western hunter gatherers migrated from the Near East much later, mostly replacing the Europeans already there. Researchers studying a Spanish 7000 year old fossil first discovered that at least some Western hunter gatherers were most likely dark skinned and blue eyed. Later research confirmed this finding." NYTimes. Eventually the variants for lighter skin prevailed and now we have the Europeans being called White. But this news is mindboggling to the Southerner in the U.S.A. & to the K.K.K. and to Shepherd;s Chapel and other Aryan nation fans. Yes we are all black and whiteness is only 6000+/- years old. I could be wrong in the time scale involved, but the Arc of scienctific history is generally in my favor. We are all Africans, and we are all black. What color was Adam and Eve? WE black people have suffered for nothing. We suffered for Jesus sake. I met Jesus & I have His picture on the book "Infinte Jesus". Jesus is not black but in Revelation 1:15 Jesus symbolically has feet of brass. There are Cambodian Angels and there are black Angels, Angels of all races in heaven. Jesus will eliminate racism on earth once and for all at the S. Coming. Note the Dravidians of India. Kush the child of Ham did not turn black, actually it was everybody else who turned white. Jesus truth. This is outrageous Christianity, but true.

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