I Want God: Forever Changed by the Revival of Your Soul

I Want God: Forever Changed by the Revival of Your Soul

by Lisa Whittle
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I Want God: Forever Changed by the Revival of Your Soul 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"God calls us to scary places we can't understand, and we must have an open heart to take the leap with Him." Lisa described so many women that I know who are afraid to make the leap - they hedge themselves in nice and comfortable with their "hair did" and gel manicures and try to take care of all their wants, but their true need is that they want God. That empty spot that's left after the "needs" are taken care of and that's where Lisa's book points the reader to God. It's about stepping out and wanting something different for your life and getting over the selfishness of this post-modern crazy world - just be prepared that God will stretch you, He'll change you, and you'll never be the same again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sometimes I think Lisa can read my mind. It's like she literally takes the jumbled thoughts in my head and puts them down on paper... but in a non-mixed-up way, a way that I can finally understand. This book is about getting down to the CORE of what we want. It's not about church. It's not about the idea of wanting God because we want to get something from Him. It's about coming to a place where we realize what we truly want... and what we SHOULD want. It is about revival. Our individual soul revivals (and I mean the kind with true life change) will bring a corporate revival to this nation quicker than any church service will. I'm so thankful for Lisa's genuine writing, how she pours her heart onto the pages. It is obvious that she wrote this book out of a genuine I-Want-God experience. Want to go deeper in your relationship with God? This is a definite must-read! (And if you haven't read Lisa's book, {w}hole, that needs to be the one you read after this one!) :) - Paula Ebert
SL_Elliott More than 1 year ago
.Thank you Lisa Whittle.... for showing me how being lost in life, in the world and it's ways, and even in myself, is keeping me from the most important being in life. Wanting God most is the only way that my soul will be revived and I will find there is no limit to what I will do for Him. Take a journey through this book and see that comfort, popularity, logic and reason, and blessings don't hold a candle to connecting your soul to the one that loves you most. This is a great read for your own soul searching, or a group book study. Be ready to face reality and have your heart and soul revived by the one you need most in life!
KellyGreer More than 1 year ago
I want God! I really do. More than anything. But life has a way of creeping in and screaming for attention until I find myself in a dry season or a season of confusion or disappointment. It doesn't take long until I figure out what is missing. God! I have put God down my list and drifted into a sea of nothing that satisfies. Lisa's book is an easy read and gives us sound encouragement to return to our first love when we find ourselves in these seasons of dissatisfaction because God is more than enough in all seasons. Let the true desires of your heart be met by God and let Lisa's words help you move from a season of lack to a season of abundance with God. He is all we need. I'm keeping this book close at hand!
KimTeamer More than 1 year ago
I Want God by Lisa Whittle is a must read as far as I am concerned. It's the type of book that you want to keep with you and refer back to over and over again. The appeal of this book is huge. Lisa communicates in such a real and wholly authentic way. I love that! She writes so openly, very much in the way people think but don't talk about aloud.  Reading this book will definitely encourage, inspire, and teach those who truly want more. Rating: 5/5Recommend: YesBookshelf Worthy: YesOther: Ideal for book club, spiritual enrichment studies, and women's ministry class An e-copy of this title was made available for review in exchange for an honest critique.(less)
JViola79 More than 1 year ago
Sometimes we all need a reminder or encouragement to dig deeper into our relationship with God. Lisa Whittle gives us the push we need to get quiet & find our way back to a vibrant walk with God. Lisa writes with a transparency which will guide the reader into a knowledge of who God is & why we want Him in our life, more and more. Wonderful book for personal reflection and/or small group as she includes questions for reflection.
quaintinns More than 1 year ago
I WANT GOD, The Thrill of an Untamed Faith, (Stirring Your Soul Revival Within) by Lisa Whittle is a “must read”, for women of all ages “wanting” (not needing) to know God on a more personal and exciting level. Because deep down, we are all selfish, making time for things we are passionate about. And even the things we know we need, we do not always get, because we do not really WANT them. Like everything in our lives as far as exercise, taking care of our health, better communications with family, career, etc. – until the WANT matches the NEED, NOTHING will ever change. Needing without wanting is just really a good idea that never sees light. There are things we want more than God, that keep us from wanting Him most. Those are the things which consume us. We need to identify them, pray and get rid of them. I WANT GOD is an inspiring guide to help us along the way- identify those things which get in the way, for a radical change. I WANT GOD is not a book to read once; however, one to keep as reference and guide, for daily reinforcement --to keep us on track. This was my first book by Lisa, and loved her fresh, honest, and real life-lessons’ approach. She has her flaws and fears, like all of us. I WANT GOD, is not about preaching or pushing religion down your throat. It is about being filled with joy, hope, purpose, and passion for GOD, with life changing steps, to help restore us to God--then He can begin his miraculous work within us. It is realizing people who live all out for GOD are not superior or more special, they have experienced something good and kept going back for it. (Similar to turning vegan, or exercising, etc….and reaping the rewards). You can be quiet or loud about the success. Stepping out of okay into the MORE. God can use anyone. If we only knew how amazing a life with God tasted, we would stop fighting so hard to stay comfortable and safe. So how do we start this revival for God in the midst of comfort? We put ourselves in positions that constantly expose us to the transformative work of God. Then we will know better. And our tastes will eventually change. COMFORT hinders us from spiritual mobility. (Loved this section)! What comfort does to us: sabotages the things we really want---Future dreams, peace, fulfillment, spiritual mobility, joy. We become enslaved by its rules. We live for comfort----we make our immediate need for comfort the priority. If God is ever going to invade our insides, and do that powerful work we groan for, we are going to have to stop sabotaging it by insulating ourselves to the point where neither He, nor we can move. There are so many things out there to scream for our attention – we have to choose what is more important. This short, yet powerful read is filled with call outs, anecdotes, references, insightful scripture, and at the end of each chapter helpful Questions for Reflection, and Take Your Own Inventory study guides. Ideal for study groups, or your own personal daily guide. RIGHT NOW is a great moment to start a new journey. Very much enjoyed this insightful and dynamic guidebook. Looking forward to following this author and reading more! A special thank you to Harvest House Publishers and NetGalley for an ARC (pub. Oct 1, 2014), in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.