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I Want It Now

I Want It Now

3.7 4
by Syndey Molare

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There's nothing hotter than a woman who knows what she wants in the bedroom—or anywhere that turns her on. In this intensely erotic collection, three lusty ladies satisfy their wildest desires—over and over again....

I Want It Now

She has everything but the husband, so Dina does what any red-blooded modern woman would do—she mail orders a


There's nothing hotter than a woman who knows what she wants in the bedroom—or anywhere that turns her on. In this intensely erotic collection, three lusty ladies satisfy their wildest desires—over and over again....

I Want It Now

She has everything but the husband, so Dina does what any red-blooded modern woman would do—she mail orders a gorgeous stranger to call her own. Hard-bodied and over six feet tall, Dubois knows just how to use his hands and mouth to keep Dina moaning for more... If sex is a game, Chaz and Elena are master players. Nothing is taboo, they can live out any fantasy they desire, anytime, anywhere—as long as they do it with each other... Topaz is ready for some one-on-one action. The problem is, how to choose between her three husbands? There's only one way to narrow it down: put each man's talents to the test, one scorching lovemaking session at a time....

"A sizzling smorgasbord of dishes that whet the appetite for more, more, more! The characters are hot, sexy and passionate. This book will definitely keep you satisfied." —Romantic Times on Satisfy Me Tonight

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I Want It Now

By Sydney Molare


Copyright © 2010 Sydney Molare
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-7582-3896-2

Chapter One


There are many types-big, small, inconsequential, and life changing. Mine is the latter: definitely life changing ... for me, for my world.

I smoothed the foundation over my face and added eye shadow and blush. A touch of gloss to the lips and I was ready to get dressed. The panty/bra set was electric blue with lace frothing everywhere. I needed to lose a few pounds but I wasn't unhappy with the woman in the mirror. The dress I wore was an iridescent ecru, form-fitting and tasteful for the day ahead.

My mind whirled with thoughts of what I was doing. Was I crazy? Would my family and colleagues laugh their asses off? Was this the biggest mistake of my life? Who knew? I'd committed myself, and I prided myself on going through with my commitments; therefore, I was in until the sink capsized and pulled me along in its undertow.

The ride to the dock was sweet. The sun shone in the sky, the air was warm for a March morning, and traffic was light and moving well. Nothing to complain about. I found a spot to park in that wasn't far enough away to cause blisters to form on my heels from the walk. I took a few deep gulps of air to calm myself and gathered up the necessary papers before I exited. Armed with everything I needed to get this adventure under way, I lifted my chin and strode confidently toward Landing Dock 7.

Get ready, 'cause here I come!

I could see the large ocean liner, the Bravado, being secured to the dock by strong-armed, strong-backed men. I thought the name of the ship was fitting because what I was doing required tons of bravado on my part. From the first time I'd spotted the ad to the inquiry to the follow-through, no one would have thought I'd have this type of moxie. Not Dina Charles. My image to family and friends usually made them think cute, brainy, but definitely one to be overlooked. Not anymore, folks!

The ship's horn blew loud and long before the gangplank was attached. Family and friends of the passengers began cheering with expectancy of viewing their loved ones. As the first passengers disembarked, my heart began a heavy thudding against the back of my breasts. I had the fleeting thought to run, but I willed my feet to stay still.

I was jostled from behind. I shifted as a voice asked, "Waiting for your boyfriend?"

Startled, I turned and looked into a pale, sunburned face wearing sunglasses and a wide smile. It's true: smiles make you smile. And I did. Widely. "Not quite."

"That's a curious answer." The sunglasses were removed, revealing aquamarine eyes. "Usually the women proclaim loudly they are waiting for their husbands, boyfriends, fathers, or brothers." He tilted his head in question.

"I know. I like being a bit different." I was also feeling a bit unnerved by this inquisitive stranger. I don't mind chitchat, it just wasn't the day or time for it for me. Thankfully, the first passengers had reached the level of the dock, and the crowd surged toward them. I was torn away from the man and moved along with the tide of people.

Suddenly, I spotted him. There was no mistaking the hunk of a man standing a head taller than the others around him. He looked just like the photo he'd sent. Actually, he looked way yummier than the photo. Thank God. So many times, people used "old" photos of themselves in their prime. They failed to give you the new, gravity-dropped version, instead allowed you to be surprised by the variations present in the "current" them versus the "when I was in top shape" one. I waited, watching as he reached the platform. A man I hadn't noticed before-probably since he was much shorter and smaller-spoke to him and they both began scanning the crowd. I waited until their heads turned in my direction before I waved.

Our eyes locked. I could see his pupils dilate, nostrils flare from where I stood, and I swear, I felt a bolt of electricity zap through my body in response. Both of our feet moved simultaneously, first steps, then I was running into his open, waiting arms. As he leaned down, thick biceps enclosed me, picked me up, swung me around. I felt like I'd finally reached ... home. I clung to him, a feeling I'd never experienced with anyone I hadn't known for a while.

Who knew how long I was spun, wordless, before we heard a throat clear and a heavily accented voice saying, "Well, this is one of the best first meetings I've ever seen." I pulled my head from wide shoulders as the blush crept up my throat. I kept my eyes downcast but the arms refused to place my feet on the ground. "This bodes well for your future. Very good indeed. Dubois, please let Ms. Charles down."

"Must I?" His breath blew against my still down-turned face, making me glance up. Yep, my first impression was confirmed: His parents must be artisans, because he was a specimen carved perfectly from muscle, blood, and bone.

"Yes. We have a tight schedule, and unless Ms. Charles has any objections, I plan to accomplish everything required today." The small man looked at me and bowed. "I'm Simon Daughter, Esquire, at your service. I'll be consummating the contract and handling any questions that may arise until I leave tomorrow evening."

Hands were on my waist, shifting me until I was face-to-face. I looked up, up, up into his twinkling eyes. "And I'm Dubois, your new husband ... to be."

Chapter Two

That's correct. I've bought me a bona fide, flesh-and-blood, hunky-as-hell, mail-order husband. Yep, this secret will definitely stun, amaze, trip out, and even irritate those in and around Dina's World. My grin could have lit up Grand Central Station during a power outage. "You sure are." We stood there grinning like we'd been together for a minute. I don't know, life felt right. If he was an axe murderer or wrong, I wasn't getting any negative signs from the heavens above.

"Shall we get started?" Simon asked.

"Sure," we both said together.

"Follow me, then."

"How was the trip?" I asked as we followed Simon to wherever. Simon walked fast and with purpose, so he'd obviously been here before.

"It was good. I'd never been on a ship for two weeks before, but the ride was good. No storms that made me seasick." I loved his thick British accent and concise English.

"You're better than me. I took a three-day cruise and spent most of it making love to the porcelain goddess."


There I go with that bad habit of using the slang language I'd picked up from my students. "The toilet. Sometimes when you are ill, people jokingly refer to the toilet as the porcelain goddess since we spend a lot of time paying homage during that particular time."

"Oh. The loo is the porcelain goddess. You Americans are truly ... unique."


"Could you two keep close?" Simon was standing ahead, tapping his gleaning shoe's toe on the ground. "We are expected in two minutes, and I do hate to be late." Censure was in his eyes.

This grown woman definitely felt chastised. "Yessir!"

Dubois squeezed my hand as I picked up the pace. "Simon is all bark. We are why he is here, not vice versa." He was correct. I slowed down.

Soon we found ourselves inside a small room that resembled a chapel. A ruddy-faced, bearded man conversed briefly with Simon before striding over to where we stood. "I'm Captain Mark Tooney and I'll be performing the ceremony."

"Good to meet you."


"Great. Do you have your paperwork, Ms. Charles?"

"I sure do." I opened my purse and pulled out the required papers. "Here you go."

The captain studied the papers for a few moments before he nodded and said, "Everything appears to be in order. If you will step this way."

When he began positioning us, I stopped him. "Please. I need a moment. Where is the ladies' room?" I knew my wedding was unconventional, but I wanted to look the best I could for it.

"Of course. It's out those doors and down the hallway. Take your time."

I thanked him and strode toward the doors he'd indicated. As I reached for the metal handle, a hand covered mine. "Allow me." I hadn't realized Dubois had followed, but I was more than happy to see that chivalry was not dead. I stood to the side as he opened the door, then followed me through and stopped just inside the hallway. "I need to freshen up a bit myself. But I'll be waiting here for you upon your return."

Damn! He was definitely winning cool points all around. Oops. Got to stop the slang, even in my mind. After all, if I think it, I'll eventually speak it. I nodded and entered the bathroom. I touched up my makeup, released my hair from the pins holding it, and brushed it out and straightened my dress. After spritzing on more perfume, I removed the gold band I'd purchased for Dubois. Ready.

He was relaxing against the wall as I exited but stood upright immediately. "You look wonderful," he said, eyes looking me all over.

"You do, too." He'd changed into a cream suit that set his dark skin off to perfection. In his hands, he held a bouquet of red roses. "For you. I didn't know if you'd bring your own bridal flowers, so I brought some ... just in case."

I hadn't remembered the flowers, and they were just what I needed for the day. "I didn't remember, and they are lovely." I took the offered flowers, feeling my heart begin that now familiar thudding in my chest. "Thank you."

"You are more than welcome. Shall we?" He offered me his arm. I slid my arm into the crook. "Of course."

The ceremony was a bit of a blur since so many other thoughts were churning through my head. I do remember reciting the vows, but it was when Captain Tooney said, "You may now kiss your bride" that I truly focused. I was feeling quite shy about our first kiss. However, Dubois was not shy as he pulled me to his chest and his lips fit over mine. I was planning on a chaste kiss, and apparently so was Dubois. His tongue remained in his mouth as our lips slid over each other, softly, teasing with promise behind them.

We pulled apart-reluctantly-with big smiles on our faces. If this was the warm-up, the consummation was going to be the bomb! Drat! There I go again.

"Okay, you guys are officially married. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Dubois Harrington!" Canned music began playing and we turned and walked back down the empty aisle and out into the hallway.

"Dina, I hope to make you the happiest woman alive." Dubois grabbed me up again, his lips on mine, but this time the kiss was a bit different. His tongue snaked out, twisting and flipping my tongue into complicity, and in no time I found myself sucking his tongue deep, biting his lips, running my hands up and down his back.

The clearing of a throat was the only thing that stopped us from peeling off our "good clothes" and doing the nasty right there. We turned to a smiling Simon holding papers in his hands.

"I'll need your signatures here." He held out the marriage certificate, which we both signed. I smiled at the Old World calligraphy penmanship of Dubois. "Now ... let's have a celebratory dinner, and I'll need to go over the last-minute details."

We all loaded into my car and I drove to a restaurant across town, the Queen's Tearoom. After we'd been seated, Simon pulled out the contract I'd filled in more than six months ago and began. "Dina, Dubois, again congratulations." We nodded. "Dina, according to the contract, there is a thirty-day, half-rate, money-back guarantee with this marriage. If after thirty days, if either of you is not satisfied or wishes to leave this marriage, please let me know. The marriage will be annulled. Dubois will then return to Extania with you paying his return fare home. Are you both clear on that?"

Simon's talk was sobering indeed. Either of you ... This was no one-way street. I could reject or be rejected. "I am." I turned to look at Dubois, who also was no longer smiling.

"I am also."

"Good. After the thirty-day period, no money is refundable and no passage home is guaranteed." He looked at each of us slowly. "You must then do as any other married couple does: Work hard to stay married." I gulped in spite of myself. "Any questions?" We both shook our heads. "Great. Let's eat!"

Chapter Three

We dropped Simon off at his hotel before heading to my room. As was fitting for the occasion, I'd secured the bridal suite. The bellboy lifted Dubois's duffle bag and escorted us to our room. As I started to walk inside, Dubois stopped me with a hand on my arm. I gave him a puzzled look. "No, Mrs. Harrington. We are going to do this correctly." With that, he picked me up and walked with me in his arms across the threshold. He slowly placed me back on the floor. "I plan to do everything correctly," he whispered, eyes hooded, before planting another delicious kiss on my lips.

Blood whooshed through me. I was so ready for the bellboy to be gone, gone, gone! Dubois tipped him and closed the door. He turned to me, unbuttoning the top button of his shirt. "Ready for ... us?" His fingers were soft as he stroked my chin and down the center of my chest.

My ears began ringing and my heart stuttered as his fingers rubbed my now hot skin. "I-I think so." He lifted his fingers and I leaned in, wanting them back in contact with my flesh.

"I think so, too." Dubois turned me, slowly pulled me to his chest. "I know we just met-officially-so ... why not take it slow? Let's get to know each other before we jump into sex," he whispered against my neck.

Oooh. He'd read me well. Dubois and I had corresponded regularly, so I felt as though I knew this man, could trust this man. But I have to admit, I wasn't a jump-in-the-bed-at-a-moment's-notice type of girl. The fact is, the wedding night and what I would actually do had bothered me quite a bit. Yes, this was a far-fetched idea-one which I'd paid for dearly with my hard-earned money-but still, an unfamiliar penis just didn't sit well with me. So I was a bit relieved at the offer to go slow instead of consummating the marriage upon sight ... even if my starving pussy was screaming for some hardness to marinate in its wetness. "I think that's a great idea."

I felt his smile spread on my neck. "I totally agree."

Fingers brushed against my lower back, sending frissons of excitement down my spine. "But ... there are some ... skills ... I didn't mention." My dress was bunched in the back as his large hands roamed up and down my spine.

"Really? Like?"

"Making love to a woman with her clothes on."

I shivered in joy. I was happy I would actually get a "preview" of the sex, and thus his true character, before the actual sex.

His lips pulled at my earlobe, hands roamed across my back. My nipples puckered, clit began a slow throb. Dubois's tongue slid from my earlobe to the back of my neck, and he began to lick across my shoulder. Firm hands held me as his tongue reached the indentation in my throat, swirled around and around. I moaned.

Dubois turned me, let my back rest against his broad chest. My nipples, unmashed now, rose like frozen buttons in the cool room air. Dubois saw. I watched his hand slide upward, cover the stiff points, warm them with his fingers. I covered his hands, wanting to feel him milk my tits. He took his time strumming the soft mounds, teasing my nipples, whispering unidentifiable words in another language.

This felt better than I could have ever imagined. My head rolled around; my body hummed in anticipation of his next move.

Fingers tap-danced across my belly and down a thigh. He squeezed, then stroked my thigh, causing my dress to ride up. He hesitated when he felt the exposed flesh between my garter and hosiery. I smiled as he looked down.

"You weren't expecting that, huh?" I teased. No high-waisted pantyhose for this chick. The garter and hose might cost more, but heck, I'm worth it.

"Definitely not." The dress was lifted higher until my panties peeked out. His eyes roamed over me appreciatively. "God, woman, you are beautiful." He licked his lips, causing my clit to jump.

"Thank you," I whispered.


Excerpted from I Want It Now by Sydney Molare Copyright © 2010 by Sydney Molare. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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I Want It Now 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Joanna_Terrero More than 1 year ago
When I started to read, I want it now, from Sydney Molare, I was expecting pure erotica, a simple entwinement of sizzling body parts. Lucky me, Sydney Molare took her time to develop appealing characters and plausible plots in the three stories included in I want it now. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of great sex, often and detailedly. We also get a touching and entertaining book, which I had a great time reading. It's like a modern woman's fantasy coming true. I certainly recommend this book, and I will be looking forward to read more from this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
"You've Got Male." Dina knows her family and friends would ridicule her, but she has everything going for her, she feels lonely as she has no man in her life. Taking a chance she purchases a mail-order husband. Dubois has received years of hands on training on how to please a woman. "Fiending for It." Happily married, Elena challenges Chaz to an anything goes at any time sex contest. Chaz readily agrees. The couple begins their sexual fantasy match. "Becoming One." Topaz and her closest female friends form the Women Are Polygamists Too group as each likes several male partners. Topaz finds three husbands able to make her come, but can't select just one as each makes the lovemaking heavenly. I Want It Now contains three heated humorous novellas that fans of erotic romances will appreciate although some of the scenarios read implausible. Harriet Klausner