"I Want To Be Just Like You": "No You Don't"

by Carolyn D. White-Mosley


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"I Want To Be Just Like You": "No You Don't" by Carolyn D. White-Mosley

This book is written as a guide to the misguided individual, seeking solutions for their unanswered questions. Uniquely compiled of "Lessons Learned", many may find that reading each chapter will provide them a clear understanding of how the definition of 'Love' is often tainted by generational ignorance.
Cmo, the name of the main character, is an individual victimized by abuse. Her story is written to shed light on the issues that arise daily, with both men and women. Her life is documented to reflect a lack of compassion and a deficiency in the skill of parenting, and how these two subjects combined can have a major influence on the way a person survives. No, parenting does not come with a manual because we [as parents] are not perfect. However, covering up our mistakes or not acknowledging our wrongs in the presence of our children can cause confusion and distrust. "Do as I say, not as I do" is a phrase often spoken by parents, but we fail to understand that our children mimic our actions. Allow your child to see you make mistakes, but also show them how to correct it. Cmo means "see more". You may see yourself in Cmo, and if so, don't allow your actions to continue on, seek help. We, as parents, are not alone; there are individuals suffering from the same mental abuse, social abuse, and physical abuse as Cmo and her family; but never faced the issues head on. Cmo lived the pain and decided 'enough is enough'; and so can you.
To that end, the Author's main purpose consists of clarifying the concept "LOVE" to each individual reader. "Learning Our Value Everyday" revisits the idea of self -appreciation. Embrace your flaws, they're the prefect little imperfects that make you unique in all of your ways. Stop trying to be like others, because you don't know the struggles they've gone through; know your worth. The Author's message to all is: "I Thank God for Who I am, Yes I do." Take the negative words, negative vibes, negative thinking, and negative emotions away from the equation, and replace them with positive reinforcements. Begin to walk in peace, love, and confidence, only then would you have learned the progression of self-improvement. 'Self' is the focus of life; life is the focus of love.
LOVE: "Learning Our Value Every Day."
UNDERSTAND: Self-love.
LEARNING: Appreciation, Forgiveness, Compassion.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780991627004
Publisher: Carolyn's Love
Publication date: 03/02/2014
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.54(d)

About the Author

I Want To Be Just Like You... "No You Don't" is a riveting tale about a girl named Cmo who, throughout her entire life, experienced several forms of abuse. She struggled with learning how to love and be loved, until her life drastically changed, and she was forced to recognize who she had become. By finding herself, and the love that she so desperately yearned for; she was able to rectify her mistakes and live life through the concept of "LOVE 'Learning Our Value Everyday." This book was written to inspire and enlighten those individuals who are going through similar situations. For the brokenhearted, confused, neglected, unloved, and abused; these words are dedicated to you. Allow Cmo's story to be your motivation and find your peace in God. Implement a foundation that is deeply rooted in faith. You have to trust and believe that there is a way out; and know that you are LOVED.

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