I Will Always Love You: Book 7: Pointe Royal Series

I Will Always Love You: Book 7: Pointe Royal Series

by Lee Wardlow


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Tegan Francis O'Halloran was eighteen years old, on top of the world. He was going to college at the University of Cincinnati. He was crazy in love. Then it all came crashing down on him.

Rhett called him on the phone. She no longer loved him. That is the day his world fell apart. He fell apart. That part of him that made him a caring human being switched into off mode. He no longer gave a shit. He drank too much when that didn't make the hurt go away he slept with whatever willing female would sleep with him and there were lots of them. That still didn't dull the pain of losing her.

That was almost ten years ago. Tegan still had a thing for Rhett Martin. She was going to show up at his apartment tonight to pick up his sister Scarlett. They were all going downtown for a bachelorette party. Tegan and Rhett would be awkward as they always were. They would pretend that it didn't still hurt. At least he would. He didn't actually know what Rhett was thinking or feeling anymore. He actually never knew what Rhett had been thinking from the day she broke up with him.

He knew that he still loved her and he always would.

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