I Will Be Gracious

I Will Be Gracious

by Karl W. Sawyer



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I Will Be Gracious by Karl W. Sawyer

I will be gracious is God's character enveloped in his mercy and love for mankind to save him. Grace overlooks man's sins in his effort to draw him close to his throne of mercy where he can find forgiveness. God's mercy seat veils the law hidden in the ark below. It cannot be seen and it is not referred to by God to the sinner. Any mention of the law would frustrate God's grace and prevent the sinner from approaching God's throne of mercy.

And this is how forgiveness works, not for the sinner to first repent for 'nailing Christ to the cross' as he has been told by the church, but that he is innocent of this crime against the seat of mercy and its unconditional forgiveness for him there. Only God's goodness contained in his seat of mercy is what leads the sinner's heart to turn away from sin.

Christ's justice does not open the ark to reveal the hidden law inside to lift it up before man, above his seat of mercy, to reveal his sins against it. Neither does Christ examine the books and roll of the sinner based on his past sins against his law. But Christ's justice will keep the sinner's books closed at his throne. The goodness of the Lord is heard saying "I will be gracious" to the sinner. God's grace 'blots out' the sins of man with his seat of mercy which covers over them.

The attention of the sinner is drawn to the two cherubs atop the mercy seat. Their wings are stretched forth as they reverently bow in prayerful worship on God's gold standard of mercy for man. Faith is borne in the heart of the sinner when he believes the truth of God's throne of mercy for him and not judgment. All fear is completely cast out of man's heart by God's grace, enveloped in mercy.

The sinner now beholds the man Jesus Christ presiding above his seat of mercy. God's love for the sinner rises above his mercy, allowing the sinner complete access and an unobstructed view of it, drawing him closer to it. The goodness of the Lord is heard at his throne saying: "I will have mercy" on the sinner, leading his heart to repentance to also bow his knees in worship of God's seat of mercy which has saved him.

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ISBN-13: 9781498413602
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 09/25/2014
Pages: 196
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