I Will Make You Pay

I Will Make You Pay

by Teresa Driscoll


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Every Wednesday, like clockwork, the terror returns.

It seems like an ordinary Wednesday, until the phone rings. A mysterious caller with a chilling threat. Journalist Alice Henderson hangs up, ready to dismiss it as a hoax against the newspaper. But the next Wednesday, the stalker makes another move—and it becomes clear that this is all about Alice.

Someone wants her to suffer, but for what? Her articles have made her a popular local champion—could it be her past rather than her work that’s put her life in danger? Alice is determined not to give in to fear, but with the police investigation at a dead end, her boyfriend insists on hiring private investigator Matthew Hill.

With every passing Wednesday the warnings escalate, until it’s not only Alice but also her family in the stalker’s sights. As her tormentor closes in, can Alice uncover what she’s being punished for before the terrifying threats become an unthinkable reality?

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ISBN-13: 9781542092234
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 10/10/2019
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 218,888
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

For more than twenty-five years as a journalist—including fifteen years as a BBC TV news presenter—Teresa Driscoll followed stories into the shadows of life. Covering crime for so long, she watched and was deeply moved by all the ripples each case caused, and the haunting impact on the families, friends and witnesses involved. It’s those ripples that she explores in her darker fiction.

Teresa lives in beautiful Devon with her family. She writes women’s fiction as well as thrillers and her novels have been sold for translation in twenty languages. You can find out more about her books on her website, www.teresadriscoll.com, or by following her on Twitter @TeresaDriscoll or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TeresaDriscollAuthor.

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I Will Make You Pay 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 83 reviews.
Philomath_in_Phila 7 days ago
‏I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book so I could give an honest review. Teresa Driscoll's most popular book is I am Watching You. Her latest thriller is I Will Make You Pay. Enjoying an earlier book, The Promise, as much as I did, I was excited to have the opportunity to review her new novel. In I Will Make You Pay Journalist Alice Henderson receives a threatening phone call while at work. Dismissing it as a hoax, she hangs up. Exactly one week later, it becomes apparent it is not a hoax. Alice should be worried. Alice's family should be worried. Alice should be worried for and about her family. The twists and turns work. The characters are fully developed and likable. The story flows so well it was hard to find a stopping point. I ended staying awake much later than I should have on a work night. However, the story was worth it and did not disappoint. After thoroughly enjoying both The Promise and I Will Make You Pay, I added other books by Teresa Driscoll to my "want to read" list. If she keeps writing thrilling books like the two I read, I will continue reading them. Read my review for The Promise at http://philomathinphila.com/2019/02/28/the-promise-by-teresa-driscoll/. This 200-word review was published on Philomathinphila.com on 1/21/2020.
Ms-Hurst 3 months ago
When I think of this book I think...OK. It was OK. The villain was pretty easy to guess. The reason was the only really surprise. And the red herrings were pretty obvious. I did read to the end to see if what was what I thought it was. The characters were kind of cliched. The story was promising but a bit boring. I can see why some people may nave liked this book more than I did, but I think I may have reached my saturation point with this kind of story.
DebBaillie 4 months ago
Really well written book. Scary and realistic, I felt like I was experiencing the fear that Alice was feeling as she was being stalked. And I never guessed who the stalker was till the author told me at the end of the book! Definitely a page turner but I would have liked some lighter bits in the story... it was quite dark and a little sad. Highly recommended reading in any case.
Amy Wheeler 6 months ago
This book is well written but it was not a fast-paced thriller in any regard. The initial threating phone call from the stalker was not frightening to me so I had trouble building fear from it. It was odd and with a voice, changer may be a bit creepy, but the threat itself... was not scary. I think the only thing that was a bit eerie was just the idea that one day of the week would be a day of dread since the stalker only focused his stalking on Wednesdays. This story is broken into short scenes from the POV of the victim, Alice, the investigator, Matthew, and Him, who we assume is the stalker. Honestly, the best character in the book I felt the most emotion for was the stalker. To the point that I wanted to follow the poor boy's journey to revenge for his abuses. It was much more intriguing and he was so vulnerable and raw. I stuck with this one because I was hoping the connection between Alice and her stalker would be clever or unexpected but I dreaded that I knew the twist very early. It was too obvious. Still, I won't say I didn't enjoy the book at all. It was a fast read in the sense that chapters flowed swiftly but I found that I could not understand why the book spent so much time with the private investigator character Matthew and his two-year-old getting ready for work. It had nothing to do with the plot but I kept thinking for some reason it did. I kept wondering what was going to happen to that man's little girl and how did it connect? It didn't. And that was odd. Eventually, that made me feel like these separate POVs were telling different stories. I didn't really care about his domestic chores by the time I realized it had zero to do with the plot. As for the main character, Alice, I did like her character and the professional and private world she was encased in. Overall this is not a thriller. It's a commentary on stalking, which is a valid and serious subject. I think the scenes written about Matthew's fatherhood struggles were endearing but useless and really just one of those scenes would have set the character up. He didn't need to overcome the terrible twos while hunting a stalker. BTW, it is also nice when a detective or investigator actually solves some part of the mystery during the book and I kept waiting for Matthew who we are to believe is smart to connect something. He never really did other than to have a slight tiny hunch their suspect wasn' the guy. I like when the competence of a character is prooven in clues and evidence. Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for allowing me to read this book in exchange for my honest review.
BlondeswithBooks 6 months ago
This story begins when Alice, a journalist, receives a threatening phone call at work. At first everyone around her tries to convince her it is a one-off and not to take it too seriously. However, every Wednesday after that phone call something happens and it is clear that Alice is the target. Her boyfriend Tom hires a private investigator to trail her every move on Wednesdays as that is always the day her stalker makes contact. When the private investigator learns Alice has been withholding big pieces of information from him and the police, he isn’t sure what to think. He doesn’t feel right walking away from Alice, especially as the threats escalate, but he also doesn’t know who is responsible. Is it someone from her past looking for revenge? How can he keep Alice safe? I read I Am Watching You from Teresa Driscoll and really enjoyed it. When I saw she has another book out, I wanted to read it and had high hopes going in. The author shares she had a situation with a stalker in her early days as a journalist. I think a big part of her motivation to write this was to create a fictional story that helped her work through the experience she had. This story definitely had some suspense and initially kept me interested, but for some reason after awhile I just wanted answers. After many chapters the two different POVs felt distracting, we hear from Alice and HIM (who we assume is the stalker although it isn’t clear). I’m glad I picked this one up, but it didn’t blow me away. Thank you Netgalley and Thomas & Mercer for this advance reading copy. 3.5 ⭐️
ebookaddictsuk 7 months ago
This is only the second book I have read by Teresa and as soon as I started reading this I recognised her style of writing, I loved her book The Promise, so I couldn't wait to get stuck into this one! I enjoyed this book, the premise and really felt for poor Alice, but I really wanted to be more afraid for her, her stalker always doing something on a Wednesday really piqued my interest and I was desperate to find out why a Wednesday was so significant. The story is told from Alice, the stalker and the PI Matters point of view. I felt there could have been more from the stalker, but the premise of what he endured was there without the gory details, which I guess was a blessing, your own imagination could fill in the blanks. There was a lot of Matthews life that was discussed that didn't really add anything major to the story - at one point I thought something was going to happen his wife of daughter due to the amount of time they got. I have to say that this was a very clever, well thought out book, I had my suspicions as to the stalker might have been but boy was a shocked when the true identity was revealed! It floored me! I may just have found a new must buy author in this genre!
Anonymous 7 months ago
With thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the ARC, which I have enjoyed reading. I have read other books of Teresa Driscoll’s and find them intriguing and entertaining, with a dark twist at the end. I Will Make. You Pay is a story of a journalist, Jenny, who has an unfortunate history with men. She is engaged to Alex, a music teacher whom unfortunately also grooms 14 year old girls and runs away with one. Then moves and changes her name and meets Tom, she has used her middle name to work with an online newspaper and it is whilst at work that she receives the telephone call that is the start of her being stalked. It is very realistic and frightening the storyline that unfolds. Throughout all of the stalking Alice and her sister are also deeply concerned about the failing health of their mother who developed CPD and is now fading away in front of their eyes. I would highly recommended reading this book.
Denice_L 7 months ago
This book will keep you reading as Teresa Driscoll builds the tension slowly, page by page. A community activist working to make her community a better place finds herself the object of a stalker's attentions. The mystery is why? As the police struggle to identify her stalker, the consequences intensify to the point where you just know something bad is going to happen on the next page...or the next one. The back story fits the characters so well you can see them struggling to solve this puzzle before anyone else is hurt. A really good story that was a satisfying read.
Nanna51 7 months ago
Alice is a reporter who works hard finding just the right story. Then the unthinkable happens. Every Wednesday she gets a message, a threat. When her lover Tom hires a private detective, she feels somewhat better. But even with Matthew there, the threats continue to escalate, leading us readers on a merry chase of reality versus fiction. I especially enjoyed the way the author told part of the story from Alice's viewpoint and part from that of the stalker. His identity remains secret until the climax unfolds, another excellent plus about the book. Fans of psychological thrillers will want to read this book and will be happy to know that in the midst of all of the chills, a happy ending awaits. Disclaimer Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255, “Guides Concerning the Use of Testimonials and Endorsements in Advertising.”
KWeldon 7 months ago
I Will Make You Pay by Teresa Driscoll is a suspense that grabs your attention from the first sentence. Alice is a journalist who works for a small newspaper. She receives a very creepy phone call at her office from someone who threatens her. A few days go by and she's feeling better until something else happens. Alice has a stalker. She has no idea who is tormenting her and seems to know too much information about her life. She is afraid for herself but she's even more afraid for her family. Who is this person who is stalking her? What does he want? Why her? I did not want to put this book down. It is well written to keep you in suspense until the very end. Thank you to Netgalley and Amazon Publishing UK for the opportunity to read and review this book. General Fiction (adult) Mystery & Thrillers Release Date: October 10, 2019 ***Disclaimer: I received this book for review after the release date.
lhill82125 7 months ago
What a totally awesome, fantastic, page turner. I would think I would have it figured out and then nope something would happen. It wasn’t until close to the end that I figured it out! I love this book Teresa, thank you!
Anonymous 7 months ago
Interesting read, kept me guessing right up to the end when the twist you do not see coming is revealed. A real thinker of who could it be. Teresa Driscoll treats the issue of stalking and emotions surrounding it with realism, honesty, and compassion.
KimberlyKESQ 7 months ago
"I Will Make You Pay" by Teresa Driscoll is an entertaining thriller about Alice Henderson, a woman terrorized by a stalker who only seems to strike on Wednesdays. I give it 3/5 stars, subtracting a star from 4 because I figured out who the stalker was pretty far in advance of the ending. Even though I knew who the culprit was, there were still twists in the story line that I did not see coming, and these kept my interest and kept me reading. The methods the stalker used were creative and frightening! I also liked how the story jumped back and forth between characters, giving all points of view of everyone involved, including the stalker. The book is fast-paced and I read it in only a few hours. This is my first book by Teresa Driscoll, but it will not be my last. Thank you to NetGalley, to the publisher, and to the author for the privilege of reading an advanced digital copy of this entertaining book.
laur3296 7 months ago
A suspenseful mystery that draws you in. Like others, I did figure out who the stalker was, but that didn't lessen my enjoyment. I wanted to know why.
lsmoore_43 7 months ago
I love a good thriller and this was that for sure. Phone calls that lead to fear that lead to danger. No one seems to be able to help or even find the culprit. I enjoyed this book so much and look forward to many more by this author. It kept me turning the pages and guessing. Great characters and the plot was unbelievable. It’s told so well and is just an all around good book from start to finish. Another great thriller. Thank you #NetGalley for this book. This is my own honest review. A give it 5 stars and highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good thriller.
agnes-shap 8 months ago
I received this book through Netgalley and got hooked because it was about a stalker (my kind of read). Very interesting. But what I didnt know is how involved it would become. It seems like an ordinary Wednesday, until the phone rings. A mysterious caller with a chilling threat. The story is broken into 3 parts....Alice, a journalist who is being stalked and threatened; Matthew, her bodyguard and a person named - HIM - we never find out his real name until the end. I love mysteries because I always try to find out the person who dunnit. I was sooo wrong on this one and didnt find out until the end who was her stalker and why. And I was surprised.... The book clearly keeps you turning the pages and a few times holding your breath. #Netgalley #KindleUnlimited
AJ_DreamComeReview 8 months ago
In true thriller fashion, this story is rife with twists and turns that surprised me and kept me guessing. Though as the story continued, I found I didn’t care for Alice. I didn’t connect with Alice but I truly looked forward to the chapters with the private investigator, Matthew! I have a child in the midst of the terrible twos right now so I loved the small palate cleanser of Matthew and Sally’s battles with their tiny tyrant to break up the Wednesday-induced tension. Ultimately, this was a chilling thriller that made me dread Wednesdays just a bit. I loved that Driscoll highlights the difficulties that victims face when being stalked and how limited police can be when investigating those crimes. This was my first thriller by Driscoll and I would certainly pick up more of her work in the future. **I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Anonymous 8 months ago
4.5 stars I Will Make You Pay, by Teresa Driscoll, was an immediately engaging and interesting story. I found it to be gripping from the very start and it held my attention throughout. The story follows local champion and journalist Alice Henderson, who receives an anonymous call at work one Wednesday, issuing an ominous threat. She writes it off as a prank directed at the newspaper. But the following Wednesday she receives yet another threat, this one a much more personal attack, and she soon realizes that this fear campaign is directed at her specifically. And she has no idea why. In an attempt to help find answers that the police are unable to provide, her boyfriend hires a detective to not only search for answers but serve as a bodyguard on the dreaded Wednesdays. As the situation escalates, we discover that more secrets and more questions continue to arise. There is so much to this story. Not only does it hold a mystery teaming with suspense and surprises, but it also holds some incredibly moving familial ties between a daughter and her mother, and between a boy and his gran. There are some disturbing childhood scenes, that while not graphic, allude to the emotional and physical trauma that took place. I Will Make You Pay was heartbreaking, heart-pounding, and heartwarming all in one and a thoroughly entertaining story. Thank you so much to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this early copy in exchange for an honest review.
BrianneCull 8 months ago
I was extremely intrigued by the premise of this book. It started off very strong. Somehow though, for me, it started to feel a little boring. It actually took me a full month to get through this book and I usually burn through books in one day. I can't quite pinpoint exactly what it was that made it drag a bit. Even though it started with a strong and unique premise, it turned out to be one of the most predictable books I've ever read. The end is practically spelled out very early on.
LuvSnoop42 8 months ago
This one did a good job of keeping me guessing throughout. Alice is a journalist and she is being stalked each Wednesday by an unknown person. This person wants to make her "pay". The author tells the story through several points of view, one of whom turns out to be the stalker. I liked Alice and you don't realize the connection to the stalker until near the end. I am a new fan on Ms. Driscoll's, as this is my second book from her. I will definitely read a third. I want to thank the author, Teresa Driscoll, #NetGalley. and the publisher, Amazon Publishing UK for the opportunity to read this ARC.
SammyReadsBooks 8 months ago
3.5 stars rounded up. Alice Henderson receives a chilling phone call on a Wednesday morning at her journalist job. “I am going to use cheese wire on you.” The caller is anonymous and using a voice changing app on his phone. Alice hangs up thinking it’s a hoax, but when something happens the next Wednesday, Alice begins to think this is more than just a prank. She thinks she has a stalker. When things start escalating each Wednesday and Alice’s mother becomes a target as well, Alice’s boyfriend, Tom, hires private investigator, Matthew Hill, to assist with the case. What does the stalker have against Alice? Is it something from one of the articles she’s written or something from her past? I Will Make You Pay by Teresa Driscoll alternates between the present time and the past. In the past, we are told the story of a young boy who lives with his grandmother. He loves his grandmother very much, but one night a week she has to leave him alone so she can go to her job. Things happen to this boy when his grandmother is at work, bad things. These chapters kept me engrossed. I really wanted to know what happened to the boy. This book threw out a lot of red herrings and had a lot of twists along the way. I kept thinking I knew who the stalker was and then something would make me completely change my mind. Towards the end, something happened that made me think it was someone, and that turned out to be right, but I was still intrigued to see how the story would end. I thought the book was very well written and kept me wanting to read more. The characters were relatable and Driscoll created a suspense throughout. There was a storyline that was thrown in towards the end about a charity that I do not think was necessary for the book which is why I rated this book 3.5 stars. Thank you NetGalley and Amazon Publishing UK for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
nahyee 8 months ago
Theresa Driscoll does it again...this book will not disappoint! I requested this title because I enjoyed the last book I read by Teresa Driscoll, and “I Will Make You Pay” did not disappoint! I thought I had figured it out. I was mad that I figured it out so soon. I should have figured it out sooner, but I hadn’t figured it out at all! This is a page-turner that you will not want to put down. An incredibly fast read, this book will keep you guessing. Alice is a journalist in her late 20s who is being tormented by someone. She is incredibly trusting and naive but also very likable. Her boyfriend Tom will do everything in his power (and within his bank account) to protect her, and her colleague Jack seems to have a little bit of a crush on her and wants to look out for her. I was also surprised to see Matthew and Sally (the private investigator and his wife), who met in Driscoll’s “The Promise.” I liked them in that book, so I was glad to see the characters carry over and have their happily ever after. I don’t want to give anything away to spoil this for anyone else. Pick this one up. You’ll be very glad that you did! I received an advance copy of this title from NetGalley and Amazon Publishing UK in exchange for and honest review.
Alfoster 8 months ago
This is my kind of twisty thriller! Alice gets a creepy phone call at work and someone threatens her life. Because she's a reporter she assumes it could possibly be a prank, but when things escalate and he continues to send a threat each Wednesday, her boyfriend suggests a private detective look into it. So of course there are many suspects and Alice must also work to make sure her aging mother is safe as she is also used as a pawn in this scheme. Going back and forth between Alice and the present and the past with an un-named kid living with his grandma, the novel has us guessing from the beginning. Who are her true friends and why would anyone want to hurt this young woman? Very enjoyable! Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC!
SharoninAZ 8 months ago
3.5 stars rounded up to 4 First. I discovered after finishing I Will Make You Pay that it is part of a series starring PI Matthew Hill and DI Melanie Sanders. It reads perfectly well as a stand-alone; however, I enjoyed the Hill and Sanders characters so much that I will go back to find earlier books. This particular outing follows a small-town newspaper reporter named Alice who has a stalker who only threatens her on Wednesdays. The majority of the novel is told from Alice's POV. The other chapters are from the POV of Him, the presumed stalker. When the police seem unable to help Alice, her boyfriend Tom hires PI Hill to shadow Alice on Wednesdays in an attempt to identify and trap the stalker. Driscoll did a terrific job ratcheting up the reader's sense of Alice's fear and paranoia, and overall delivered a strong storyline. I was also surprised by the final chapters when we learn who Him is. However, my issue with the book was that while the stalker's motivation was clear, his methodology of obtaining revenge was, I thought, convoluted. It just took away from my overall enjoyment of the novel. Thanks to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Suesyn Zellmer 8 months ago
I enjoyed this book - it took me a bit to get into it but soon I was fully immersed in the story of Alice, a journalist and the main character who is being threatened - but only on Wednesdays. Why is this unknown person targeting her and why on Wednesdays only? That's the key to this mystery. It's told in alternating narratives of Alice, the PI, Matthew, who has been hired to protect her, and the harasser himself starting way back when he was a child. We find out pretty early on what causes the stalker to become like he is and the reader can't help but feel some sympathy. We also discover that Alice has some dark secrets from her past that she has kept from everyone, even her current boyfriend, Tom. Could her secrets explain why she is being threatened now? Or is it simply because of one of her news stories has hit a sore spot for someone? There's also a sweet side story involving Matthew and an older man who keeps trying to hire him, but Matthew doesn't want to take advantage of the man's claims of 'little people' that are trying to capture him and take him away. Matthew's generosity and good-hearted nature are evident in their brief interactions. Another side story involving Alice and a blogger felt a little more forced and I wasn't sure that it added anything to the plot. It's a generally fast paced story with a fun twist at the end. A slightly far-fetched twist, though, that I found insulting to Alice's intelligence. But it does make for good reading!