I Wish I Were a Fairy Tale: A Story Illustrated With Cakes

I Wish I Were a Fairy Tale: A Story Illustrated With Cakes

by Crystal Walters


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Flying on fairy wings, befriending a dragon, and being the captain of a pirate ship are just some of the adventures one little girl and her puppy discover as they climb into the pages of a fairy tale. Is the best part of their story swimming with mermaids? Enjoying a cup of tea with Snow White? Flying a hot air balloon? Or is it something even more magical? Each enchanting moment of this delightful tale is told on top of a cake. With every character, creature, and castle sculpted out of sugar and frosting, this is truly the sweetest fairy tale ever created!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781543946321
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 10/21/2018
Pages: 32
Sales rank: 841,172
Product dimensions: 8.75(w) x 11.25(h) x (d)

About the Author

Crystal Walters graduated from the University of San Diego with an honors degree in English. She lives in Hawaii and California.

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I Wish I Were a Fairy Tale: A Story Illustrated With Cakes 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
dragonet07 More than 1 year ago
I am a bookworm and have been since I was first able to read, and even now in my twenties, nothing captures my attention quite like fairy tales. From the original (not really for children) fairy tales to the Disney versions, anything fairy tale-like is guaranteed to attract my eternally curious mind full of childlike wonder. So, when looking for a new book to share with my niece, this book really stood out to me. With a simple plot meant only to spark the imagination, this story is perfect for little kids and the adults reading with them. In its thirty-two pages, readers follow the main character and her adorable puppy through numerous adventures. From befriending a dragon to fighting pirates, the main character shows her young readers all of the amazing things they will see and experience when they open a fairy tale. Now, a lot of little kids’ books have these same sorts of plot and present this same—or at least a similar—message. What makes this book unique, though, are the illustrations. Tapping into her own childlike whimsy, the author decided that rather than the conventional tools for illustrating a children’s book, she would use something which will make everyone’s mouths water: cake. Each magical scene is accompanied by an equally magical cake depicting the main character and her puppy on their fantastical adventures. I can say without a doubt that I have never seen a book at any reading level illustrated this way, and I am incredibly jealous at how well the author was able to pull it off. Not only are these pictures great to look at, but the cakes—all of which are unique flavors—look delicious as well. Overall, I definitely recommend this book for the young and the young at heart. It’s cute, magical, and a very quick read with illustrations which will spark the reader’s imagination. The only downside: as the reader, you can’t eat the cakes yourself!
connywithay More than 1 year ago
“For the truth is that fairy tales never really end. For when they are read and loved, they become your sweetest friend!” Crystal Walters ends her children’s book, I Wish I Were a Fairy Tale: A Story Illustrated with Cakes. ~ What ~ At thirty-two pages, this oversized hardbound targets children five to six years old who understand the concept of fairy tales and like looking at female-themed decorated cakes. After a dedication page, the short tale in rhyme has a girl who wishes she was a fairy tale. The ending has a note about the illustrations and acknowledgments. As once-upon-a-time themes, the pages include Rapunzel, a fairy with dragons, sick girl in bed, mermaid with a pearl, princess, and Snow White. Also added is a little girl flying with a unicorn, holding hands with the Sandman, being on a pirate ship, tucked in dreaming in bed, up in a hot air balloon, or part of a treasure chest. The short paragraphs relate to fairy tales that are displayed in cake illustrations. ~ Why ~ Most everyone from young to old love cakes, especially when they are extravagantly decorated and involve fairy tales. I appreciate all the hard work put into the creative designs made of frosting and fondant. With a special note about her dog, the artist adds her furry friend into each of her creations. ~ Why Not ~ Those who are not impressed with cake decorating may not appreciate this book. Others may be fearful to damage the designs if they had to eat them, but this is only a storybook about fancy cakes that tell stories. Others may find the tale is rudimentary and short and only apply to girls. ~ Wish ~ Since the book focuses on fairy tales, it might be helpful for the stories to be slightly mentioned (maybe in the back) in case the child is confused what it is about and the adult reading it can help explain. ~ Want ~ If you like a simple tale about wanting to be a part of a fairy tale, this takes the cake in sweetness and charm by showing fanciful designs for any young or old sweet tooth. Thanks to Westwinds Communications and the authors for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.
Grady1GH More than 1 year ago
‘Fairy tales never really end – they become your sweetest friend’ Author/illustrator Crystal Walters divides her time between her birth state of Hawaii and her home in California. She is well prepared for her entry in to the realm of children’s books, having an honored degree in English from the University of San Diego and a self-taught ‘degree’ in baking! Not only does she have the gift of providing entertaining, ‘delicious’ stories for children, she also is fully involved in the creative baking required to bring her story to life edibly! The fairy tale of note is a tasty little girl who wishes for magic every day - flying on fairy wings, making friends with dragons, swimming in the sea with mermaids, never having to do chores or be ill, becoming a princess in a distant land, visit Snow White for tea, float on clouds with unicorns, journey with the Sandman, help pirates on a ship and more. Her mission: to make children’s world an enchanted place. ‘For the best thing about fairy tales is I’d get to be a part of the special stories that lie in each child’s heart.’ Charming rhyme pours forth on every page – and the page is filled with cake baked in various forms and fondant and icing and a big dollop of imagination – all photographed in lush color! This is a unique children’s book – one that will find favor in every child who reads (or listens to) this delicious story. This is a stunning introduction to the field of children’s literature by a multitalented author. Highly Recommended. ,
Susan-Keefe More than 1 year ago
A magical children’s book, beautifully illustrated with cakes. This wonderful children’s book captivated my three year old granddaughter’s imagination straight away. As soon as you see the front cover you just know that this book is going to be something different, but it isn’t until you start turning the pages and entering the magical world of fairy tales that you realise just how wonderful it is. Enchantingly, it is written in rhyme and very uniquely illustrated. The author’s passion behind the book is evident, not only in its content, but also by the fact that the story is illustrated in cakes, icing and frosting! On the front cover and throughout every page, all the settings and figurines for the different parts of the story were hand made by her, and were real, delicious cakes. Haven’t we all wished we were in a fairy tale, having adventures in a magical place, and that we could be a princess, meet a unicorn, fly in a hot air balloon, or sail the seas with pirates? Well in this story a little girl and her puppy travel into fairy tales. There they meets mythical creatures like mermaids and dragons, and visit classic immortal characters like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Then as the moon rises they travel with the Sandman into other children’s dreams, bringing them to life as well. The fairy tales we hear as children stay with us throughout lives and deep down we never forget the magic of them, and the people who have read them to us. I really liked the size of the font, for children learning to read it is clear and encouraging, and also thought it is a wonderful introduction into the joy of poetry. The authors loving childhood shines through in the writing and love she has put into creating incredible book. I am sure it will grace bookshelves, and be held by many little hands for years to come.
WriterJohn1960 More than 1 year ago
Imagine the sweetest and most delectable fairy tale book illustrated with pages and pages of magnificent cakes, complete with characters composed and comprised of delicate details like fairy wings, all manner of flowers, dragons and mermaids and so much more. Not illustrations of cakes, but pictures of nearly eighty “sugar sculptures,” as author and illustrator Crystal Walters described her creations. It sounds incredible, but it’s one of the most unique concepts for a fairy tale book that you will ever encounter. “I Wish I Were A Fairy Tale” is an amazing combination of the loveliest fairy tale combined with a mouth-watering cascade of cakes depicting the story of a little girl and her dog. Author Walters, who graduated from the University of San Diego with an honors degree in English, spent hours and hours concocting this wistful little story and the cakes to illustrate it. Walters, who lives in California and Hawaii, says she eschewed the idea of mere paper and ink in favor of cake, frosting and “fondant,” which she used to create her characters and all they encounter along the way. “I wish I were a fairy tale with magic every day…” begins the book before we are swept away on a journey that includes flying on fairy wings, befriending a dragon, swimming with mermaids and even visiting Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs. This rhyming tale floats on clouds with unicorns and includes a visit to the moon and a trip with the sandman “to visit other children and say “Hello!” Walters includes dreaming “dreams of happiness of times long ago”: dreams that bring magic into the lives of children around the world. There’s even a hot air balloon cake to illustrate this never-ending fairy tale that will enchant children of all ages. But most miraculous are the little details on each of the “sugar sculptures”! You simply won’t believe your own eyes as you share this amazing storybook with the children in your life. As she notes at the end of the book, each one is meticulously sculpted on the outside with fondant (an edible sugar paste) and cake on the inside, each with its own “flavor and frosting, such as vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream or double-chocolate cake with cookie crumble frosting.” It is truly a book of real beauty and joy and it is sure to become a favorite bedtime story in your household. Dedicated to her father and to her mother, who helped her eat the cakes, this enchanting story is magical and miraculous and will sweeten the lives of all whom are touched by it. It’s an instant classic created with love and confection.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A Sweet Tale for Both Kids and Adults! This is one of the most creative books I’ve ever seen! Author and illustrator Crystal Walters takes us into a sweet story of dragons, mermaids, pirates and adventure, but perhaps the most fascinating part of the story is how she illustrated it—with photographs of her cakes! Obviously very talented, Walters created nearly 80 handmade sugar sculptures, as she calls them (I call them cakes!) to photograph for her narrative. These aren’t just sugar flowers made from decorative icing like you see on grocery store birthday cakes— they are characters that come alive with facial expressions, tiny books and toys, and dressed with such detail that the animal slippers on their feet have expression. I have never seen anything like it. I wish I were a fairytale with magic every day. I’d fly around on fairy wings, and all I’d do is play. Walters taps into our heart’s desires with this opening and sets up an enjoyable adventure through the pages. Combining rhyme with a fun story, we get to watch her main character live out our dreams and adventures on top of cakes. This is a colorful book worth revisiting again and again, just to take in all of the work that went into these cakes. It’s a creative marvel and sure to catch the imagination of children, as well as raise the bar on the next cake we moms try to make! This book has just the right amount of sweetness and adventure to encourage children to curl up under the covers with their parents for story time. Not only it is a feast for the eyes, but the little girl’s adventures set the stage for dream land. This book is…well, it’s the frosting on the cake! Highly recommended. It would make a great gift book—especially for a child’s birthday!