IBM WebSphere Application Server-Express: Pathways to Success on the Web

IBM WebSphere Application Server-Express: Pathways to Success on the Web



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ISBN-13: 9781931182171
Publisher: Mc Press
Publication date: 05/28/2004
Series: IBM Illustrated Guide series
Pages: 500
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.12(d)

About the Author

Bob Cancilla implemented the world's first commercial application on WebSphere 1.0 for iSeries in 1998, and he is the managing director of the iSeries e-business user group IGNITe/400 operating electronically with over 7,000 iSeries practitioners at He lives in Long Beach, California. Kevin Postreich is an advisory software engineer with IBM's software group. He currently works with other engineers on the development of the WebSphere Application Server–Express. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Table of Contents

Part IWhat is WebSphere Application Server - Express?3
Chapter 1Built for e-Business5
The Business of e-Business7
What Is e-Business?7
Choosing Your Web Development Environment17
A Universal, Integrated Solution19
Why Object-Oriented Technology?20
The WebSphere Advantage23
Fixing Your Database Design24
Chapter 2The Server27
A Bit of History27
Start Small, Grow Fast34
WebSphere Application Server - Express Application Flow36
WebSphere Components37
Application Server Services41
Virtual Hosts48
Session Management49
The WebSphere Advantage50
Getting Started52
Chapter 3Tools55
WebSphere Studio Site Developer59
Using WebSphere Studio Site Developer73
Getting Help80
Updating Your Software86
About the Development Process88
Chapter 4Web Development89
Your Company and the Web Site89
Web Development Roles90
The Web Development Process94
Site Design Guidelines96
Chapter 5A Quick Introduction to the Java Language103
Why Java?103
Object-Oriented Design106
Java Programming111
Odds and Ends123
Part IIDeveloping a Commercial Web Site125
Chapter 6Xpres Books: As Real As It Gets127
The Business Case for Xpres Books127
Preparation Planning129
Technical Considerations and Planning138
Project Plan139
Beyond Xpres Books140
Chapter 7Designing the Web Site143
Site Navigation143
Creating a Site Template151
Chapter 8Database Catalog Search171
The Database173
Using the WebSphere Studio Site Developer Database Tools177
Customizing the Search Bean193
The KeywordSearch.Java Custom Class196
Generating the Web Pages199
Displaying Images211
Summing It Up216
Chapter 9Introducing Faces Components and WDOs217
Creating a JSP Using Faces Components217
Creating the Update Page226
Wrapping It Up247
Chapter 10Working with Struts249
Chapter 11Implementing WebSphere Security279
File Registry Interface282
The File Registry Project283
Configuring the WebSphere Test Environment289
Configuring the Web Deployment Descriptor File300
Configure Enterprise Deployment Descriptor305
Checking Roles with a Servlet Filter309
Summing It Up318
Chapter 12Leveraging Data Relationships319
Complex Queries341
Chapter 13Simple Content Publishing345
Building the News Facility346
Running the Application on the Server361
The Codebehind and Other Secrets of Faces and WDOs375
WDO Connections378
Putting It All Together379
Chapter 14Web Services381
What Is a Web Service?382
Building the Web Service383
The Client Side of Web Services391
Building the Client Web Pages395
Chapter 15Debugging407
The Problem408
Debugging JSPs416
Chapter 16Deploying Your Application419
Exporting Your Project to an EAR File420
Exporting a Custom Security JAR file424
Using the Administrative Console427
Creating a Data Source428
Configuring the WDO Shared Libraries435
Setting up WebSphere Security Features438
Installing the ExpressBooks Application444
Update the HTTP Server Plug-in451
Review the Server's Job Log454
Test the Application456
Appendix AInstalling WebSphere Application Server - Express461
Installation for Examples in this Book461
Install your Database461
Installing the Server462
Run the Sample Application469
Installing the WebSphere Web Server Plug-in471
Directory Servers and Authentication475
Appendix BSupporting Projects and Code477
Before you Start478
Chapter Instructions480

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