Ice on the Dune

Ice on the Dune

by Empire of the SunEmpire of the Sun




After experiencing a worldwide hit with the title track of their 2009 album, Walking on a Dream, Empire of the Sun did the sensible thing and made a follow-up album that capitalizes on the glossy, sunny pop of that song. Instead of exploring some of the more esoteric avenues they started down on their debut, on Ice on the Dune the duo of Nick Littlemore and Luke Steele focus with laser-sharp intensity on creating an album that is 110 percent POP with no sharp edges and all glittering sunshine, blown out to gigantic proportions. In less skilled hands, such a tactic could lead to an over-produced trinket that's good for maybe half a listen and then gets tossed aside. Instead, Ice on the Dune ends up being everything a good modern pop record should be, and then some. The songs have super-sharp choruses, incessantly listenable arrangements built on acoustic, electric, and programmed instruments, and icy-cold but immediate beats, sometimes sounding like Katy Perry produced by Jeff Lynne, sometimes sounding like ELO produced by Katy Perry. Everything feels like a radio hit; everything feels custom made for listeners who like the sound of modern pop but are put off by the surfacy distractions that come along with it. Here you only have to deal with crazy headgear (check the cover) and the OTT ballad that ends the album in an overwrought splash of powdery tears. Otherwise, it's all perfectly crafted songs that draw on disco influences ("Old Flavours"), soft rock ("Ice on the Dune"), throbbing Madonna-inspired club jams ("Celebrate"), and Daft Punk ("Awakening"), along with a couple that give "Walking on a Dream" a fair run in the catchiness stakes ("Alive" and the incredibly bouncy and fun "Surround Sound"). Too many times having a big hit can send a group off the rails as it pursues the spotlight and tries to catch lightning again. The guys in Empire of the Sun manage to not only catch the lightning again, but their skill at crafting perfect pop, the depth in their songs, and the emotion their voices transmit make this record better than one might have ever expected. Modern pop doesn't get any better than this.

Product Details

Release Date: 06/18/2013
Label: Astralwerks
UPC: 0602537375462
catalogNumber: 001847402

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Empire of the Sun   Primary Artist
Sharon Bryant   Choir, Chorus
Tawatha Agee   Choir, Chorus
Jerry Barnes   Bass
Everett Bradley   Choir, Chorus
Brian Kilgore   Percussion
Catherine Russell   Choir, Chorus
Daniel Johns   Vocals
Luke Steele   Group Member
Nick Littlemore   Group Member
Felix Bloxsom   Drums
Dennis Collins   Choir, Chorus
Liam Gerner   Guitar
Ben Witt   Guitar
Steven Bach   Piano,Keyboards
Magic Constance   Vocals

Technical Credits

Daniel Johns   Composer
Henry Hey   Composer,Orchestral Arrangements
Scott Horscroft   Composer
Luke Steele   Composer
Empire of the Sun   Producer
Jonathan Sloan   Composer
Peter Mayes   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Nicholas Littlemore   Composer
Donnie Sloan   Producer
Dennis Stainken   Marketing
Dave Homer   Cover Art
Steven Bach   Composer

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