Ice: Dragon Clan.

Ice: Dragon Clan.

by Skye Jones

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"Engaging, page-turning read and highly recommended for shifter lovers!" Gina Kincade. USA Today Bestselling author.

**"You can't run from this. You're burning up for us and nothing will stop the ache. Nothing but giving in to the need."

Ice found it hard to breathe in the spotlight of his attention. His power and charisma washed over her in waves, and she half wanted to run fast and far, and half wanted to climb him like a tree. Then he pulled her farther into him.**

When a tough, ice-cool cage fighter meets her match in two hot as sin dragon shifters, the sparks fly.

Ice is a tough cage fighter who has spent her life closed off and mostly alone. As a child, she experienced moments where she burned others with a mere touch. These strange experiences terrified and confused her, but she knows if she keeps her emotions under control the burning doesn't happen. This iron self-control has made her a fearsome opponent in the ring.

When two sexy as sin strangers enter her life, telling her they can shed light on her mysterious 'gift', her world is turned upside down.

Nathan, leader of the Scottish Dragon clan, is shocked to find Ice, a dragon female, living in the human world. Not only is she unaware of her heritage, she is also a match made in heaven for Nate and his bonded male, Dom.

When Nathan calls him to the city to meet their mate, Dominic is immediately smitten. As Ice spends time with the two males, it becomes clear they all share a mutual desire but are too scared to act on their feelings.

Can their heady, lust-filled nights lead to a lasting commitment and happiness for all three?

Ice can be read as a stand alone. It is a MMF, shifter menage novel. HEA guaranteed.

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BN ID: 2940153402406
Publisher: Skye Jones
Publication date: 09/04/2016
Series: Dragon Clan. , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 35,632
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Ice: Dragon Clan. 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Beverly_D More than 1 year ago
Ice is a compelling, strong, likable heroine with some secrets. Some even to herself. And in stroll Nathan and Dom, bonded dragon shifters. Nathan is older, more experienced; Dominick is younger but also powerful; both are sexy as hell. And in their universe, dragons mate as threesomes, MFM, most of the time. Disclaimer: I'm acquainted with the author on social media. This tale, set in Scotland, is an intense, sensual and sexual read with all three lead characters portrayed in an interesting and compelling way, and the world-building is excellent. Really enjoyed. Although I am now annoyed with the author because I felt compelled to get ALL the stories in this series, though this one works as a stand-alone.
Rhianona More than 1 year ago
Ice is not your typical heroine. A talented MMA fighter, she has always struggled to keep her emotions in check after she burned others. Fighting, she finds, keeps her from hurting others. It's only when she meets Nathan and Dominic that she learns just who she is. Nathan and Dominic are dragon shifters and bondmates, searching for their third. When Nathan meets Ice, he's shocked to discover that she has no idea what she is - or what she means for he and Dom. Ms. Jones does a good job of developing the main characters and illustrating how they are each different, yet complete each other. For all that Nathan and Dom have been bondmates for years before they met Ice, they still have issues to work out in their relationship and it was refreshing to see a menage tale that showed all the different aspects of the relationship. However, it also felt a bit disingenuous that they decided to work out their issues as soon as Ice shows up. There was a lot of worldbuilding, which, at times, made certain plot beats rushed, as if Ms. Jones wanted to ensure that the reader understood what was happening without delving too deep into it. While there are some interesting side characters, they are not as developed as they can be. I would have liked to have seen more of how Ice came to terms with her heritage and all that she learned. I thought the end was rushed as well and I would have liked to have seen more consequences come from the big reveal. Overall, there was enough interesting aspects in this book for me to read the next in the series.
Cherri-Anne More than 1 year ago
Hello, bonded male-oh-mine. 5 GOLD HEARTS “I think I’ve found…no, I know I’ve found our mate.” "A mate? Really?” “Really, truly. Gods, D.” Nathan had his bonded male living with him now. They only needed their female mate. Holy gods of the highest order!! WOW!! This is one ABSO-SHIFTING-LUTELY ICETACULAR book and I love, Love, LOVE every magically SKYELICIOUS Dragon scale of it! Skye's dragons are so unique, creative and so breathtakingly fascinating! These are definitely not your common, average, plain Dragons! I was captivated by the different clans, their rules, laws, history & the clan's hierarchy. Her beautiful wording and storytelling drew me in immediately, with her rich, lush descriptions bringing it all to life around me. I love the humorous lines and/or wording she used throughout! It not only made me giggle, but also added more depth, enhancing the story even further! (I was going to share one with you, but I couldn't pick just one!!) And I love that they are Scottish! I swear I could hear Nate's sexy grumbly voice making me drool every time they spoke! And adding in the touch of "Canadian" gives me hope that I too may find me some Dragon Mates! wink Combine that with Skye’s well-developed, complex characters and I can honestly say that I truly felt like I lived this story with, for, even as Ice, Dominic & Nathan!! I cried a couple of times, but there are two "scenes" towards the ending that had me completely bawling with heartbreak! But then there were a couple of times that had me bawling with happiness & love! Skye definitely had me deeply & emotionally connected to the story and the characters and I wouldn't want it any other way!! I have read Skye's wolf shifter books and I have thoroughly & immensely relished every single moment of them to the point that I was a little reluctant to read a book that wasn't part of "our" beloved Shifters of the Glen series. WOW! I am BEYOND thrilled that I *cough* finally *cough* came to the conclusion that it is Skye's storytelling that I love, not "just" the wolves! Skye is one phenomenally talented and genuinely gifted author and that shines brightly throughout every single story!!
AnyTime_ReaderSF More than 1 year ago
Out of nowhere Ice finds herself on board a spaceship bound for a planet far from home being kidnapped by aliens who want females to mate with. Problem is their ship is shot down and crashes and now she is forced to survive with an alien who has claimed her for his mate. Together they must fight in order to survive the planet and the enemies. I received an advanced copy of this book for an honest review.
pammyl More than 1 year ago
Super hot and imaginative. Claire or ice is an MMA fighter, she keeps to herself and has a dark secret she keeps hidden. Nathan is the head of his dragon clan and 100s of years old while on a business trip for his clan he gets stuck going to an MMA show. It really wasn't his thing but one deep breath changes his life forever. Ice is not only his perfect mate but the third for him and Dominic. When they get to talk to her there shocked to find out she knows nothing about dragon and doesn't even know she is one. Just when they have her talked into the dragon part and the mate part danger springs up! I love it wow so much action, spice and drama. The story is so well written with lots of mystery. The characters are so realistic and easy to connect to, I loved how the story developed. Highly enjoyable A little warning this a MMF story.
fcheavenly More than 1 year ago
Wow this book defines hot and steamy! This writer did an amazing job creating these wonderful dragon shifters and when they finally get out!!! Beautifully written, even though this is a short story it moves along great! Love this book and it should please all dragon lovers!!! I was given an ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.