Idaho Chronology, Nomenclature, Bibliography

Idaho Chronology, Nomenclature, Bibliography

by John E Rees


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ISBN-13: 9781409728603
Publisher: Dickens Press
Publication date: 05/16/2008
Pages: 128
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1888 Fifteenth and last session of the Territorial Legislature met at Boise on December 10th with thirty-six members. 1889 University of Idaho for acquiring knowledge in scientific, industrial and professional pursuits was established at Moscow. 1889 Seventeentli county created in Idaho was Elmore, with Rocky Bar the county seat, including the southwestern part of Alturas County. 1889 Eighteenth county created in Idaho was Logan, with Shoshone the county seat, including the southern part of Alturas County. 1889 Idaho Legislature petitioned Congress against statehood for Utah on the ground that the Mormons practiced polygamy and unlawful cohabitation and that the teachings of the Mormon Church were treasonable. 1889 Position of county school superintendent could be occupied by women as well as by men. 1889 Eleventh territorial governor of Idaho was George L. Shoup, Republican, who was appointed by President Harrison, and served as the last territorial governor. 1889 Constitutional convention composed of sixty-eight members met at Boise, July 4th, and after laboring twenty-eight days, formed a constitution for the State of Idaho and adopted it on August 6th. 1889 Constitution was adopted by the people at an election held on November 5th by a vote of 12,398 for and 1,773 against. STATE OF IDAHO 1890-1918 1890 July 3d. Idaho was admitted as the forty-third State of the American Union, which marked the beginning of an era of progress and development. 1890 Constitution formed the following judicial districts: First, Shoshone and Kootenai; Second, Latah, Nez Perce and Idaho; Third, Washington, Ada, Boise and Owyhee; Fourth, Cassia, Elmore, Logan and Alturas; Fifth, Bear Lake, Bingham,Oneida, Lemhi and Custer. 1890 One Federal judicial district of the...

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