Idea of Psychology: Reclaiming the Discipline's Identity

Idea of Psychology: Reclaiming the Discipline's Identity

by Donald P. Lindskoog




Psychologists have forsaken their unique historical identity as scientist of the mind. They have instead largely adopted the subject and research methods of religion, medical science and even sociology. They have been reluctant to accept the mandate that falls naturally to them. Psychologists have been tempted to shape their discipline according to the expectations of the general public, thus avoiding accounts of problem behaviors that acknowledge the existence of the mind. The idea that behavior can be understood as an expression of the mind is seldom appreciated and somewhat difficult to comprehend in our current culture.

About the Author:
Donald P. Lindskoog is professor of psychology, Northwestern College (Iowa) and a private practitioner in clinical psychology. A member of the American Psychological Association, Dr. Lindskoog holds degrees from Northwestern University (B.A.), Western Theological Seminary (M.Div.), University of Chicago (M.A.), and Baylor University (Ph.D.).

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