Idealistic Thought of India

Idealistic Thought of India

by P. T. Raju


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IDEALISTIC THOUGHT OF INDIA BY P. T. RAJU CONTENTS PREFACE INTRODUCTION The General Aim of the Work Need for the Development of Pure Metaphysics in India Is there no Idealism in India? The Aim of the Conclusion Inclusion of Contemporary Thinkers Use of Philosophical Criticism Treatment of the Ancient Systems Value ,of Philosophy as a Cultural Achievement Criticism as the Path of Philosophical Progress Tradition and Philosophical Development Nature of Philosophical Development A Feature of Indian Thought Logic and Metaphysics: Need for Hard Fact Final Result of Indian Idealistic Thought IDEALISM AS A THEORY OF REALITY Difficulty about the Meaning of the Word Idealism Definitions of Idealism Idealism and Realism Idealism to be Studied in its Growth Etymological Meaning of Idealism Forms of Idealism in the History of European Thought General Direction of all Idealism Terminus a quo and terminus ad quern of all Philosophy Definition and Nature of Idealism IDEALISM AS A THEORY OF VALUE Existence and Value Existence and Subsistence Existence and Reality True Existence as a Norm Identity of Existence, Reality and Value: Rickert, Lossky and Urban Schiller and Croce. Human Value not Identical with Existence and Reality Explanation, Law, Reality and Value Law and the Thing Idealism as a Theory of Reality and Value VEDANTIC IDEALISM General Nature Idealistic Notions of the Upanisads Role of the Sruti San karas Advaita the Result of Normative Considerations An Advaita Subschool: Creation and Perception Definition of the Brahman Maya Cause of the World Ad Hoc Distinctions: Maya and Avidya lvara, Saksi, Jwa and the Brahman Onenes and Plurality of the Jvuas Locus of Maya Identity between the Brahman and the Jlva Sankara and Logic: Final Form of the Advaia as Reconstructed Introduction to Other Veddntic Idealisms. TheirTheories of Illusion The Advaita of Saivism. Sakta Idealism Pancaratra Introduction to bhedabheda or identitydifference Systems Bhaskara Ramanuja Nimbdrka Srikantha Sripati Vallabha nuha and his Theory that the Jlva is One School of Caitanya Monotheism ofMadhva APPENDIX BUDDHISTIC IDEALISM CONTEMPORARY IDEALISM CONCLUSION Change from the Negative Attitude to the World Selfnegation and Selfaffirmation. The Doctrine of the Superman Traditionalism and Anti traditionalism Grades of Monism between the Dualism of Madhva and the Nondualism of ankara Different Uses of the Concept of Maya Relation of Matter and Spirit Direction of the Development of JBuddhist Idealism Meta physics and the Theories of Illusion Theories of Cause and Effect Grades of Supernals Different Conceptions of the Oneness of the Brahman Brahman as the highest Universal and as the material, the efficient, the formal and thefinal Cause of the World Final Identity of the Universal and the Particular Ultimate Values in East and West Nature of Explanation Last Question about Illusion Life of Action and Feeling an Implication of Epistemology Nature of Universals Conformation of the Ideal to the Real The Absolute and Superposition Kinds of Wholes and Kinds of Relation between Parts and Wholes Spiritual Wholes and the Relation of Superposition Final Goal of Indian Idealism CHRONOLOGICAL TABLE GLOSSARY OF INDIAN PHILOSOPHICAL TERMS INDEX PHOTOSTAT COPY OF MAHATMA GANDHlS LETTER

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