Ideas for Career Practitioners: Celebrating Excellence in Career Practice

Ideas for Career Practitioners: Celebrating Excellence in Career Practice


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Presenting a smorgasboard of 48 ideas from over 50 experienced career practitioners, researchers and theoreticians from six countries, this book is an essential resource for everyday work in the career guidance field, including counselling, programs, assessment and education.
Practical activities, instruments, methodologies, reviews and ideas are presented in an easy-to-read format suitable for a range of client groups including adults, adolescents, primary aged children, rural and remote communities, and indigenous populations.
Topics include:
• Vocational assessment and counselling
• Career exploration amongst rural disadvantaged children
• Entrepreneurship for university students
• Identifying skills
• Career insight in higher education
• Using narrative with clients in remote areas
• Resilience with youth in high risk settings
• ACT techniques in career contexts
• Organising career fairs
• Self-directed work search
• Career transition
• Structured mentoring for girls
• Medico-legal vocational assessment

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ISBN-13: 9781922117397
Publisher: Australian Academic Press
Publication date: 03/10/2015
Pages: 274
Product dimensions: 8.20(w) x 11.60(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Mary McMahon is a senior lecturer in the School of Education at The University of Queensland. Her particular interests are the career development of children and adolescents, and the application of constructivist approaches to career counselling and assessment. She is especially interested in qualitative career assessment. Mary is the author of a number of books, book chapters, and refereed journal articles.

Wendy Patton Professor Wendy Patton is Executive Dean of the Faculty of Education at Queensland University of Technology. She has published extensively in the area of career development, including articles, book chapters, conference papers, and a number of co-authored book and co-edited books. She is currently on the editorial advisory boards of a number of national and international career development journals and the Series Editor of the Career Development Series with Sense Publishers.


Ideas for Career Practitioners was first published in 2003 to celebrate Australian career practice and showcased a range of ideas from Australian career development practitioners. The 2003 publication was such a valuable resource that requests by practitioners to obtain copies of the book continued well after it was no longer available. Such demand encouraged us to produce a new edition of the book.
Unlike the original book which comprised only ideas from Australian authors, the current book contains ideas from six different countries that are all witnessing growth in the field of career development. In particular, this book contains ideas from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, China and Singapore and is a timely reminder of the expansion of career development within countries and also to countries where career development has traditionally been less evident. Despite the national settings from which the ideas originate, practitioners will find that the ideas presented in this book transcend national boundaries and thus reflect a truly international discipline.
This book aims to support practitioners and the continued growth of career development in the countries represented by the ideas contained in this book. As two people who have worked as practitioners, researchers and theoreticians, and who continue to teach through our presentations and through university courses, we often hear the call for practical examples in relation to career counselling, conduct of programs, and use of the vast information source in the career area. This book is an attempt to address this need. That it can happen is in itself a celebration of the quantity and quality of the work of career personnel in the countries represented in this book — a celebration of excellence.
This book represents a compilation of ideas that career practitioners use in their everyday work and covers all facets of what is broadly termed career guidance — that is, career counselling, career programs, career assessment and career ­education. The structure of the ideas presented reflects the personal style of the author and his/her work setting and client group.
Some readers may be able to apply the ideas to their own work as they are presented here, others may need to adapt ideas to suit their particular work setting or client group. For example, an activity that is used in career education could, with slight adaptation, be used in career counselling. Alternatively, an activity that is presented for use with adolescents could, with some variation, be used with adults.
As a guide to readers, we have identified a number of categories and present the Ideas Guide table across the following pages to illustrate where the ideas are located within these ­categories. As evidenced in the table, many activities may be located in several categories. We hope that readers may find the table useful in quickly locating ideas that may be immediately relevant to them.

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