Ideas That Changed the World

Ideas That Changed the World

by Felipe Fernandez Armesto




Authoritative, compelling, provocative: internationally respected historian Felipe Fernández-Armesto introduces you to the key historical and philosophical notions that have shaped our world since the dawn of civilization. Over 175 of the world’s most pivotal ideas are crystallized and clearly explained – from cannibalism to zen, from time to the unconscious, from logic to chaos theory. The author’s wide-ranging and unashamedly personal analysis is accompanied by a stimulating mix of contemporary and historical images, bringing often hard-to-grasp concepts vividly to life. Chronologically arranged, the easy-to-follow format of this book nevertheless allows you to start at the beginning or dip in at any point. The connections between ground-breaking ideas are highlighted throughout, along with expert suggestions for thought-provoking further reading.

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ISBN-13: 9781435114982
Publisher: Sterling
Publication date: 05/11/2009
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 7.34(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.97(d)

About the Author

Felipe Fernández-Armesto is a Professorial Fellow in History and Geography at Queen Mary, University of London, and a member of the Faculty of Modern History at Oxford University. He has held the post of visiting professor at several institutions in Europe and the United States. His books include the best-selling Millennium (1995), Civilizations (2000) and Food (2001). He also writes frequently for national newspapers and magazines such as The Economist and The New York Times. His broadcasting credits include writing and presenting Channel 4’s Confessions of an Arms Dealer and BBC2’s Henry V, and contributing to BBC2’s TONY award-winning series Armada. He also worked on Millennium, a ten-part BBC/CNN series based on his book, and regularly presents BBC Radio 4’s current affairs program, Analysis.

Table of Contents

1The Mind of the Hunter 30,000-10,000 BC8
Excavating the Earliest Ideas10
Eating People12
Give Me a Sign14
Parting the Mist16
All Things Invisible18
Fly Like an Eagle20
The Vision Thing22
The Golden Key24
May the Force...26
No Dice28
Around the Clock30
Mighty and Dreadful32
Buried Goods34
The Family Silver36
Take, Eat38
A Family Affair40
Pieture This42
Reading the Stars44
Seeing Double46
Good and Evil48
Black Magic50
Animal Magic52
Eat, Drink54
Fair Exchange56
2Out of the Mud 10,000-1,000 BC58
From Settlement to Civilization60
Drowning the Deer62
Written on the Wind64
Outside Eden66
Lords of Creation68
The Curse of Work70
God Is a Woman72
Just Like a Woman74
No Mercy76
Take a Letter78
Watching the Flock80
Divine Majesty82
Universal Rule84
Getting Together86
Written in Stone88
A Golden Age90
Conquering Death92
Judgment Day94
Deo Volente96
3Thus Spake Zarathustra 1,000 BC-0 AD100
The Age of Sages102
All Is One104
Books of Truth106
The New Illusion108
All Change110
Time's Arrow112
Exquisite Reason114
Not a Horse116
Man Is the Measure118
Count on This120
If x then y122
Matter Matters124
Smashing Atoms126
Against Supernature128
Nothing Matters130
The Scientific Method132
Good Humors134
Ethical Beings136
Top Ape138
Return of the Soul140
Happiness First142
A Capital Idea144
Rule of the Best148
Human Bondage150
The Great Void154
Power of Thought156
No God but God158
Love Above160
4Thinking Religions 0-1400 AD162
The Rise of the Great Faiths164
Big Brotherhood166
Word Made Flesh168
One in Substance170
God's Free Love172
Lightning Flash174
Dumbing Up176
Damned Time178
Wicked World180
Center of the World182
This Is my Body184
Render unto Caesar186
I Am the State190
The Social Charter192
Scattered Grains194
Noble Education196
Noblesse Oblige198
Love Conquers All200
Sacred Art206
Holy Terror208
Christian Soldiers210
5Back to the Future 1400-1800212
Back to the Future214
Fool's Gold216
Small World218
Here Comes the Sun220
Prove Me Wrong222
Cogito Ergo Sum224
Fallen Apple226
Invisible Powers228
Little Pests230
State First232
Brotherhood of Man234
Law of Nations236
Nasty, Brutish, Short238
Heaven's Order240
Price for Everything242
Tight Money244
Workers Unite248
Getting Better252
Cleansing the Temple254
Forced to Be Free256
The Noble Savage258
We, the People260
Nation in Arms262
Inalienable Rights264
Promontory of Asia266
The Second Sex268
Many Mouths270
If It Ain't Broke272
The Big Idea274
Reality Unveiled276
Perfect Harmony278
Back to Nature280
6The Illusion of Progress 1800-1900282
19th-Century Frustrations284
My Country286
The Dollhouse288
Extreme Optimism290
Class Struggle292
The Greatest Good294
The Third Way296
Less Is More298
Climate of Fear300
Will to Power302
Hero Inside304
Brother Knows Best306
Just Say No308
By Other Means310
Master Morality312
War Is Good314
Chosen Victims316
Inferior by Nature318
Tooth and Claw320
Good Breeding322
Atheist Faith324
Calculating Machine326
Master Race328
Rule, Britannia330
East Meets West332
Asian Renaissance334
American Dream336
Manifest Destiny338
Dr. Strangelove340
7The Age of Uncertainty 1900-2000342
Chaos Restored344
Warped Universe346
Chaos Theory350
Common Sense352
Their own Terms354
Little Man358
Back to Basics360
Many Ways362
Ax in the Sticks364
Spending for Wealth366
A Better World368
Solid Foundations370
Peasant Socialism372
Road to Freedom374
Black Is Beautiful376
Out of Africa378
The Great Chain380
Intelligence Test382
Silent Springs384
Fast Talking386
The Great Satan388
Global Village390

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