Identities: Readings from Contemporary Culture

Identities: Readings from Contemporary Culture

by Ann Raimes




This thematic reader explores the interplay of two compelling themes: identity and culture. The eight units are based on the categories of information one encounters on a standard information form: name, age, appearance, etc. Students explore these areas by making connections and finding greater meaning as they progress.

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ISBN-13: 9780395770634
Publisher: CENGAGE Learning
Publication date: 02/28/1996

About the Author

Ann Raimes, a respected authority on writing, research, grammar, and ESL, created the KEYS FOR WRITERS family of handbooks (Cengage Learning) to be the most accessible, user-friendly handbooks available.

Table of Contents

Note: Selections are essays unless otherwise marked (almost every unit includes at least one poem and short story). Each unit opens with "Introduction to the Theme" and "Starting Points: Questions for Journals, Freewriting, and Discussion." Every selection is preceded by a headnote (information about the author and selection) and followed by questions for discussion, writing, and research. Introduction: Robert Ornstein, "Knowing Oneself and Others" 1. Name Sandra Cisneros, "My Name" [fiction] Keith Gilyard, "Keith and Raymond" Carmelo Caylo (student), "Color Me a Clay" Lance Morrow, "The Strange Burden of a Name" Susan Ferraro, "Name Dropper" Richard E. Kim, "Lost Names" Mary C. Waters, "Names and Choice of Ancestry" Earl Shorris, "Latino, Si. Hispanic, No" [and responses] Linda Hogan, "Song for My Name" [poem] 2. Appearance, Age, Abilities Bruce Bower, "Average Attractions" bell hooks, "Straightening Our Hair" Alice Walker, "When the Other Dancer Is the Self" Leonard Kriegel, "Summer Dreams" Emily Raimes (student), "Making Old Friends" Nicolette Toussaint, "Hearing the Sweetest Songs" Oliver Sacks, "A Matter of Identity" Louise Erdrich, "The Red Convertible" Audre Lourde, "Hanging Fire" [poem] 3. Gender and Sexual Orientation Lois Gould, "X" [fiction] Deborah Tannen, "His Politeness Is Her Powerlessness" Alan Buczynski, "Iron Bonding" Bernice Kanner, "Big Boys Don't Cry" Rosemary Mahoney, "What Are You?' Carolyn Heilbrun, "George Sand" Steven Epstein, "Gay Politics, Ethnic Identity" Ruth Sidel, "The New American Dreamers" Erica Jong, "Woman Enough" [poem] 4. Ethnic Affiliation and Class Lisa Jones, "Mama's White" Dexter Jeffries, "Who I Am" David J. Gordon, "Wrestling with the Angel: A Memoir" Lang Phipps, "Confessions of a Young WASP" Lawrence Otis Graham, "Invisible Man" Gloria Anzaldua, "Linguistic Terrorism" Anna Lisa Raya (student), "It's Hard Enough Being Me" Lucy Honig, "English as a Second Language" [fiction] Aurora Levins Morales, "Class Poem" [poem] 5. Family Ties Joan Didion, "On Going Home" Geoffrey Wolff, "Memories of My Father" James P. Comer, "Adoption and Identity" Andrew Sullivan, "Here Come the Groom, with response" Marie Dallam (student), "An Ax to Grind" Jeffry Chan, "Family Resemblance" [fiction] Amy Tan, "Two Kinds" [fiction] Jimmy Santiago Baca, "Family Ties" [poem] 6. Education Shirley Jackson, "Charles" Richard Rodriguez, "School and Home: Public and Private Identity" Polly Pui-Yee Lai (student), "M and A" Mike Rose, "Tracking, from Lives on the Boundary" Stephen Carter, "Affirmative Action Baby" Henry Louis Gates, Jr., "It's Not Just Anglo-Saxon" Donald Kagan, "Western Values Are Central" Langstan Hughes, "Theme for English B" [poem] 7. Beliefs and Religion Anna Quindlen, "I Am a Catholic" Stephen Jay Gould, "Evolution as Fact and Theory" Alice Trillin, "Of Dragons and Garden Peas" Ellen Goodman, "Religion in the Textbooks" Ari L. Goldman, "Buddhism" Robert N. Bellah et al., "Habits of the Heart" Harold "Light Bulb" Bryant, "Bloods" [oral history] Leslie Marmon Silko, "The Man to Send Rain Clouds" [fiction] Gary Snyder, "Prayer for the Great Family" [poem] 8. Nationality Harry A. Scarr, "A Typical American as Seen through the Eyes of the Census Bureau" Horace Miner, "Body Ritual Among the Nacirema" Helen Skoratowicz (student), "What's American About America?" Ishmael Reed, "America: The Multi-national Society" Andy Warhol, "What's Great About This Country" David Lamb, "A Sense of Place" William Least Heat-Moon, "Swamp Guinea's Fish Lodge" Sonia Sanchez, "Bluebirdbluebirdthrumywindow" [fiction] Maya Angelou, "Human Family" [poem] Making Connections: More Topics for Writing

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