Identity Crisis: An Executive Decision Series

Identity Crisis: An Executive Decision Series

by K D Grace

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Book Two in The Executive Decision erotic romance trilogy by Grace Marshall.

Tess Delaney is the hottest property in romantic fiction, but the reclusive Tess has a secret – she’s really the alter ego of Garrett Thorne, bad boy brother of business tycoon Ellison Thorne. When Tess is nominated for the Golden Kiss Award, Garrett recruits PR specialist, Kendra Davis, to keep his secret and be Tess for the awards despite their mutual animosity.

Hatred turns to scorching passion, but when Tess is stalked by a rabid fan, an identity crisis is eclipsed by a battle for survival. It seems Tess, the woman who doesn’t exist, just might understand Kendra and Garrett’s hearts better than they do.

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ISBN-13: 9781908917836
Publisher: Xcite Books
Publication date: 01/24/2013
Series: An Executive Decision Series , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 345
Sales rank: 1,119,909
File size: 347 KB

About the Author

Grace Marshall is the pen name of best-selling erotic author KD Grace.

Her titles include, The Initiation of Ms Holly, which has been favourably compated to Fifty Shades of Grey, The Pet Shop, and the paranormal erotic novel, Body Temperature and Rising, the first book of her Lakeland Heatwave trilogy.

When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening or walking. She walks her stories, and she’s serious about it. She and her husband recently walked the Coast to Coast route across England. For her, inspiration is directly proportionate to how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots.


For K D Grace, penning a good tale is a physical act. When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening or walking. Her creativity is directly proportional to how much soil is under her fingernails or how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots. She’s having a mad affair with a pair of kettle bells at her local gym and an even madder affair with a stainless steel pole in the pole fitness studio just across the street. She’s fascinated with mythology and fairy tales, which inspires many of her stories. She loves to read. She loves anything that gets her outdoors. But she loves writing a story best of all.

Voted ETO Best Erotic Author of 2014, K D is the author of sixteen novels and multiple novellas and short stories for multiple publishers.

She also writes romance under the name Grace Marshall. 

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‘Excuse me.’ The man sidled in next to Kendra at the bar all casual-like. ‘I couldn’t help noticing you sitting here all by yourself, and I was wondering if I could I buy you a drink?’

Kendra lifted her barely touched rum and Diet Pepsi. ‘Thanks, but I already have one,’ she said without looking up from her novel. ‘And I’m not alone.’ She nodded down to her Kindle. She was just getting to the good part. All she wanted the man to do was go away and leave her alone.

Honestly, she was so engrossed in her novel that she thought he’d done just that until he cleared his throat loudly and sat down on the stool next to her. ‘So, whatcha reading that has you so enthralled?’

‘Tess Delaney’s latest, Learning the Business.’ She kept reading. Surely eventually he’d figure out she didn’t want to be disturbed. There was a time it would have embarrassed her to say that she was reading a romance novel, but now she didn’t think too much about it, not when it was a Tess Delaney novel.

But apparently the man wasn’t very bright. He scooted slightly closer, as though he might read over her shoulder. ‘It must be really good. I mean, this is the Boiling Point. Most people don’t come here to read.’

She heaved an irritated sigh and closed her Kindle. ‘Yes the book’s very good. Tess Delaney’s best so far. And no, most people don’t come here to read.’ She downed her drink in one go and jammed the Kindle into her bag, making no efforts to hide her irritation. It barely registered as she slid off the stool and headed out the door past the mountain-sized bouncer that the man hadn’t been bad looking. He was in a nice suit like he’d just come from some office somewhere, and if it wasn’t for Tess Delaney, Kendra probably could have had him in the park on that little secluded bench behind the shrubbery if she’d wanted to. That would have been a nice kinky beginning to the weekend. That was what she’d come to the Boiling Point for, wasn’t it? She figured she’d dance a little, flirt a little and, with a little luck, get nicely laid. She hadn’t done that in a while. Was she losing her touch?

She cursed under her breath. Whoever this reclusive Tess Delaney was, her novels were ruining Kendra’s sex life with her damn romance and love and not settling for just having a tumble and a handshake. What the hell was the matter with her? A fantasy, that’s all it was, just a fantasy. Nobody really got a happy ever after! 

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Identity Crisis 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Maudmama More than 1 year ago
Standalone featuring characters we first met in Book One. What a briliant idea for a story line! I really dont want to give the game away but what another fast paced, exciting, scary, sexy book!
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! What a great twist on a romantic thriller. I was sucked in from the beginning ;) I did read this book before reading the first one and it could be a stand alone. I also LOVED all the characters and therefore reading the first book in this series is an absolute MUST!!! Thank you Grace Marshall for such a wonderful book :) Can't wait for the next one!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I think this book is better than Fifty Shades...
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
As the second book in the Executive Decisions series we get the opportunity to revisit old characters and see a more likable side of Garrett Thorne evolve from his unpleasant demeanor in the previous installment. This book is entitled Identity Crisis and it's the perfect title as it represents both of the main character's actions in keeping a persona that keeps them safe from heartache but with a stalker on the loose there can be no more lies if they want to keep each other alive. Garrett has always felt like a pale comparison to his older brother and it's led to animosity between the two. In the early parts of this story he appears gruff, stoic, with a serious nature. But as the story progresses you see a man with a strong sense of romance and a protective instinct that sometimes overwhelms the heroine. The reason for his strong sense of romance is that he's a romance author who goes by the pen name Tess Delaney. He says in words what he'd like to act out more often as he's been drawn to Kendra from the first time he saw her. When the truth about his pen name is threatened he must rely on Kendra's help which puts them in close proximity and allows their relationship to progress into numerous steamy encounters and if they're willing to open up their hearts and show their true selves they'll get their HEA. Kendra is a tough nut to crack and rather abrasive at times. She too keeps her true self hidden and it's not always clear what her true personality is like. Garrett intrigues her but it's all about sex at the start in her mind. When they're put in close quarters as she again pretends to be someone she's not we slowly see new layers to her. As a stalker gets closer to her she has to learn to let Garrett help keep her safe which is the first step to their HEA. Although I didn't always like the main characters I was invested in their evolution to become better people. These characters were fully fleshed-out and their journey to discovering the reality of themselves and their admitting it kept me reading when sometimes I wanted to scream. Another character that intrigued my was the stalker himself. He was the perfect villain and kept me turning the pages to see what he'd do next. His actions in the final pages were especially exciting before the rather abrupt ending. Identity Crisis is a fine addition to the Executive Decisions series and I enjoyed seeing two rather abrasive characters become better through admitting their real emotions for one another. Add in an exciting villain and you have the makings of a satisfying story that fans of suspense and romance will enjoy.