Idiot's Guides: Self-Hypnosis

Idiot's Guides: Self-Hypnosis

by Synthia Andrews ND


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ISBN-13: 9781615646302
Publisher: DK
Publication date: 11/04/2014
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 1,233,448
Product dimensions: 7.60(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Synthia Andrews, ND, is a licensed naturopathic physician and has advanced certification in clinical hypnotherapy from the American Hypnotherapy Guild. Her work focuses on uncovering emotional and spiritual causes of illness, including those originating from unresolved past life issues. In addition to using naturopathic remedies, her treatment plans utilize the power of the mind to promote healing. She is author of The Path of Energy: Awaken Your Personal Power and Expand Your Consciousness and The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Akashic Record. Dr. Andrews teaches workshops, lectures around the world, and maintains a private naturopathic practice.

Table of Contents

Part 1 The Magic of the Mind 1

1 Self-Hypnosis: Your Path to Victory 3

The Power of the Subconscious Mind 4

Subconscious vs. Conscious Mind 4

Self-Talk and Limiting Subconscious Programming 5

The Genie in the Magic Lamp 6

Self-Hypnosis Explained 7

Deactivating Limiting Programs 8

The Three Keys to Unlocking Self-Hypnosis 9

Owning Your Potential 10

2 The Many Facets of Self-Hypnosis 11

Benefits and Uses of Self-Hypnosis 12

Promoting Physical Health 12

Hypnotherapy: Getting to Underlying Issues 13

Supporting Self-Improvement Efforts 14

Myths and Misconceptions 15

Hypnosis Makes You Lose Control 15

You Can Lose Consciousness 16

You Can't Be Hypnotized 16

Hypnosis Is Mind Control 17

Hypnosis Makes Change Effortless 17

Hypnosis Is a Spiritual Practice 18

Hypnosis Might Remove Memories 18

A Trance Is Scary and Uncomfortable 19

Are There Dangers to Using Self-Hypnosis? 19

3 Key 1: Instant Relaxation 21

The Importance of Relaxation in Self-Hypnosis 22

Developing the Skill to Instantly Relax 22

Are You Hypnotizablel 23

Relaxation Exercise 24

Entranced: Altered Scares for Altering Habits 26

What Is an Altered State? 27

Brainwaves and Consciousness 28

Breath: Connection Between the Body and Mind 30

The Characteristics of Being in a Trance 30

What Does It Feel Like? 31

Physical Signs of a Trance State 32

Using Your Mind Power 32

4 Key 2: Engagement of Mind, Body, and Emotion 35

Developing the Skill of Full-Spectrum Engagement 36

Visualization: Connecting with the Power of Your Mind 36

Imagery: Primordial Language 37

Does Visualization Really Work? 37

Body Awareness 38

The Impact of Repetitive Thoughts 38

Muscle Memory; Instructing the Subconscious 39

Emotional Connection 40

The Energy Within Your Emotions 41

Emotional Access to Higher Wisdom 42

The Connection Between Mind, Body, and Emotion 43

Alignment: The Power of Your Mind, Body, and Emotions 44

5 Key 3: Communication with the Subconscious Mind 45

Developing the Skills of the Finger Lift and the Body Circle 46

Listening to the Subconscious 48

The Wisdom of the Body 48

The Insight in Emotions 49

Gut Feelings and Intuition 50

Directing the Subconscious 51

Self-Limiting Behavior and Subconscious Protection 52

Breaking Away from Negative Thoughts 53

Furthering the Dialogue 54

Muscle Testing 54

Using a Pendulum 55

Automatic Writing 56

Part 2 Designing Your Own Self-Hypnosis Program 59

6 Mapping for Success 61

Using Your Testing Tools from the Get-Go 62

Charting Your Course 63

Why Set Goals? 63

The Bigger Picture: Mission and Vision Statements 64

Creating Your Mission and Vision Statements 65

The S.M.A.R.T. Approach to Setting Goals 66

Stepping into Action 68

Defining Your Action Steps 68

Movement and Gain 69

The Adventure Unfolds 70

7 Creating a Self-Hypnosis Session 73

Implementing Self-Hypnosis 74

The Full-Scale Session 74

Posthypnotic Suggestions for On-the-Spot Support 75

The Induction 75

Phrasing the Induction 76

Basic Induction with Guided Imagery 76

Personalizing an Induction 79

Creating Your Posthypnotic Auto-Suggestion 79

Making Your Suggestions Congruent and Believable SO

Positive Scripting in Present Time 80

Engaging Your Mind, Body, and Emotions 81

Using Your Posthypnotic Suggestion 82

Writing a Full Session Script 83

Handling Self-Limiting Thoughts 84

Sample Script 84

Awakening Relaxed, Refreshed, and Renewed 86

8 Fine-Tuning Your Session 89

Session Preparation: Conductive Ambience 90

Removing Distractions 90

Physical Comfort 91

Timing 92

Creating an Outer Sacred Space 92

Creating an Inner Sacred Space 93

Additional Tools and Support 94

Self Recording Your Script 94

Downloads and Commercial CDs 95

Musical Magic 96

Journaling 96

Troubleshooting Common Session Problems 97

Self-Sabotage 91

Overthinking and Trying Too Hard 98

Control Freaking 98

Falling Asleep 99

Lack of Commitment 99

Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Hypnosis 100

Part 3 Taking Charge! 103

9 Solutions for Negative Thinking 105

Safely in a Box 106

The Purpose of Negative Thoughts 107

Constructive or Destructive Reactions 707

Critical Positivity Ratio 109

Arc You a Negative Thinker? 110

Rescripting Your Program 111

How to Rescript 111

Elegant Solutions Script 111

10 Freedom from Addiction 115

Releasing Addiction 116

Acknowledge the Need; Change the Behavior 116

The Freedom Plan 117

Supporting You! 118

Addiction Scripts 119

Freedom from Alcohol and Drugs 119

Ceasing Smoking NOTD 122

Denying Drama 124

Allowing Weight Loss 127

11 Freedom from Overpowering Emotions, Fears, and Phobias 131

The Powerful Impact of Emotions 32

The Unresolved Past 132

Clearing Muscle Memory 133

Personalizing Your Script 133

Releasing Fixed Emotional Patterns 134

Relieving Anxiety and Worry 134

Leaving Anger Behind 136

Freeing the Ghosts of Trauma 139

Conquering Fears and Phobias 141

Desensitizing Phobias 142

Overcoming Phobias 142

12 Personal Empowerment 145

Developing Your Inner Support 146

Bolstering Self-Esteem and Confidence 146

Magnifying Magnetism 148

Mobilizing Inner Resources 150

Maximizing Success 150

Becoming a Captivating Public Speaker 152

Mastering a New Skill 154

Part 4 Vibrant Health Through Self-Hypnosis 157

13 Mind-Body Medicine 159

Using Mind-Body Medicine 160

Strengthening Immunity 161

Immune Intelligence: Alleviating Allergies and Halting Autoimmunity 163

Stress and Its Link to Your Health 165

Dealing with Emotional Stress 165

The Benefits of Health Scripts 166

Reducing Stress 166

Lowering Blood Pressure 168

Falling Asleep with Ease 170

14 Self-Hypnosis and Medical Treatments 173

Surgery Preparation and Recovery 174

Self-Hypnosis for Surgery 175

Successful Surgery with a Speedy Recovery 176

Getting Through Medical Procedures 179

Vacationing in the Dentist's Chair 180

Tolerating MRIs and Medical Procedures 182

15 Healing with Your Subconscious Mind 185

Controlling Pain 186

Focusing and Following Pain Reduction 187

Conversing with Pain 189

Overcoming Illness and Injury 192

Finding the Opportunity Within Illness 192

Re-Energizing to Overcome Fatigue 195

Super Healing Injuries and Illness 197

16 Enjoying Positive Aging 199

The Secret of Long Life 200

Developing an Tuner Smile for Positive Aging 201

Overcoming Signs and Symptoms of Menopause 203

Overcoming Signs and Symptoms of Male Aging 204

Improving Mental Function 206

Enhancing Memory 207

Sharpening Intellectual Skill 208

Part 5 Unleashing Your Highest Potential 211

17 Radiant Love 213

Connection: The Elixir of Love 214

Overcoming Your Fear of Relationships 215

Attracting Your Perfect Partner 217

Keeping Your Relationship Alive 219

Sex Divine 221

Increasing Connection and Affection 222

Sizzling Sex: Rediscovering Your Sex Drive 224

18 Prosperity and Abundance 227

Manifesting Financial Wealth 228

Old, Limiting Beliefs 229

Principles of Attraction 230

Prosperity Scripts 231

Attracting Abundance 232

Creatively Saving to Build a Fortune 234

19 Inspiring Creativity 237

Intentional Living 238

Creativity Scripts 238

Increasing Creative Flow 240

Creating Your Compelling Future 242

Easing Writer's Block and Artistic Stasis 244

20 Past-Life Possibilities 247

Life After Death 248

The Importance of Past Lives 248

Accessing Past Lives 249

Subconscious Travel 250

Retrieving Past-Life Memories 251

Previewing Your Future 255

Freeing Your Inner Oracle 260

Increasing Intuition and Psychic Perception 260

Inducing Lucid Dreaming 263

Deepening Your Spiritual Practice 264

Finding Your Path and Purpose 265

Meeting Your Spiritual Guide 267


A Glossary 271

B Resources 273

Index 279

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